LeadModo Review

LeadModo Review – Are you searching for more knowledge about LeadModo? Please read through my honest review about it before selecting, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

Introducing LeadModo

Want to know what’s better than PAID traffic?

FREE traffic.

And what is even better than FREE traffic?

FREE and ENGAGED traffic!

That is exactly what Leadmodo assists you get – day in, day out.

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When it comes to traffic, most people struggle to generate enough of it.

More than anything else, that is what holds them back.

So how can you change that?

For starters – you can find a way to ensure your traffic keeps coming back – turn your visitors into a list.

Leadmodo assists do JUST that. Using the surveys, quizzes & polls created by this app, you can generate leads both in your autoresponder and FaceBook messenger…

…and then you can follow up with these leads & circle them thorugh multiple offers that you have!

It comes with BEAUTIFUL templates & setting them up is easy.

  • Step 1: Select your quiz/survey/poll template
  • Step 2: Personalize it
  • Step 3: Publish it on your site (or use our hosted pages)

Then – you can see your traffic & list GROWING with new subscribers – including those on your FaceBook Messenger (you really MUST build a list there, if you have not already!).

Leadmodo cleverly assists you build BOTH your email & messenger list.

LeadModo Review – Overview

  • Creator: Neil Napier
  • Product: LeadModo
  • Release Date: 2018-Oct-04
  • Release Time: 9:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: List Building
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What Is LeadModo?

Leadmodo is a new SaaS Technology Gets You Highly Targeted Messenger Quiz, Survey & Poll Leads – On Complete Autopilot but with a unique twist. Leadmodo Converts Site Visitors Into FB Messenger Leads. Leadmodo will let you …

  • Drive 10x Free Traffic, Increase Engagement And Maximize Sales In Business
  • Ultra-High Engagements & High Optimal Profits In Business
  • Convert Leads, Engage, Offer Discounts, Coupons, Surveys And More
  • Generate Leads & Build A List Much Faster & Easier Than Email.

About Author

The main figure behind LeadModo is Neil Napier. He’s a veteran marketer having multiple successful launches. Some of his notable work is InstaMailer, SyndRanker, SiteSync, Flow Traffic, FB Ad Maker, Instasuite 2, Webinar Hero, Ad Connect. With his well-built reputation, you can expect a best-quality product from his team.

Take A Look Inside LeadModo

Quiz Builder

Create your own custom quiz or select from one of their tested & proven quiz templates. These templates are created by a dedicated team of designers & marketers who have years of experience between them & know exactly what would work in today’s market. This guarantees massive conversions.

Custom Start Page

Presell to your visitors & warm them up even before they get to your product or offer by striking up a conversation that they’d most likely respond to. Ask your audience a question by choosing a quiz title that’ll peak interest & leave them wanting for more.

Custom Landing Page

Do not have website? No problem, whenever you create a quiz they let you create your custom landing page for that quiz which you can then share on social networks. Quizzes have a very high opportunity of going viral because people like to share their results online with their friends & followers.

URL Redirect

Once your visitors have finished answering the questions on your quiz, survey or poll, you can easily redirect to your sales pages & offers based on their results. You can pre-determine what you would like to offer somebody who has selected a particular answer to a given question on the quiz.

Image Based Answers

You aren’t restricted to including only text & written questions when you prepare your quiz, survey & poll. Make your quiz more interactive & engaging by inserting images in place of boring text as answers to questions & vice-versa.

Lead Capture Form

Beautiful forms to assist you capture email addresses (real ones…that’re connected to your users FB accounts) and phone numbers & store them into your autoresponder automatically.

Embed And Share

Embed your quizzes, polls & surveys on various sites without any limitation using their embeddable function of quizzes. LeadModo also lets you share your quizzes on more than 30 social platforms.

Inline Embed Code

An Inline embed code assists you increase lead capture by inserting quizzes on your homepage or any other page like a blog, ecommerce or site.

Popup Embed Code

The moment your visitors arrive on your homepage, a pop-up appears with your quiz, survey or poll. And no…you do not need to know how to code. You just need to copy the embed code & paste it in your WP admin area.

