No Product No Problem Review: Start Affiliate Marketing

No Product No Problem Review: Start Affiliate Marketing

Do you want to sell but you don’t own a product? No Product, No Problem!

Using the No product no problem course, you are real to your dream.

You can now start making money online by starting an affiliate marketing.

Let us jump into the detail about the course in this review.

First, examine yourself if you genuinely need one, and continue reading this review if you think you do.

Who needs No Problem No Product course?

 Everyone interested in making money online by being an affiliate marketer can benefit from this course. Most specifically, if you are any of the following people, you can gain immense value from the content of the course.

  • Authors: If you love to write about any niche, most specifically, online marketing or affiliate marketing, this course is perfect for you.
  • Bloggers: If you are a blogger with little or more followers, you need to take this course to make sure that you are guided correctly in affiliate marketing. Most of the bloggers are affiliate marketers.
  • Speakers: If you render speeches or talks to other people about making money by being an affiliate or anything connected to online marketing, it makes sense if you have finished this course to get additional knowledge.
  • Platform Builders: So, you just built your websites or your platforms. Maybe you are just starting. So, what’s next? What else can you do? How are you going to utilize this platform to make money online? This course may be of great help.
  • Podcasters: Most probably if you are a podcaster, you want many people to listen to you. If you are going to talk about the online market or affiliate, it is worth taking this course.
  • Affiliate Marketers: If you are an online marketer, whether you are a beginner to intermediate, you need the advice to grow. This course will help you a thousand miles.
  • Youtubers: If you are a YouTuber, you need many followers, it is possible. Try this course out.
  • Online Business people: Are you a business owner? If yes, you need to market your product, and how to do that in a better way is what you are going to get in taking this course.

What are the contents of No Product No Problem?

No Product No Problem course by Matt McWilliams has nine modules in total discussing every detail about affiliate marketing.

Matt is the master behind the success of online businesses and great entrepreneurs like below:

Everything from the beginning, starting an affiliate marketing to promo preparation, and after which are covered.

The course is taking you to a real internet marketing. Starting from zero to becoming a hero in affiliate.

So, what are the things to expect from the course?

Module 1. Basic.

In this part of the course, you will learn the basic. There are seven video lessons of how affiliate marketing works.

The videos discuss the technical aspect of affiliate marketing and every model of the affiliate program.

Module 2. Mindset

You will be able to have a proper mindset about affiliate marketing. If at first, you think of “what ifs,” then you will clear your minds and your thoughts and have you proper vision.

If you keep thinking that you are going to fail, you probably will. It’s not a joke!

Some questions will be answered through this course, such as what if you don’t. Trust me; you will like the contents of this module.

Module 3. Finding Programs.

This part if my favorite because I get to know all different types and programs of affiliate marketing, including the niches that are more profitable than the other.

The module consists of ten individual lessons about how to find an affiliate program, the what ifs, acceptance guarantee, why promote competitors, the decision to promote, and many more.

Module 4. Legal Aspects

This part of the course discusses the rules or legal acts. Through this module, you will understand the program laws or regulations and the laws behind the paid advertising. It is probably the reasons why many people into affiliate marketing ignore. In the end, they get banned, or their account has shut down.

Module 5. Promo Preparations

This part of the module can help you set yourself to succeed in putting up a promo. Although this part is somewhat boring, I am sure that you will find its importance.

Some lessons you will get here include content creation, promotion goals, the sequence of success, audience conditioning, creating a plan and your calendar, warming up the audience, promoting various materials, paid advertisements budget, and many more.

Module 6. Selling

I cannot deny the fact that this part of the course, the module about selling is my favorite.

This module discusses the basic on selling, some of the best practices in selling, how to overcome your fear in selling, copywriting, selling via blog posts, emails, videos, or podcasts, and also ninja tactics that you will need.

Module 7. Finishing Strong

I like this part!

Lessons that you will get include blogging with Search engine Optimization or SEO, Paid Facebook Advertising, and many others. You will learn how to work with your email list, things to do when a person buy, and how you can get them more to buy.

Other lessons, such as how you can have a great sale by doing affiliate marketing, is also discussed. You will be motivated and go the extra mile.

Module 8. Post Promo

I am pretty happy that I am almost finished with the course. I am now at the 2nd to the last module. Int his part, you will learn the things to do after the program.

You will get lessons about planning your future promotion, building relationships with the owners of the products and other affiliates, doing more promo without becoming worn out, and many more.

Module 9. Type of Promo

In this module, you will become more motivated because of the bunch of products to promote.  These products include books, digital courses, physical products, webinars, summits, and many more.

You will learn what they are, how to find them, and the best means to promote them. You can focus on a particular niche and get a lot of money online. Just find the best niche for you, the one that you enjoy.

Training on evergreen promotions, affiliate promotions for books offers, podcasts, and many more are discussed.

Wait, there is more.

All students of No Product No Problem will have access to a Facebook community, as well as, the monthly coaching calls to assist them in their affiliate marketing venture.

What is my Verdict on Product No Problem?

After finishing the course, I can tell that the training videos are straight to the point. There is no hour of fluff, so there is no time to waste.

It is a beginner friendly, so you will not feel intimidated starting and finishing the course.

I think it covers a lot and almost everything about affiliate marketing. It is a great start. You can complete the course quickly, depending upon the time that you allocate for it.

Looking at the pros, it outweighs other training courses available online. So, it’s a thumbs up!

It is profitable! No product, no problem!

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