Money Revealed Review – Why This Could be The Biggest Launch in History?

Money Revealed Review

When you were young your parents would have told you” study well, get a good job and you are well settled in life”. They would never have told you about getting rich. Their discussions “would never say do this take that route and you will get rich”. It is not their fault. All their life the only thing that they new was having a steady flow of income on a monthly basis to make sure that their family gets all the basic needs and in due course of time save (obviously by making a lot of personal sacrifices) enough money to own their house. They were not wrong in what they thought.

But times have changed, you cannot just study well get a job and think of being settled in life. You need to make your money work for you. A lot has been discussed about various techniques in books like Rich Dad Poor Dad. You can learn a lot from such books on how to invest money, mind it not save it, to get maximum benefit out of it.

How is Money Revealed?

It is a serial which shows interview with rich people who really know all about money. They have dealt with money all their lives and know how to respect it and utilize it wisely. These are not people who became overnight right or the so called new money who got rich because they hit a lucky draw or hit a jackpot. We are talking about seasoned campaigners. These people have been rich from generations to follow and know how to increase their net value.

But when we talk about such episodes or serials we have a general feeling that we have a been there done that kind of a feeling. How many times have we heard the rich and the famous talk about their secret behind their success? But have these people really talked the truth? Have they not been superficial in revealing the real facts to you while discussing about what they did and how they did it?

They will just reveal enough for you to be interested but not succeed in achieving what they achieved. A classic case of so near yet so far. The world still runs on the classic 80/20 rule and the 20% will never want that number to change. They will always want the 80% to work for them and would always want to own the 80% of wealth and not allow you to join their elite circle. They do not want you to succeed, they want you to fail Why? That is because if you try and then fail then you start convincing yourself that this is not your cup of tea and you pass on the same feedback to your next generation and the fear of failing and continues and no one tries to ask the two simple question

What should we do to succeed?

Thee two questions are never answered because no one told us that answers to these questions are the determining factor and helps you cross that line and become rich.

Let us take for example playing golf. For anyone who is standing in the audience it is as simple as hitting the ball at various force in order to drag it into a hole and gather points. Looks very simple, anybody can do it. But then why only very few of them play this game? Everyone doesn’t play this game because they do not know the nuances of playing the game. And if you know it then you will become a pro too. And there is a certain section of the society which doesn’t want you to be a pro in making money.

Similarly you will hear people say “ Work smart do not work hard” But have you ever heard anyone tell you how to work smart? That is because once you know the secret of it then you will not be listening to them and you will not value their word. You will know the secret of success and apply it to become rich and successful.

This is where the Money Revealed program is different from similar programs that were aired earlier. This is a serial by Dr. Patrick Gentempo and Jeff Hays. Each and every episode will give you insight of the ins and outs of money and how it actually works for you. The insight you get from these episodes will work like an eye opener and you will be amazed to learn how simple it is to just overturn some of the so called major blocks that you think were going to stop you from succeeding in life.

Does it really help bring a difference?

There is a saying that if you want to know the potential of your growth and your earning capacity then take an average of the earnings or salary of your friends. Your mentality and thought process changes as per the people you are surrounded with. Look at the few people who have been introduced in this serial as guests.

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Robert Kiyosaki – Do I need to tell anything about him? Remember Rich Dad Poor Dad? He is the author of this famous book..

Ray Balcno – famous for some of the most popular newsletters like the Seven Figure Publishing.

David Gardner – He co-founded Motley Fool and Money Expert

Roger Hamilton – An Author, educator and social entrepreneur

Ryan Moran – Expert in E-Commerce

The list goes on and on and on. The so called whose who of various departments who have made it big in their life time take out time to come and share their secret. These people are some of the wealth influencers around the globe and believe me when they talk people stop doing what they are doing and listen to them. And when you are surrounded (virtually) by such genius then their thought process and positivity rubs on to you and you start thinking like them.

And when you start thinking positively then you act positively and you take all the right steps to become successful in life. And when that happens you do not work for money. Instead money works for you. And that is the basic motivation behind Money Revealed.

Money Revealed doesn’t tell you that it is to earn money. It doesn’t show some quick rich schemes. It shows you how successful people used some very important systematic approach to break the barrier and became rich.
It also shows you as to how you can follow those steps and make them work for your own advantage. So I would personally recommend you to watch each and every episode of this wonderful serial which will help you think differently and try to become rich and get your money revealed in the true sense.