Exit popup code

Just when your visitors are about to leave to (most probably) never come back….an exit popup appears with your quiz. Ask your visitors why they’ve decided to leave & improve your opportunities of still converting them into leads & sales.

Pixel Tracking

LeadModo seamlessly integrates with various pixel code trackers such as Google Adwords Pixel, FB pixel, Bing ad pixel, Twitter pixel etc.

Customise your Quiz

Select colors & fonts that’ll display your brand. Insert your logo to personalize your quiz, survey or poll further. Everything is drag & drop simple.

A/B Split Testing

Easily split test things like quiz start page, length, offers, copy, colors & more … to see what works best for you & brings in highest number of leads & sales.

LeadModo Features & Benefits

  • Converts Site Visitors Into FB Messenger Leads
  • Drive 10x Free Traffic, Boost Engagement And Maximize Sales In Business
  • Ultra-High Engagements & High Optimal Profits In Business
  • Convert Leads, Engage, Offer Discounts, Coupons, Surveys And More
  • Generate Leads & Build A List Much Faster & Easier Than Email.
  • Messenger Leads Proven To Get 80% Open Rates & 30–40% Click-Through Rates
  • Tap In The Leads From A Platform Bigger Than Snapchat, Twitter & Instagram Combined.
  • 1000s Of Clicks, Leads, Engagement And Profits With Funnel Messenger In Less Than A Week
  • Completely Newbie Friendly. No Technical Or Designing Skills Required
  • Seamlessly Integrates With ManyChat

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How Does It Work?

Step 1: Select your template

You do not have to start from the scratch. Everything is done-for-you. All the templates are 100% customizable… this gives you room to fully personalize every template to compliment your business & to engage your site visitors.

Step 2: Edit & personalize

Insert questions & answers. Change font colors, sizes, backgrounds. Insert Images & logo. Pick any template & make it your own. The questions & possible answers let you warm up your visitors & presell them your product. All of this, even before they’ve seen your product/offer.

Step 3: Insert To Your Site

When you’re done, just copy the code & paste it in the WordPress admin of your website & start capturing super-targeted hot leads. Integrate with ManyChat to insert the option for your customers to join your FB Messenger list with just clicks and you are good to go.

ManyChat Integrated

This feature lets you create a Facebook Messenger bot for marketing, sales & support. You can then integrate it on the quiz, survey or poll that you create using LeadModo.

Get started in under 5 minutes

Just copy the code as shown in the super-short video tutorial on the dashboard & you are good to go in under 4 minutes [i.e. 2 minutes watching the video + 2 minutes creating the bot.

Connect with your visitors in REAL-TIME

Start an automated conversation immediately. Take manual control of the conversation at any point you like. Send images, text, cards, galleries, video, audio, files, and more…

Create a custom menu with automated replies

Use this for FAQ’s, screening questions for qualifying leads & pre-selling to your leads. By the time you get on a one-to-one chat with your leads they will be looking for the ‘Buy Button’ already.

Automate actions or send messages based on keywords

You have the full-control of how & where you want to steer the conversation. Hold your visitors by the hand (literally) & take them where they want to go…to your offers.

Reach out to your list

Use Live Chat tool to manage conversations from your page. Answer queries, assist and provide A class service to your customers & turn them into life-long customers.

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Who Should Buy LeadModo?

Aff. Marketers

Quizzes, Surveys & Polls will assist you ascertain what your prospects want. This in turn assists you to present them with the best offers suitable to their needs & desires. LeadModo lets you to skyrocket your conversions & profits.

Local Businesses

Google location services assist users track down the local businesses offering the services & products they come looking for. LeadModo assists you convert customers in your district, town or city into loyal fans who would use & refer your business multiple times.

eCom Store Owners

LeadModo assists you address the BIGGEST challenge that you face…Cart Abandonment. Reach out to your prospects to discover the reason they didn’t go through with the purchase. Make alternate offers based on their answers & preferences. Make a sale where you nearly lost one.

Internet Marketers

Engaging & connecting at will with your prospects is going to assist you scale up your profits very quickly. Promote your existing line of products or introduce them to the new product that you’re launching & watch your conversions soar even before you open the gates to people who aren’t yet on your list.


