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LinkedSelling Review

Customers are the lifeline of any business.  With them, a company thrives and without them, the company withers and dies.  So, a company’s first and foremost directive is to find, gain customers and then to keep them.

But finding customers is not always easy.  With some sectors, the business has to go all out looking for customers.  Other businesses have the customers walking right into their doors.  But regardless of the nature of your business, everyone agrees it is better for you to be found (i.e. for your customers to find or look for you) than for you to go all out looking for them.

To be found, you need to create an impressive and attractive awareness.  When potential customers (leads) become aware of your business, you must work with and nurture them through the process of going from sheer interest to becoming a buying customer and finally to keeping them and building a lasting relationship with them.

Some companies are laded with this crucial function.  They set up a Leads Marketing department and incur the huge financial cost of equipment, software, tools, personnel, training and other resources.  Furthermore, becoming proficient in this function and process takes time as the company has to learn on the job and most by trial-by-error at great cost to the business.

Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing is the process of contracting out one or more aspects of your business functions or services to a service provider who is trained, experienced, and knowledgeable in that function or service.  The advantages of outsourcing include:

  • The outsourced service is rendered more professionally and accurately.
  • It is done much faster.
  • You get a wide range of experts and professionals to choose from as opposed to limiting yourself to just your staff or team.
  • Relieves the parent company of the burden of carrying out that service.
  • Allows the parent company to focus more on other important company business.

In this write-up, we shall be discussing a renowned and experienced lead generation outsourcing company that can take your businesses to new heights.  They can build and supply you with a constant stream of healthy business prospects each month and train you in the process of nurturing them to sales appointments and retaining them.

About LinkedSelling

LinkedSelling is a lead generation and a Business-2-Business (B2B) company.  Formed, by Josh Turner, the company is dedicated helping businesses to:

  • Continuously generate leads in a cost-saving way
  • Be more actively ahead and involved with high-prospect contacts
  • Seek to convert cold prospects into warm leads by building a meaningful relationship with them, resulting in an increase in sales

With its team of experienced and dedicated experts, the company is committed to helping their customers (businesses) to generate quality leads through the use of content marketing, LinkedIn, outgoing email, Facebook, and many more.  Each month, businesses receive a continuous flow of new leads that will contribute to maintaining and raising the cash flow.

By rendering these services to companies, businesses can save money significantly, focus more on servicing these customers and building the company.

So what Do LinkedSelling Offer Your Business?

LinkedSelling offers you the following services:

  • LinkedIn campaign management
  • LinkedIn ads management
  • Automation Tools, and
  • Training Programs

LinkedIn Campaign Management

Using LinkedIn and email, LinkedSelling sets up a process dedicated to finding quality prospects for your business.  By building meaningful and lasting relationships with all your leads, old and new, using tested and proven human relations’ principles, they continually nurture these leads until they become paying customers for your business.

Using their experience and practices, they will assist your company in building and establishing a reputable brand that would present your business as a reliable authority in your field of expertise.  Such an image will build confidence in new interests and naturally attract them to your company.  These processes ensure that each month, your business receives between 10 – 15 high-value prospects that you and your team can work with and close.

They further assume the responsibility of over 90% of your lead generation processes, leaving you and your team to focus on running and building your business.

LinkedIn Ads Management

LinkedSelling has over 15 years in experience in building, running and managing social media campaigns.  In that period, they have developed and perfected a Blueprint they have rightly tagged S.C.A.L.E.:

Success Metrics and Planning:                      They set achievable and relevant campaign goals and also set up a plan to achieve them.

Control:                                                          They control the entire lead generation process and ensure that your required monthly leads’ goals are met.

Audience & Qualification:                             It is not just about getting you leads but getting quality leads that are highly likely to yield into profitable customers.

Leads Collection and Appointment:              They keep you and your team busy by providing you with a pool of premium prospects.

Everyday Optimization:                                 Your campaigns are continually reviewed to lower your lead scale and costs.

Automation Tools

With LinkedSelling’s Connect365 automation software, you can send personalized, customized emails as well as totally automate the process of following up on those emails.

Training Programs

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” – Henry Ford

This applies to businesses as well as individuals.  Therefore, to keep you, your team, and business abreast of accurate and up-to-date lead generation principles and tactics, and to keep you achieving your lead goals each month, LinkedSelling has developed a unique and world-standard training program.

This training is offered under two platforms: (1) Linked University, and (2) The LinkedSelling Platinum Community.

Linked University

By spending an average of 30 minutes daily, and in the matter of a few weeks, you can learn LinkedSelling’s revolutionary Lead Generation Processes.  These unique processes will equip you with theoretical knowledge and practical experience in building a meaningful relationship with prospective customers and nurturing them through the process that would lead them to the sales desk.

The LinkedSelling Platinum Community

LinkedSelling is an INC 500 company and an Entrepreneur 360 company, two years in a row.  They have thousands of members in their community that have been mentored by our professional experts and have successfully built and are still building their businesses.  So, you are coming into a great, warm and friendly family where you are guaranteed ample one-on-one training, Questions & Answers, instructions, and guidance concerning lead generation.

Success Stories

LinkedSellling has brought us close to $20 million in income…

LinkedSelling began bringing us leads that you aren’t going to find doing Google searches or calling secretaries. They’ll not let you in the door. And as a result of that it has brought us close to $20 million in income.


My revenue has doubled due to the system…

My revenue has doubled due to the system and I have gained 112 clients. We’ve thousands of people that we are working through the process & my business is just exploding. There is no way you will not get new customers!


Over $600,000 in start up business…

Over $600,000 in start up business and we are currently working on a half a million dollar deal that’s a direct result of Josh’s system… Josh and the LinkedSelling team were just amazing.


Our Conclusion

It is popularly said: “No man is an island,” and no one can do it all by himself.  So it is with business and, in this case, with leads generation.

With LinkedSelling, you receive a complete and total turnkey solution in generating monthly leads to increase your sales and profits.  You, in turn, can finally focus on building your company as you receive new viable prospects each month, nurture them to sales appointments and continue to build meaningful and lasting relationships with them.

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