Live Your Message: Stand Out from Billions of Websites

Do you need help to become an entrepreneur hero?

Marisa Murgatroyd can help you in her Live Your Message.

You will have a bold, vibrant, and colorful expression online.

Who is Marisa Murgatroyd of Live Your Message?

Marisa Murgatroyd helps entrepreneurs cut through the noise of millions of websites to become a superhero. She is the founder and the CEO of Live Your Message; they do website branding, storytelling, and messaging what are authentic to you. Surely, Live your Message can help you become an online superhero from being a simple entrepreneur. She assists an entrepreneur becomes empowered.

Who are Marisa’s teammates in Live Your Message?

Marisa does not do it alone; she does the mentoring with her teammates. Gray Murray is her co-founder. They have been together in life and business since the first day of Living Your Message. Gray is a magician behind the scene. He is a guy that will make things happen. One of his characteristics is to create something a scratch. Donna Arrogante is the creative director of a client project. She earned a degree in Web Design and Interactive Media; she is one of the youngest web designers in the company until she became a Senior Art Director.

On the other hand, Elizabeth Rose is the director of Marketing and a Copy Chief. She is an award-winning copywriter and a product ninja. She can help you plan, write, and execute a high-performance marketing campaign.

David Nguyen is a Junior Web Developer. He loves artistic media that leads him in the field of programming, technology, website creation, and filming video content. Jordan Duvall is a program manager and content writer. Like her teammates, she is also an award-winning director and a brand strategist whose superpowers include harmony, order, and connection. She has over 20 years of experience in marketing, advertising, marketing, and photography. Moreover, the clients don’t have any complaints from customer support because of Jhaymie Sta Maria. This woman is a customer support superhero, a working mom skillful in graphic design, customer service, research, and HR management.

Last but not least is Jill Gengler, the CRM manager. She helps small businesses succeed — her expertise help in implementing the concepts.

What is the Mission of Live Your Message?

Marisa, with her team, aims to turn the entrepreneurs to an online superhero through Live Your Message. They do it by creating an iconic brand, authentic, and leading website for clients. Some of their prominent clients are Callan Rush, Sage Lavine, Justin Livingston, Danny Iny, Alexis Neely, and many more.

The team trains entrepreneurs to build their platform through marketing, online branding, and storytelling. Also, they help online entrepreneurs to get off from the technology treadmill. Instead, find their voices and build an online platform that is enduring and twill outlive the trend of the moment.

Live Your Message founders and teammates envisioned helping over one million entrepreneurs to take their business out of the blue sky phase. They want them to get into the real world to make a difference. They believe that business is an excellent force for development and change.

What are the Programs and Services that Live Your Message offers?

If you want to become an entrepreneur online superhero, you can work with the team at Live Your Message. They have products, coaching, and services for you. You have to take the right program at the right stage, and you will grow your business.

Live Your Message offers five programs, namely, experience product masterclass, website ATM, personal brand power, mentorship, and message to money live 2020. The services that Live Your Message offers include branding and web design and private mentoring with Marisa.

  • Experience Product Masterclass

In this class, you will harness the power of experience products. You will be introduced to a new and advanced way of creating a super-sticky product, courses, and programs that will hook your customers. The customers will surely take action, getting results, and ultimately buying from you. Yes, exactly! They guarantee that you will make at least $2000 in just 10 weeks.

Experience Product Masterclass is different from others out there. This course is very fantastic as it changes the game in terms of how you think, create, and deliver your products online. So if you want to get products that will get results, this product is a solution. It is the only solution. You can get started for only $379 for five installments. If you want to pay for it one time, have a one-time payment of $1997.

  • Website ATM

It is a 60-minute masterclass with Marisa. You will get to know the three tweaks to turn your web to a lean, mean, and a mean making machine. You will discover how a single and non-technical homepage mistake can become the reason why your site is not bringing any new leads and sales.

From this class, you will learn to tap the little known concepts of micro-commitments to increase, either double or triple your present opt-in rates. This simple tweak is proven to keep about 18 to 50% of your first-time visitors on the site longer, which results in more leads and customer sales. Through this Website ATM, there are five pro designs’ pros and cons. It will position you as an authority, and it will attract your ideal clients. You can charge whatever is worth it.

  • Personal Brand Power

In this program, you will tap your power. You will learn to stop becoming invisible. You will step into the spotlight and claim the attention of your expertise. Through this Personal Brand Power, you will know the most potent secrets to stand out on social media. You will gain a superhero authority status and attract the tribe. You will get paid for being you.

Personal brand Power will teach you to build a foundation of your brand and where you should focus your attention. Through this, you will get the best results. This course is built on the idea of who you are and what makes you different. What truly matters will resonate with your customers, and you will be able to connect with them on a deeper level.

  • Mentorship

Mentorship will help you if you want to go fast and go alone also if you’re going to go far and go together. You will get personal support along with the highly trained coaches, mentorship community, and the private team.

Private mentoring with Marisa will help you if you are serious about building a bigger platform for your business. This individual mentoring with Marisa starts at $15 000. For me, it is costly at that price. I am getting curious about what I can get here if it is worth this amount.

  • Message to Money Live 2020

The message money to live is a three-day accelerator in which you leave your business on just a piece of paper. So even if you are only a new business owner in a small scale or an established person making six figures. This piece of paper will help you to add zero to your business in the coming 12 months or lesser.

From these three days, you will discover how to get more people to invest more money for you and your company. It is a total of three-day transformation. On day one, you will learn what to say. You will learn to position your business, your products, or services to potential clients. On day two, you will learn what to sell. You will surely be thrilled to deliver the products, and your clients will be excited to buy them.  On day three, you will know what to do. You will walk away with confidence and clarity to take the next steps.

  • Branding and Web Design

Live Your Message build site that doesn’t only work good but works for its primary purpose. It works from a business standpoint. The team focuses on branding for the online world. The visitors will be moved to take action because of the direct marketing strategy that delivers exceptional results.

Branding and Web Design starts at $50 000. I think this amount is too much expensive. Your capital for your business will already be consumed on this service. I recommend to hire web designers and work on them by giving your ideas and letting them work for what you envisioned. There are still plenty of web designers available online.

Should I Get Live Your Message?

I like knowing my entrepreneurial skills so that I can superpower it in just 60 seconds. I know that it will affect the kind of business I will build. Like other entrepreneurs, I want to stand out from the noise of billions of websites available online. A lot of things can happen in a minute. That’s why Live Your Message is a solution to becoming a superhero. By just looking at the website of Live Your Message, I become impressed with their branding ability. However, when I checked their packages, I got very disappointed. They are very expensive, and it is not affordable for starting business owners. Even established business owners may have a second thought once they see the price of each package.  But surely, Live Your Message can make your web stand out from billions of websites available online.

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