You need to serve the content people want to see. But you also have to ensure that you make your content engaging. Insert a quiz/survey/poll to your blog page & feel the pulse of your readers. Once you know what exactly they’re looking for…you can then dish out super targeted content for them. Insert them to your list & start promoting your own offers in a more personalized way.

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My Experience

Nowadays, most of the marketers think that email marketing is becoming less effective in online business. Marketers can’t build an efficient email list that ensures higher conversions. Because users put fake emails when registering for newsletter and relevant information. Therefore, marketers are unable to reach the customers with the right offers and products.

It is a need of time to replace conventional marketing method with the highly efficient method ‘Facebook Messenger’. Though many of the marketers still don’t know how powerful it is, but no doubt, it will reach the top notch of the popularity very soon.

Facebook Messenger brings the users very easily in a close circle. When you reach your fans, you will be capable to promote offers and sell products smartly.
Now the question arises how to grip and keep the users on Messenger. Only interesting and relevant contents can keep them in touch. For this reasons, LeadModo is actually the best choice.

I have started using LeadModo few days ago. It comes with a lot of features that enables me to collect huge messenger leads using surveys, quizzes, and polls. This amazing software can be integrated with both the Facebook account and website. It actually allows to harness the potency of millions of Facebook users and bring them to your products.

The software is very easy to install in three (3) steps.

Firstly, choose your preferred template. You can customize your templates to suite your visitors. Secondly, add your questions and quizzes. Thirdly, copy the easy code and paste them into your website admin panel.

This is how I am using LeadModo. I already have seen some positive signs, now waiting for a great change.


6-Figure Business – Valued at $197

Live Webinar session on 9th October at 3 PM ET/NY, where they show you how to build a 6-figure business powered by leads, polls, quizzes and FREE FB traffic.

Pitch Perfect Positioning – Valued at $47

In this video training, they show you how to position any offer for different kind of audiences with small adjustments. This way – you can easily maximize ALL the traffic you get with smart quizzes.

Quickfire Quiz Template – Valued at $47

In this short PDF training, they give you my 3 BEST quiz designs & templates, that you can copy & paste all the way to the bank.

Price & Evaluation

OTO1 – LeadModo Template Pack ($47) (SEE DETAILS)

LeadModo template pack includes close to 100 DFY quizzes, surveys & polls in 20 different niches. You can immediately use one of these templates to build your own profit pulling campaign and insert new email or messenger leads.

OTO 2 – LeadModo Pro ($37) (SEE DETAILS)

While they give away LOTs of value with the main offer, this upgrade takes it even further.

Including the ability to run multiple campaigns, collect MORE leads & integrate with even more services, LeadModo Pro will immediately power up the main purchase!

OTO3 – Lead Master Training ($97) (SEE DETAILS)

In this EXCLUSIVELY recorded training, they show people how to use lead-generating quizzes & polls with social media. People are crazy about interactive & engaging content on social media, so the fastest way to build a list is to generate this content. They show you how to do this – EFFECTIVELY!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many campaigns can I create?

With this offer – you’re limited to 30 active campaigns at any given time (1-time offer has a special bonus upgrade to 100 campaigns!) You are abel to unlock unlimited campaigns in the PRO upgrade. Available to LeadModo clients only!

Do I need to install anything?

There is nothing to download & install. LeadModo is completely cloud-based so you are able to login from anywhere in the world as long as you are connected to the internet.

How can I be sure if this’s for me?

If your business has an online presence i.e. you have a site (in case you don’t…why not? – you should get it right away), you need a constant stream of hot leads to pitch your products & services to. LeadModo provides you the complete system to get leads & convert them into life -long customers.

I still want to build an email list – can I do that?

Absolutely – they give you the selection of either building your email list, messenger list or even both at the same time! It is simple and you stand to win!

Can I use another messenger bot instead of ManyChat?

Yes – they’re in the process of expanding their integrations so they can assist you collect bot leads via different apps. Keep an eye on the announcements for this technology.

I still have a question that hasn’t been answered anywhere on the page.

Please contact them at Support. They’ll be happy to help you in any way.


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to LeadModo for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. LeadModo include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose LeadModo, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !

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