Perfect Audience Review – Does It Really Work?

Perfect Audience Review

Making an intelligent decision on these two marketing tools can sometimes prove to be a snag to reckon with. Considering the significance of each one of them can quickly escalate to a fierce duel of make or break decision. To begin with, if you are green as most of the benefactors are, you will incur cost innumerable in testing the one that best works and suits your type of business. That is is why therefore it is advisable for one to research about some basics before he or she can make a move. A pat on your back for sparing some time for this review could be a good one for you buddy. Be rest assured that by the end, you shall have the requisite knowledge on which one between them, Perfect Audience or Connect Explore represents the real deal. Keep reading…

“Perfect Audience – Not Perfect”

What do you like best?

Perfect Audience is simple to use. Setup does not take long and the staff was simple to work with. Review collected by and also hosted on

What do you dislike?

When I tried PerfectAudience, I did not see any reason for me to use it as opposed to running retargeting ads on the Google Display Network. It was not a bad experience, it just was not better or as cost effective as ads run through Google.

What does the Perfect Audience and Connect Explore mean?

Ever visited a shopping website for whatever reason? Then the next thing that follows is that you keep bumping into ads in every favorite site that you do visit with no limitation to Facebook and other favorite social media gigs? This write up servers as an eye-opener to let you know that all those happenings are not by defaults but rather the so-called retargeted ads!

Retargeting impliedly means remarketing. I can guess your mind is asking a question that goes, retargeting or remarketing what? How? And why? Well, all this is about the users of the internet who visit your site and leave without taking action thus without buying or not ordering from your store. Now that you have fully grokked that bit let me make some just action of saying something about “Connect Explore” or “Connectio.”

With ever-growing and pervading influence of Facebook as the most suitable medium to conduct online marketing, its no doubt that “Connectio” best suits to manage all that entails advertisement and earning revenue. Now connect explore as it is fondly known is a well-established organization in the Netherlands tasked with making the whole pandemonium involving online marketing easy to navigate the process with no hiccups enabling it to stay abrase of other advertising entities.

This company, centering on providing best deals for facebook marketing and advertising, comes up with the less sophisticated to use programs that can smoothly be run and operated with those that can be classified to possess amateur status in matters tech-preneurship. This far from enhancing efficiency and boosting the effectiveness of doing business online, it promotes and drives leads to proportions unimaginable resulting in almost sinfully unrealistic sells for your business.

This is by the fact that “Connectio” as a package is a well-knit together and tailored to support or replace the Perfect Audience. The latter for instance is not 101% reliable to reach the most desired recipient for the business arena and thus “connect explore” is seen as the most suitable platform. To expound more on this assertion, we go straight to the numerous pop-ups ads that flood the social networks and sad enough is that most of them go unnoticed, un-clicked and some even land on the wrong hands of “don’t show this again” I bet you trying to figure out how crappy that seems don’t you? That is the summary of Perfect Audience for you pal!

Lets gear to why “connectio” is the real deal in the world of advertisement?

In spite, if the Perfect Audience being one the most successful ventures, many have flowed at its execution with the following repetitive mistakes very crystal clear:-

  1. The attraction of the same audiences over and over again. There is an entire elimination of this vice where “connect explore” is employed!
  2. Retargeting everybody that is within the accessible domains. This has an improved version when it comes to “connect explore” with the feature of “search page” or “explore page” is very well defined and to the correct recipient.
  3. Non-evaluation of the strategies existing to assess the ones that are the best fit.

The brains behind the ideology of “connect explore” noticed all these shortcomings and decided to come up with a complex but simple to use software to eradicate all these inconveniences and “connectio” was born. The brainchild of all the development as mentioned above resulted in a more automated if not optimized software system that generates amazingly incredulous earnings compared to facebook’s centered Perfect Audience.

Features you would want to know about “connect explore.”

Being powered by a user interfaced graphic, “Connect Explore” is composed of the following stated features:-

  1. “Explore-page” feature is one of the most significant. It makes it possible to identify the new entries, and therefore this new entries can be the subjected to be targetted to promote one’s sales hence boosting revenue.
  2. “Audience-search” tool is useful in detecting different person interest on facebook before suggestions are put forth to the person in question (potential customer).
  3. “Automated-suggestion” Here, their is subjection of interests to suggestions that are purely automated to facilitate the correct lead to the potential customer online.
  4. “Page-search” this is an important feature that facilitates the search of an interest that is viable reliant on promoting and bringing fruition to advertisement upfront.

Other special features that make this tool the real deal in the advertising world are:-

Carefully sorted audience – this is much more important for the attainment of the required viewing. Unlike Facebook for instance where anyone that has liked is seen a potential customer, here a different mechanism is employed to make sure that the persons engaged are the indeed the target for the adverts.

Interest monitoring and ads management – “Connect Explore” is reliable for interest monitoring and ads managing a key feature in the achievement of the best advertisement deals.

In conclusion, it is crystally clearer that between Perfect Audience vs. Connect Explore, “connect explore” is the best choice for advertisement owing to its automized and optimized features that are easy and efficient to use. I now believe that you have the right arsenals with you to go out and make a niche out of the online business platform using this carefully written and researched review.

Good luck pal!

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