Long Tail Pro Review: A Reliable Tool for Uncovering Keywords

Long Tail Pro Review: A Reliable Tool for Uncovering Keywords

In every online business, a need for marketing is becoming highly competitive.

Finding keywords that will drive traffic for whatever niche is such a challenge.

Long Tail Pro is on the rescue because it helps uncover the keywords that will convert high traffic.

Now, decide if you think this will help you as I go on with this review.

 What is Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro makes your life in marketing easier. It can assist you to have a list of keywords that will bring high traffic to your site and convert it to sales. It is a tool for researching keywords and thus built for Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Looking at the nutshell, you can have thousands of keywords in just a minute, and these keywords are guaranteed to help your site rank. Not only that, related keywords, and the number of words, advertiser’s bid, and the rank value are also available for viewing.

How did the Long Tail Pro works?

Working in a long tail pro is very easy, it is like searching for information on Google. First, in the search box, you must enter a word, from that word you will get hundreds of keyword suggestions. Second, run the keyword, as well as the competitor analysis basing on the 13 metrics. In this process, you can see the volume searches in a month.

Afterward, you will get the result from which, you can now determine if the keywords are profitable. In short, you will see the rank value of the keyword. Lastly, you will see your rank using the rank tracker.

What are the prices and plans of Long Tail Pro?

Subscription for Long Tail Pro is not very expensive, it is not also very cheap. You can choose if you wish to pay monthly or annually. There are three plans; the annual agency at $98.00, the annual pro at $45.00, and annual starter at $25.00.

The prices are quoted monthly. You have the options if you wish to pay annual. Although the subscription is somewhat pricey, there is a ten-day money guarantee inclusive for all the plans. So, if you don’t find it helpful, you can always get a refund.

The three plans and pricing vary in three aspects: keyword research, rank tracker, and account management. You can choose from these numbers which one you think do you need, and then decide which plan to get.

If your problem is keyword to use for your business, then long tail pro is a great tool.

What are the Pros and Cons of Long Tail Pro?

Using this software and subscribing to it brings pros and cons.

For the pro, you will get a bulk suggestion of keywords, and you can get a competitive score in each of the keywords you choose. The analysis gives you a view of how likely you will rank in Google above from your competitors. Then the rank tracker is exceptionally accurate and ready for you to use.

Although the program has many pros, some cons cannot be underrated. There is a high limitation on the manual keywords and seed keyword. Then, when it comes to the links or the URLs found at the competitor’s analysis, hoping that these would be better displayed. Sometimes, the text looks uneven. Check the screenshot below:

What are some Tips on using a Pro?

If you are here at this moment, you probably know more about Long Tail Pro, but let me give you some more information.

At the suggestions keywords, you can adjust the number of results that you want. You can use the advanced filter options.

For several months of using a Long Tail Pro, I am sure enough that the average keyword competitor works. The possibility of ranking first is apparent. You can easily see result breakdown and the percentage or SERP availability.

There are more things to see, you can check the number of backlinks used in the competitor’s site and adjust to beat them.

Although there are so many things to see here, I want you to focus on the average keyword, the trust flow, the citation flow, the age of the site, external backlinks, and how each result is performing using the specific keyword.

You also can track the rankings of your site in Yahoo and Bing; just type the domain URL and add your keywords. This is aside from seeing how your pages rank in Google.

Internet marketers like you would be interested about that.  By the way, you have the options to choose the location where you want to see how your keywords would rank. This feature is handy for entrepreneurs who have a different level of the target audience; from local to international.

The results of your search show you quickly where your website is currently ranking. You can also see the history where you ranked in the past.  You can trace the positions of your site or pages in the past.

As you long as you are doing the tracking, you can find the rank history of the keywords.

Using Long Tail Pro, measuring the competitiveness of a keyword is now easy.  You can quickly determine the difficulty measure. You can calculate the feasibility of the keyword for your specific brand within the scale of 0 up to 100.

The color code of the keyword gives you a recommendation. Green means easy, yellow means moderate difficulty, and unshaded implies out of reach.

My Final thoughts

I consider myself as an avid user of Long Tail Pro, and I like the very user-friendly features and interface. It is beneficial to me since I am a beginner in the world of online business. For now, I am using the tool regularly to find the best keywords.

When you consider online marketing, Long tail pro is an excellent tool.

I am an affiliate blogger, and I see how my site rank goes up high.

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