PaidViewPoint Review – Get Paid For Your Opinion

PaidViewPoint Review: Get Paid for Your Opinions

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I am a big fan of being paid for the simple task I do.

Now, it is easier.

I get paid for my opinions.

Well, who wouldn’t love it? None!

Who would love it?

Read and find out.

What is PaidViewPoint?

PaidViewPoint is an online market survey research site that centers on four principles.

First, they pay cash for the completed market research you do. Second, no screening unlike other market survey sites once you are invited to survey. Third, they take away the code, “boring” in answering survey so you will have a better experience. Lastly, there is respect for one’s privacy, so no selling of your personal information with anyone. There is no hesitation of disclosing your personal information because with PaidViewPoint, you are safe.

The PaidViewPoint is founded and operated by the or the Ask Your Target Market. Through the AYTM, PaidViewPoint is revolutionizing its market research industry by continuously creating quality market research that is easily accessible and affordable wherever you are and whether your business is small or large.

How Can You Earn at PaidViewPoint?

In PaidViewPoint, you can earn in two ways, and you can choose both.

First, you can earn by merely taking surveys conveniently and quickly. No boredom, only positive experience. Here you will experience taking a survey like tweeting, pretty impressive. Taking a survey is a convenient way to get paid in PaidViewPoint.

Second is by referral. You can earn by referring PaidViewPoint to your family, friends, and co-workers. If they are an active member, you will get 20% or above from their earning.

It is easy to do.

What is the Experience in taking a Survey?

In PaidViewPoint, doing a survey is never dull or boring. Short questions, short answers, short surveys! It is pretty simple and easy.

As a member, you will receive a survey notification daily when a biz survey becomes available. You can also see it displayed in your account. So upon logging in, you will see the message located in the top right corner saying that 1 survey is available.

When it comes to length, not all surveys are the same; they vary but typically, it is in between five to six. Also, the surveys have limitations placed to the number of characters in a question, say 120 to 240. In a survey answer, you will get a Twitter-like feel because it is 90 to 120 characters. The answer choices are limited in number.

Moreover, in PaidViewPoint, long, complicated, classic, and matrix type of questions are prohibited. Open ended-questions where you have to type your answers are limited. I like this fact about how this works because I don’t feel any boredom.

By the way, before I forget, you have to keep in mind that the maximum number of questions in the survey is limited to the average. Typically it is just 10 questions, so it is super easy.

Now, about the daily surveys, you can wait for the regular online survey to become available, or you can take the trait survey. On most days, you can earn between $0.02 and $0.10. The trait survey does not only increase your earnings but also increase your TrustScore. The higher your TrustScore, the higher the earnings.

What are the Community Features of PaidViewPoint?

  • Leveling up your TrustScore to earn more

PaidViewPoint assesses the candor and the consistency of the respondents in responding to surveys to give them incentives. Hence, the higher is your TraitScore, the more money you can earn in every survey.

Having a high TrustScore can make you receive the given maximum number in a month. If you achieve a TraitScore of 9000, you can be included in the top 10 % members, and you will earn more in every answer.

  • Becoming a member of VIP Community Builder Club

You can earn by referrals.

PaidViewPoint is generous in giving rewards for the referral system. If other community sites give 10%, PaidViewPoint offers 20% of earnings from your referrals. But that’s not it because you can earn up to 25% for every referral.

Now, for you to qualify to the VIP Community Builders club, you should have over 100 active friends. This is to say that they are a member for over 30 days and are visiting and completing surveys on PaidViewPoint regularly.

How can you determine how much you will earn?

There is a fixed portion of the sale price for every survey, and this is allocated to the respondents who answer the question or survey. Now, the pot of money is divided between the respondents of the survey based on their TrustScore.

However, adjustments are being made depending on the level of playing field. This way, the new members of PaidViewPoint are treated equally just like the members who have been long-standing.

The survey respondents are divided into the group, and of course, the higher-level groups get paid more for every survey.

What is the payment process?

After taking online surveys, you will get your cash. No gift cards; only cashouts. All of the cash out payments are made using PayPal or Virtual incentives.

If you have accumulated at least $15, you can cash it out. It takes 72 hours to process your requests.

Is it worth joining PaidViewPoint?

Of course, it is.

You will never run out of anything if you try. Instead, you will get extra cash at your convenience plus you can get rewards.

As a new member of PaidViewPoint, you will receive a cash bonus or a sign-up bonus in your account. The amount of reward varies, but for people residing in the United States of America and Canada, the sign-up bonus is $1.

My Final Thoughts

I use PaidViewPoint, and as a user, I am aware that there are pros and cons.

As of now, I am enjoying a lot of benefits I am getting from this market research site. It is perfect for busy persons like me who don’t want to waste time and earn extra money online.

With PaidViewPoint, anyone is pre-qualified for the all the surveys, notification email for the available survey are directly delivered on my inbox, surveys are short, and at $15 I can already get my payment. Plus there are multiple surveys given each week.

If you think you can get paid for your opinions, join PaidViewPoint for free and get your sign-up bonus.

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