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Money Revealed Features

Below are admirable investors and multi-millionaire businesses experts who have played a major role in improving the world’s economy. Featured in Money Revealed on different episodes, the entrepreneurs generously share out their journey to success while focusing on specific subject areas. Take a scoop!

Episode 1: Wiping Out Tax and Stocks Investments Adjustments

Robert Kiyosaki – The financial advisor opens the floor of Money Revealed in the very first episode. Currently, he is the Best Selling Author of New York Time’s for his popular book called, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. Robert explains how debt can be used to create wealth. This may sound unthinkable! However, the principle, having worked well for him encouraged the audience to give it a try. Guess what! It also worked for majority of them. Robert goes further to state 5 investment options that wipe off taxes and how this directly strengthens a country’s economy.

David Gardner is well-known for his position as a founder and an advisor in Motley Fool (A multimedia financial service Company). In this episode, Gardner explains how the thought of establishing a company begun as a joke in the family but uniquely turned out to be a great enterprise. He further brings out the idea of how a small adjustment in investing on stock can make a significant difference, not only financially but also socially. His simplicity in explaining the vital segments of the stock market was commendable and could easily be understood by newbies, aspiring investors and amateurs.

Episode 2: Retiring Smart, Health Care Investments and Crypto Future

Garrett Gunderson deals with different traditional approaches to retiring. He brings out clearly why most of these retiring approaches may NEVER lead to financial freedom. His talk is eye-opening. As a matter of fact, one of his truths on 401(k) influenced Dr.

Patrick Gentemor, a filmmaker, to liquidate his retiring approach.

Those involved in block-chain and cryptocurrency should not even think about forgetting Ray Blanco’s wise nuggets.

Ray explains 2 fast-rising block-chain places. He also gives the current stock markets that have very high profit margins. Further, Blanco states some 2 healthcare investments worth searching.

Episode 3: Enduring an Economic Storm and the Japanese Entrepreneurship Ideologies

Andy Tanner discusses the predictable drop of the stock market and how some laws exist to ensure this drop occurs. Andy also discloses the requirements that businessmen ought to make so as to subsist this storm. It takes account of the important and vital info like deceptive figures on your account that may dope you and explains how you can take rid of it.

Have you met Roger Hamilton? Using a Japanese principle, Hamilton integrates health and wealth and shares on how “now” is the exact time to become rich in any country in the globe. He talks about 3 entrepreneurship phases and how any investor can quickly get to the 3rd phase where there is a high money-flowing speed.

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Episode 4: Tokenization, dealing with Household Money and Generating an Income Demand

In episode 4, Mike Dillard shares on how he discovered the financial wrongs he was doing and how he came to the light that gave him a breakthrough. He also lays down the strategic methods involved in investing in cryptocurrencies and explains how tokenization is about to change how people deal with money.

Paul Pilzer Zana is one of the senior experts that intelligently links up the relationship between happiness and wealth. He informs the audience on techniques of handling family money. He goes further to reveal a two-word criteria that an investment must have so as to release you from work.

Ryan Moran – Ryan talks of a programmed way of acquiring wealth. He gives step-by-step processes on how $ 1 million can be earned. Using a 90-day plan, Paul lays down some simple business tricks on generating income.

Episode 5: A Rich Person’s Secret Activity and Substantial Passive Incomes

John Mackey – His one must-do activity carried out by rich people is worth knowing. This activity is among the major take-aways from the episodes. He gives his outstanding strategies as a rich investor in Wall Street and also enlightens how being part of a community gave rise to one of the most prosperous achievements in the current economy.

Justin Harrison – Justin’s interesting story is not only inspiring but also worth listening to. He stories how mac $ Cheese gave him an idea that in turn brought forth a wide range of passive income generating streams. Justin also explains how he was a good steward of his finances even when the amounts were exceeding $ 10,000 pm. Nonetheless, he clarifies on the efficient ways of exploring different investment forms. His ways are so practical and can be accomplished in reality. They are simple and rich and would therefore accommodate every beginners and the young investors admiring Justin.

Episode 6: Single Family Houses & Cooperative Investing

Ron Phillip’s proficiency in real estate enables him to explain how he was able to progressively grow his folder during 2008’s housing crash. This is recommendable for single-family homes. It is a significant eye-opener, not necessarily in people interested in real-estate industry, but everyone who has a dream of being a successful investor.

