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A Review of Knowledge Business Blueprint

This life is a paradox. Why? Because some people seem to do everything right but nothing seems to work for them, while others make simple moves and seem to excel more. If you are reading this, chances are you belong to the former group, doing everything right and working hard by all standards, yet with nothing to show for it.

If that is your story, you are not alone. Many people are caught up in this bracket, a very frustrating and discouraging bracket. Is it a mystery that needs to be unfolded: that some people stay rich and easily drive their businesses to greater heights, while others struggle to Jump start theirs? If indeed it is, then Knowledge Business Blueprint may explain a thing or two about it.

The Right People

Most successful people have a network behind their success. Most companies with sought after brand names have a system in place that supports their success and sustains their wealth creation. A critical observation of the lives of such people reveals a specific choice of the people they surround themselves with. They don’t just allow anybody to influence their lives. If you engage successful people on their success, most will tell you that involving yourself with people who can’t help you find your right path or true calling is committing yourself to the graveyard of failure.

Is it Another Scam?

Knowledge Business Blueprint is masterminded by Dean Graziosi and Tony Robins. The two have lately been joined by Russell Brunson. The software is carefully designed to ensure continual success for those who choose to work out the program.

The Advent of the internet came with all creations of programs and softwares claiming to help people succeed in all spheres of life, be it in business, relationships, marriage, love, and education, among others. Most of such programs teach how to tap into one’s inner power for success in various aspects of their lives. Unfortunately, some of such programs are just but a great waste of time, as they don’t work. They are mere scams, and many people have fallen victim to them.

Nevertheless, not all of them are fake. Many people’s lives have been changed by following and working out the right programs. Many have experienced positive results, and Knowledge Business Blueprint is no exception. The software is neither a scam nor a get rich quick program.

The Essence of Knowledge Business Blueprint

The main objective of Knowledge Business Blueprint is to help harness the knowledge within a person and package it for those who need. Such knowledge is sold through the internet in form of livecasts, online courses or masterminds, among other forms. It is estimated that about $4,000 is spent on online educational resources per minute. The program is geared at helping people tap into this wealth pool with their specializations.

Expert Advice

Whether you are a start up or established in business, Knowledge Business Blueprint brings you expert advice on the best success practices in business. Everyone aims at succeeding in whatever they do. No one aims at failure, though most fail by default. Knowledge Business Blueprint’s focus is the main objective for doing business: success.

Practical Solutions to Real Problems

Knowledge Business Blueprint provides practical solutions for real business problems. Some people are never aware of what ails their businesses, or what hinders them from succeeding. This formula helps you unearth and solve such hidden hindrances. The formula should not be mistaken for another internet problem solving joke. It is carefully formulated by experts who have conquered many problems to succeed. You can never go wrong following an expert.

Set Up for Growth and Expansion

Not only does Knowledge Business Blueprint help you solve problems. It also helps you to grow your business more easily, much faster and more effectively without sweat. It harnesses the potential and effectiveness inherent in other like minded groups to catapult you to your success. It helps you to open up to all possibilities at your disposal through every mastermind group you embrace as a support network. It grants you the opportunity to ride on such mastermind groups to achieve your goals.

A Look at The Creators

As already mentioned before, Knowledge Business and Blueprint was masterminded by Dean Graziosi, a man with extensive knowledge, and Tony Robins, a digital industry expert. The two of them are great life development coaches and strategists who have excelled in various fields, including investment. They are also great authors, business strategists and entrepreneurs. Their desire to help others succeed caused them to collaborate in this endeavour. They decided to pool their skills, expertise and resources for the benefit of all who care to follow them.

The two, together with Russell Brunson, the man behind Mindmint Software, have achieved it all and have come this far by leveraging on the power available through mastermind groups. They apply their knowledge, the one by which they have succeeded, to help others achieve the same or even greater success. By the Knowledge Business Blueprint course you can also become a millionaire like these three unselfish experts.

How Knowledge Business Blueprint Works

The Knowledge Business Blueprint course teaches you various ways of how to use the Mindmint Software to create your personal masterminds. Not only that. It also teaches you how to apply your acquired expertise to attract followers. It teaches you how to sell the software and the entire mastermind course to your followers, hence generating income for yourself and your followers.

