Landing Page Monkey Review

Landing Page Monkey Overview

  • Vendor: Jeremy Gislason and Simon Hodgkinson
  • Date Of Release: 2014-12-04
  • Niche : List Building / Landing Pages
  • Refund : 30 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • Support : Effective Response.
  • Sales Page:
  • Recommended : Highly Recommended
  • Skill Level Needed: All Levels
  • 114,485 Qualified Leads In Only 30 Days…see more

Who is The Creator of Landing Page Monkey?

Landing Page Monkey has been created by 2 long time marketing experts, Jeremy Gislason & Simon Hodgkinson, with years of success behind them including such highly rated programs as SureFireWealth & MemberSpeed Inc. It’s safe to say, that with tens of millions of dollars’ worth of sales on-line between them, they know something about landing pages & what’s required for success.

What’s Landing Page Monkey?

Landing Page Monkey is, as the name suggests, a tool for quickly creating eye-catching, effective landing pages for your next marketing project.

For anybody serious about success as an internet marketer, the mantra of ‘the list is everything’ is probably all too familiar, and this is a tool that helps you build landing pages designed to build your list, with just a few clicks you can be up & running with a landing page, often referred to as squeeze page, that will help you build your list & your project be successful.

How does Landing Page Monkey Work?

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Landing Page Monkey is a web application that does all the work for you, you do not have to hire a designer to lay out the page, or a developer to write code, it is all done simply & easily from a web based interface called the dashboard.

Using the dashboard is simple, it guides you through every step of this process, with built in designs that are proven to be highly converting, not only before, but right now, providing you with a cutting edge landing page for your business in just a few minutes.

It’s all hosted in the cloud, so that you can log on & start creating a new landing page where you are & whenever you need, and as the pages are hosted for you, there’s absolutely not any need to install hosting or a domain either, it really is just a few minutes & you’re up and running with a new landing page.

Landing Page Monkey Ease of Use

Landing Page Money is different than the majority of other page builders, because there is no drag & drop interface or a “what you see is what you get” editor. So in the event you’re able to fill in a few text boxes, it is easy to create a very nice looking, mobile optimized landing page.

So upon logging in and accessing the Landing Page Monkey member’s area, you will be able to create a webpage. As soon as you’re creating a new page, you will be prompted by four different categories so that you can configure your page exactly how you want it.

Each section takes you from the hand and asks you different questions, and you will be able to set up animations, videos, buttons, pictures, body text, headlines, and you can also edit each of these options individually to your heart’s content.

At the end of the day, the process is very intuitive, the learning curve is next to nothing, and you will be creating beautiful landing pages in a few minutes.

Regarding the integrations, you will be able to attach just about any email autoresponder, and you can attach videos from just about any supplier, so everything is extremely easy to get up and running.

Landing Page Monkey Features

Easily Clone Any Page — Imagine if you built the perfect lead capture page, but you wanted to try split testing a different color button, a different logo, or a different video? Normally you would have to make an entire new page. But with Landing Page Monkey you can easily clone your entire page with the click of a button, so you can go in, change a few key factors, and find for yourself which landing page stands victorious.

Simple Importing And Exporting Options — If you’ve got a group of outsourced employees, affiliates, joint venture partners, or are just friends with fellow marketing junkies, then you will love the ability to import and export landing pages within Landing Page Monkey.

Simple Conversion Tracker — Face it. You will never know how your landing pages will convert until you start driving traffic. Perhaps the landing page you believed would convert the best totally tanks, and the one that you thought would convert the worst gets breakthrough opt-in prices? In any event, you’ll have the ability to monitor to the nth degree with no additional software by simply utilizing Landing Page Monkey’s built in tracker.

Access From The Cloud — If you are constantly on the go, you have definitely noticed how frustrating it can be if the software you need is not where you want it, when you want it. That is why Landing Page Monkey is 100% cloud established, which means you can work on your own breakthrough advertising campaign anywhere you want, at any time, provided that you have Internet access.

​​Hosted For Free, For Life — This is easily one of Landing Page Monkey’s most generous features. Because you realize by now how expensive web hosting can be, especially if you’re driving thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of impressions throughout your marketing creatives. With Landing Page Monkey, they take care of all of the hosting costs, so you can put your wallet away. (The notion of free lifetime hosting is unheard of to be honest, and that’s why this feature is so cool & noteworthy).

Unlimited Access — Have you ever needed to create an Excel spreadsheet just to keep track of all the ways your current landing page software limits you? With Landing Page Monkey, you’ll be able to create campaigns in just a few minutes, and you’ll never be limited by the amount of pages, the number of features, or anything. Guaranteed.

(You can learn more about them in a future segment, but for now just be aware you could get lifetime access for an amount that’s quite frankly paltry compared to the value which you get).

Beautiful Design — The group behind Landing Page Monkey aren’t marketing amateurs. In actuality, they’re consummate Internet marketers, list builders, email marketers, affiliate marketers, and they’re always testing new marketing pages. For this reason, you can be certain that they take their own poison, and that their landing page software truly creates beautiful landing pages without much effort on your behalf.

Video Integrations — Imagine this scenario. Imagine if you could produce a breathtaking landing page embedded with an HD video background that your end users have never seen before? Do you think you would increase your chances of getting the opt-in by only a tad bit? Once you start testing Landing Page Monkey’s video embed feature, you’ll probably never create a boring static lead capture page ever again.

