Mailzapp Review – Does It Really Work?

Mailzapp Overview

  • Seller: Madhav Dutta et al
  • Product: Mailzapp
  • Release Date: 2021-Feb-12
  • Release Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $47-$97
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: List Building

About The Founder

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This product is brought to you by Madhav Dutta & his talented partner Dr. Sameer Joshi.

These guys have spent more than a decade developing their career in online marketing, they’ve unique methods to address marketing problems and help many users deal with their issues.

Some of their high-quality products such as ZKart, CoachZippy, AppsKit.Pro, Livenar Plus, etc.

With their both wealth of knowledge and also fine reputation, there isn’t any doubt that Mailzapp will become a big hit in the marketplace in the future.

What Is Mailzapp?

Mailzapp is the world’s first and also one-of-its-kind artificial intelligence powered, fully featured auto responder that promises to transform your e-mail marketing, optimize your outreach and also maximize conversions. Not only does it reliably sends out your e-mails and has a powerful automation engine to automate your campaigns, comes with loads of gorgeous templates for your e-mails & newsletters, but it ALSO has powerful AI that We’ve built, which manages your campaigns and also maximizes open rates for you. This is also a super-intuitive, easy-to-use software that makes e-mail marketing super-fun and attractive again. E-mail marketing still is – and will continue to be – the holy grail of any internet business, and Mailzapp allows you to be perfectly positioned to grow your business using the power of e-mail.

How Does It Work?

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Here are some of Mailzapp mind-blowing features!

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: AI & ML developed by us that trains and adapts itself to automatically manage your campaigns and also maximize your e-mail open rates

Test Subject Lines: Test your subject lines before you send out your e-mails by getting the AI to predict how your subject line will perform

Real-time Metrics: Monitor how your campaigns are performing in real time and get deep, actionable insights

Intuitive Automation Builder: The simplest and most intuitive – yet super powerful – automation builder you will ever have used.

Templates Galore: Select from our wide selection of gorgeous templates to make newsletters or e-mail, or just start from scratch and use a blank template.

AB Split Test Automated E-mails: The powerful automation also lets you test variants of subject lines for your automated e-mails against each other and also sends the winner to most of your subscribers

Mobile Freindly E-mails: As most of the emails read these days are read on mobile devices, e-mails that Mailzapp sends out are mobile friendly by default
Register Forms: Mobile friendly sign-up forms permit you to build and grow your list of subscribers fast & reliably

Interest Tagging: Tag your subscribers based on which list(s) you want them to assign them to and also send only those e-mails to them they’d really want to receive

Web site Behavior Tracking: Our algorithms let you send e-mails based on web site behavior so you can send e-mails that are targeted and also timely

Segmentation: Structure your list of subscribers by segmenting them such that they best fit your business’ targeting needs

List Cleaning: Keep your list of subscribers current and also clean and current so only active subscribers are in it -this is best for maximizing open rates

Drag and Drop E-mail Editor
Our powerful drag’n’drop builder enables you to quickly and also intuitively create your e-mails and get them out of the door to your subscribers fast

Spam Checker
Get real time feedback from our system if you’re using words in your e-mails that might trigger spam filters from e-mail service providers and make changes before hitting send

Getting your e-mail to cross all the hurdles and also land in your subscribers’ inbox (and not in nirvana) is as much an art as it’s a science. Mailzapp’s to the rescue

Email’s a very personal experience, especially for the recipient. Personalize your e-mails for max impact & engagement.

DKIM Authentication
Use the DomainKeys Identified Mail standard to protect both senders and also recipients from spam, phishing & spoofing.

Customizable Unsubscribe Page
Customize your unsubscribe page to either get subscribers to stay on, resubscribe or just let unsubscribe in the best possible manner while parting ways

Comprehensive Analytics
In addition to the real time metrics, also get comprehensive insights through overall campaign analytics, automation analytics, form analytics and much more

Subscriber Import
Import your list of subscribers as a CSV file if you are migrating from another autoresponder to the coolest one on Planet Earth -Mailzapp!