Scott Picken – Every aspiring investor would want to know if it is possible to travel across the world with a passive source of income. Scott clearly reveals this secret in this episode. He brings out the factors that would determine the possibility of the afore-mentioned question being answered. In one of the interviews with him, Scott speaks of an extensive concern that is in the mind of most travelers. He clearly explains the specific techniques on how a one type of asset can be used to maintain the flow of cash. Further, he details that capitalism and crypto-technology can extensively be used to share wealth with those experiencing poverty throughout the globe. Scott lays down some 5 unique rules of effectively collaborating investments that can be used by every global investor.

Episode 7: How the world is changing through Block-Chains

Patrick Byrne – Patrick begins by uncovering the way economy is being changed by block-chains. He even explains how the block-chains are used in developing countries to create good infrastructure. Additionally, Patrick charitably share the 3 environments he desires to invest in block-chain. From these 3 places he expects to uncover millions of dollars in capital.

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Ali El Husseini – Ali strongly summarizes what block-chains are and why it is an irresistible force across many of world’s economies. He emphasizes on how it is unruly than the internet. Ali finally reckons the economic sectors that investors should focus on.

Jonathan Johnson – He summarizes that, when it comes to block-chain, bitcoin is just but a glimpse. He lays out the essential developments that that would transpire in future which will affect the financial environment across the world. Jonathan reveals the block chain not only helps to get rid of fraud in transforming other sectors of the society.

Episode 8: Residual works and Incomes

Ryan Levesque – His one-word approach in investment has enabled Ryan to create 23 highest earning distant businesses. In this episode, he shares his unique secrets on how this was possible and how it came to reality. This is healthy for experts in the world who are involved work from home and get residual incomes. For newbie entrepreneurs, he brings out some 7 factors that makes a market worth to venture in. He also remarks that a free e-commerce business tool that shows whether or not a business is worth venturing in.

Douglas Andrew – He gives a proficient knowledge on taxes and the 401(k) that has never been heard. His new ideas changes the perception of tax. He actually referred “The Rich Man’s Roth” as the tax-free-return strategy. His principle also gave an idea on how evading the common and simple financial mistakes could make any investor earn lots of money within a short period of time.

Episode 9: Development of Products and Trading

Jason Fladlien – This rich entrepreneur started from a humble beginning. He was first a seller on the Amazon site. He was however able radically carry out product development and this enabled him to rapidly grow in his business. Jason testifies on how he has tested and proved some business strategies and techniques on scrutinizing a product to determine whether or not it would generate a profit.

John Carter – An important counsel from him is the ability of an investor to have a wide range of investments in the current economy. These different investments may be from totally different fields.  He narrates of how he first began his trading business in high school and how he was able to make plenty of money out of this business. John informs his audience on the simple yet effective ways that aspiring business people can do the same to acquire profits. He echoes the significance of a good portfolio with regard to capitalizing in block-chain.

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What Will Change Your Financial Future?

If you keep doing the things you have been doing… Will you reach the level of wealth you desire?

Einstein said, “We can’t solve our problems with the same level of thinking that designed them.”

In other words-you need to change the way you think about something to get a better result.

99% of all people are on the road to financial trouble… Money revealed elevates your thinking… Shows you what is possible…

And more importantly-shows you the proven path others have taken.

If not Money Revealed, then what will change your financial future?

“I do not know” isn’t an acceptable answer… Unless you already know all you need to know to succeed in your financial dreams…

If not, then the logical choice is to claim Money Revealed and all of the bonuses for yourself by clicking one of the buttons below…


In the sector of health and business, Dr. Patrick Gentempo is a popularly known man who has wrote quite a lot of peer-reviewed chiropractic published journals. Being an expert chiropractor, he has developed very many inventions and also built many global businesses.

On the other hand, Jeff Hays has produced impacting films for more than 20 years now. He is a role-model in the business world. Coming up with educating documentaries inspires millions. His high-quality documentaries have been nominated in the Academy Award more than thrice. This has in turn made him a distinguished film maker that is highly esteemed in the world.

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Knowledge obtained from the professionals in Money Revealed should not be forgotten. They should instead enable you acquire wealth and impact the economies of the world positively. No information will ever beat the knowledge gained from experienced millionaires! Take heed and work on the take-aways. They are worth the trials and risks you will have to take so as to emerge a millionaire.

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