Type & Go — After you create a new page inside the Landing Page Monkey software, you’ll be shocked to see how simple everything is. You’ll complete a few text boxes, check a few buttons, and before you know it you have a unique, beautiful, mobile optimized landing page ready to build a list, presell an affiliate offer, or promote your webinar event.

Landing Page Monkey Integration’s

AWeber — If you are an email marketer, or you want to be, there’s a good chance that you are going to be relying on AWeber to manage your email subscribers. If that’s the case, then you can proceed with excellence because LandingPage Monkey makes integrating with AWeber as simple as “123”.

MailChimp — Maybe you have grown accustomed to MailChimp’s free email advertising solutions? If you’re a recent MailChimp fan, and you would never think about abandoning their awesome services, then you can easily flip LandingPage Monkey into your secret weapon by creating a beautiful landing page that integrates with MailChimp in a snap.

Constant Contact — Constant Contact is one of the most mainstream email marketing providers on the planet.

Quick Mailer — Quick Mailer is an email marketing platform that you host in your own webhost. If you’ve decided to go the self-hosted route, then you’re probably in dire need of an attractive stable of lead capture pages. Place LandingPage Monkey at the top of your list, since you can turn your self-hosted email service into a raging river of email subscribers by way of LandingPage Monkey, and it won’t take more than 10 seconds to incorporate.

(Other than YouTube obviously). For this reason, you might love to host your videos with Amazon S3, and then integrate those videos directly with your LandingPage Monkey pages. So you can host your videos for dirt cheap, and create beautifully stunning pages using LandingPage Monkey.

YouTube — If you want to keep your video hosting 100% free, then you can still integrate any YouTube video directly into your LandingPage Monkey pages with the click of a button. The best part, is that the majority of YouTube videos are actually free to use, so if you find any YouTube video that you like, it is easy to add it as the background for any of your landing pages using LandingPage Monkey.

Vimeo — Vimeo is another video host service provider that will integrate seamlessly with LandingPage Monkey. Therefore it doesn’t matter where your video is, or where you want to host it, you can embed it into your LandingPage Monkey landing page very quickly.

Wistia — Wistia is a premium video host which integrates with LandingPage Monkey with no hassle. This might be perfect if you do not like YouTube for whatever reason, and prefer to not use Amazon S3. In any event, LandingPage Monkey has you covered.

Flickr — If you’re looking for beautiful images which you can use for a background on some of your LandingPage Monkey pages, you should definitely checkout Flickr. Why Flickr? Because many of the pictures on Flickr are protected by the creative commons zero (CC0) permit, so that you can swipe, deploy, and use most their images for absolutely zero cost. The best part, is that you can easily integrate Flickr images into LandingPage Monkey. (Before you use a Flickr image for your business, just double check to make certain that the writer has enabled the creative commons zero (CC0) license, and then you can legally use their images for your creatives, even for commercial use, without giving attribution).

Dailymotion — Perhaps you’re falling out of your seat because all of your videos are hosted on Dailymotion. If that’s the case, do not break a sweat! You can easily integrate Dailymotion videos into your LandingPage Monkey landing pages. So you can upload your beautiful HD videos, and let those videos be the backdrop for your lead capture pages which will prompt your end users to subscribe faster than you can manage.

LPM: Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Does Landing Page Monkey work with WP?

If you have a WP blog, no problem – They have put together a quick video that shows you the way to integrate any of your new Landing Page Monkey pages into your blog. It’s really simple.

Is Landing Page Monkey suitable for all browsers?

Yes Landing Page Monkey pages are created to look great in all popular web browsers including: Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome and Safari. You can use any browser to visit your dashboard.

Is Landing Page Monkey Easy To Use?

Ease of use has been our #1 priority during the development of the tool. There is nothing to install, just create your account & login to begin making your pages. You can preview the results as you go along & can go back & edit live pages in your dashboard (without having to re-edit the code on your page).

Are there any limits or restrictions?

No they created Landing Page Monkey to help you get more sales & opt-ins so you can create unlimited pages, have unlimited opt-ins/sign-ups & unlimited traffic to your pages hosted by us. They want you to get amazing results & do not want to limit that.

Can I sell Landing Page Monkey pages to clients?

If you want to use Landing Page Monkey to build, manage & sell pages to your clients you’ll need a Developer license. This is available only from inside your account area.

Developer license costs $497 gives you an INSTANT revenue stream to add to your current business: You can sell or give away .Landing Page Monkey import/export templates to your customers & partners to use without a dev license but Customers will also need the software to use them.

Do full screen video backgrounds work on mobile?

No autoplay video backgrounds won’t work on mobile phones (a restriction beyond our control & set by the mobile phone companies so as not to consume bandwidth of their users). They have built in fall backs in place so that mobile visitors will see either a full screen background image or simple background color of your choice.

Do You Provide/Include Page Templates?

NO! They kinda hate the idea too… How can you differentiate your business from everyone else’s & stand out in the marketplace if your using a template that looks like everyone else’s?

You can not … so they built Landing Page Monkey from the ground up to make creating attention grabbing, high converting pages simple and with plenty of flexibility thrown in. There’s a tiny learning curve but they provide video tutorials & have lots of demos to give you ideas 🙂

Is There A Pro Version Behind This Offer?

No! You’re getting the ‘PRO’ version right now with either the discounted annual pass price & there are no add-ons, upgrades or upsells related to the tool to buy. (with the exception being a developer license if you want to use Landing Page Monkey pages for your paid clients).

They do offer additional list building training, complimentary software & lead magnet packages but these are all optional & intended to help you build, manage and grow your list. You do not need them to use the software.