The Mindmint software is designed to help you solve any challenges you may encounter in your drive to attain success. It also helps you to disseminate your masterminds to the rest of your followers. In a nutshell, Mindmint software walks you through the course, helping you to harness your masterminds for purposes of sharing the same with those behind you.

Eligibility for the Course

If you have read this far, you must have digested and understood the program. If so, you could be wondering whether or not this is for you or not. To answer that question, you have to know the targeted group by its creators.

This program was created for people who are already in business, as well as those who are thinking of getting into business. Unlike other fields or careers, business has very many challenges that have to be surmounted for one to experience success. Many people fail in business even before they pick themselves up. The main reason why this happens is because such people ignore the red lights. They overlook most of them, yet addressing all, if not most challenges is what guarantees continuous success. With the mastermind groups, you can change your mode of operation in order to make progress and begin experiencing success.

The Essence of Masterminds

Masterminds are basically business owners who are keen to share their pitfalls, challenges and success stories. They share positive, actionable ideas to help them move to the next level. Dean Graziosi is an experienced Mastermind who has been sharing his knowledge with businesses globally, to help them rise from the doldrums.

Creating a Mastermind Group

Here, we focus on the enumerated steps to create your own Mastermind group, according to Knowledge Business Blueprint. It’s only after you have created a Mastermind group that you can start sharing your knowledge for the benefit of all your followers.

Select a Topic

This is the first and most crucial step. It may not be easy to do this, yet it is very necessary. The choice of a topic should be informed by its relevance to the skills you intend to share with your followers. Just ensure that you have sufficient knowledge on the topic you choose.

Invite Your Followers

The next step is to invite your followers to join and subscribe to its membership. However, be careful not to invite followers with contrasting mindsets to your own. Invite only those with the right mindset and interest with you. Balance out your Mastermind group. Although a large group has more masterminds, a smaller group is more preferable, as it’s easier to manage.

Set Rules of Engagement

Come up with rules of engagement for your mastermind group. This will make it more functional and effective. To easily put in check character and personality issues, the rules should include disciplinary measures. This will make the group easy to control and more systematic in functionality.

Set a Schedule

Come up with a regular schedule for mastermind group meetings. Should you encounter problems in doing this, utilize the Mindmint software. It is at your disposal for such purposes.

Knowledge Business Blueprint Benefits

The Knowledge Business Blueprint comes with extensive benefits for users. Expect to receive and share fresh knowledge. You will also meet experts with experience in different fields, from whom you will draw new synergy for success. Unique, creative and versatile ideas are also at your disposal. How about the huge resources and new, professional connections? All these benefits and many more make Knowledge Business Blueprint a new lease of life for most, if not all entrepreneurs out there.

What are the pros and cons?

With every new program in the market, there’s always the good & the bad. This new program isn’t exception and before you go ahead to join the program, you need to learn what you’ll be getting yourself into.


  • It’s a successful program for those searching for ways to share their knowledge and make cash out of it.
  • For anybody that wants to promote the Mindmint Software & extract masterminds, the course is simple to understand.
  • The course provides you with many avenues to connect with your followers by providing you all the basics you need. Additionally, it gives you all the tricks & chances to use in order to make your audience join in promoting the Mindmint Software.
  • For the affiliate people, this program is a great way to expand their chances. They make commissions & profit from the sales they make.
  • There is very little competition on the market as not many people are doing the mastermind program yet so if you’re among the first ones, you could benefit more.
  • The program benefits everybody including the attendees, influencers and you.
  • The program is a creation of highly respected & experienced people who use their knowledge to help others like you and I. The 3 partners are Tony, Dean & Russell.
  • The program has special gifts and offers built by Tony & Dean for the top partners


  • The course isn’t free and for some people it may seem costly. As a way to start making money from the program, you need to buy the complete course and the software. The whole package goes for $2,000.
  • Not much is known about what will happen after the release on April 30th. The information on whether people will be in a position to invite more followers after that is still sketchy and everybody can only wait to know what will happen after the release.

What Are People Saying?

In a Nutshell

Having done an in depth study and analysis of this program and its software, I highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to experience unprecedented, long term success in business.

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