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Front-End Offer – Mailzapp ($47 – $97 one-time) Premium, feature-packed auto responder that no only reliably sends out e-mails but also helps build a list. There are two levels in the front-end – Silver ($47) & Gold ($97)

Silver: 5,000 sends each month, 2,000 contacts, Normal sending servers, double opt in mandatory, Sending throttled, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), technology, Newsletter functionality, Signup forms, Subscriber tagging, Segmentation, Simple subscriber and message analytics, Free Migration

Gold: Everything in Silver and a lot more: Limitless email sends each month, 15,000 contacts, Upgraded sending servers, Double opt in optional, No throttling, Artificial Intelligence powered campaign optimization, E-mail Automation, Agency access, User management dashboard, Intuitive Drag & Drop builder, Inbox checker, HTML e-mails, Broadcast archives on cloud, Royalty free stock images, Email split testing, Link/Click tracking, Landing pages, Templates, Video landing pages, WordPress plugin, Sign-up form split testing, Subscriber tagging, Advanced analytics, Custom Branding etc. There are more features, kindly look at the Sales Page preview.

In summary, our recommendation is that Silver is a good offer for you who are just about starting out or don’t have “intensive” use of the system, but the Gold offer is ideal pretty much for everybody, given the massive value at the price.

OTO 1 – Mailzapp Platinum ($97 one-time) Platinum: Advanced level Auto responder with everything in the front-end offer plus Limitless contacts, our best sending servers, Agency rights with Five more users, more templates, Unlimited sign-up forms, landing page etc, Web push notifications, Advanced Artificial Intelligence, Zapier integration, Advanced Management Information System (MIS) reporting

In summary, this is the top version of Mailzapp in terms of e-mail, Al and automation functionality. Definitely recommended for businesses and also advanced marketers (or those aspiring to get to the advanced level – good investment to make and grow into).

NOTE: Buyers will have to go through the funnel and have to get the front-end to get OT01. The system detects whether or not the front-end has been bought freezes the account if it does not find the FE purchase with the same user e-mail address. This can’t be undone later.

OTO2 – Mailzapp Commerce ($147 one-time) Instantly allows users of this upgrade to start selling their digital products from straight within Mailzapp – no separate e-commerce system needed. Quickly create product pages, add images, description, connect/select payment processors and the product is ready to sell. Share the unique product page link or, better still, just share the entire product listing by email – a Mailzapp email gets created for the product, which users can instantly e-mail to their list.

In summary, this is massive for somebody looking to add selling of digital products to their portfolio without the need for subscribing to expensive or recurring-fee-based eCommerce systems.

NOTE: Buyers will have to go through the funnel and have to get at least the front-end to get OTO2. The system detects whether or not the front-end has been bought freezes the account if it does not find the FE purchase with the same user e-mail address. This can’t be undone later.

OTO3 – Mailzapp Reseller ($197 – $497) Get reseller accounts of your own, which you can sell your customers – either at a one-time or (better still) at a recurring fee. Resellers get their reseller dashboard, from where they can create and manage accounts. 3 Reseller packages will be offered based on number of accounts (and price): Lite: 50 accounts ($197), Pro: 100 accounts ($297), Ninja: 200 accounts ($497)

OTO4 – Mailzapp Done-for-You E-mail Pack ($97) Get over total of over 100 high-converting e-mails handcrafted by us in various top market niches. These include some of our top converting e-mails we ourselves have used in 5-figure promos. E-mails come as a sequence of at least 7 emails for a niche, most niches have more than that the sequence. E-mails are pre-loaded in the Mailzapp system and can be converted into a sequence with just a few clicks.

Username: jvaccess
Password: Letsdoit


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to Mailzapp for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. Mailzapp include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose Mailzapp, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !

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