Pixel Scout Review – A Revolutionary Client Prospecting Software For Facebook Advertising & SEO Experts

Pixel Scout Review – Are you searching for more knowledge about Pixel Scout? Please read through my honest review about it before selecting, to evaluate the weaknesses and strengths of it. Can it be worth your time and effort and cash?

Pixel Scout Review & Overview

  • Creator: Todd Spears et al
  • Product: Pixel Scout
  • Release Date: 2019-Apr-11
  • Release Time: 11:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $47-$67
  • Sales Page: http://pixelscout.io
  • Niche: Software
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What Is Pixel Scout?

Pixel Scout is a revolutionary client prospecting software for FB advertising and SEO experts that includes an entire course on FB advertising.

Instantly scan sites in Google and The Yellow Pages for websites that are missing The FB pixel, Google analytics, Schema, SSL, and other key indicators. Then use their automated reporting function and email outreach system to quickly contact business owners. It is a client prospecting tool on steroids.

This Is An Extremely Powerful, Tested and Proven System and It’s Already Creating Life Changing Results For Our Early Beta Testers!

Pixel Scout Features & Benefits

Facebook Pixel Check

Instantly scan Thousands of sites in Google to see if they have their FB pixel installed.

SSL Check

Instantly scan Thousands of sites to see if they have an SSL Certificate on their website.

Google Analytics Check

Instantly scan Thousands of sites to see if they have Google Analytics on their website.

Google Adwords Check

Instantly scan Thousands of sites in Google to see if they have their FB pixel installed.

Schema Check

Instantly scan Thousands of sites to evaluate if they have schema (as SEO markup).

OpenGraph Check

Instantly scan 1000’s of sites to evaluate if they have schema (as SEO markup).

Automate Report Generation

Create customised audit reports for customers to include in outreach emails.

Gmail, Microsoft and SMTP email integration.

Send emails directly from Pixel Scout through the email provider of your choice.

Global Search Filters

Filter out directory & review sites from your list of prospects.

YellowPages Search

Instantly scan and generate a site audit report for Thousands of sites in YP.com

Proven Email Outreach Templates

Send emails directly from Pixel Scout using their proven to convert email templates.

Included Software Training

Training videos detailing how the software works & best practices for users.

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How Does Pixel Scout Work?

Step 1: If you go Missy, are you guys looking for an automated and easy way to get high ticket local clients. So let me show you the old way of getting mobile clients all right and looks something like this. We would go to Google and then we have to start searching the results in Google.

Step 2: One by one, we would go through each of these local business websites. We tap the check to see if they had the Facebook pixel installed that would tell us most likely. If they’re running Facebook Ads, we’d have to check and see. If they had the SSL security typical ticket installed right, we’d have to do this one by one and then you’d have to scour their website.

Step 3: Spend all this time finding their contact email.

Step 4: We would take all this information. We’d have to transfer it into a spreadsheet right using on all this all this wasted time. That’s a manual process and then we would finally have to go back to our email.

Step 5: We’d have to individually email every single potential prospect and let them know that their face. They didn’t have a Facebook pixel installed, let them know that we can run Facebook ads for them. We’d have to let them know but their SSL certificate wasn’t installed, we’d have to educate them on that.

And then go ahead and make a pitch. It was this crazy long drawn-out process where it would take you 30 minutes or an hour to reach out to every single local business that you could potentially help. That is the old way of doing prospecting and that way worked very very well except. It was a super time-consuming!

Step 6: Let me introduce you to something revolutionary guys. Let me introduce you to Pixel Scout. Pixel scout is the first ever client prospecting software that allows you to quickly scan in any industry in the u.s. certain.

Step 7: Look at the search results in Google and in the Yellow Pages go ahead and it automates and it tells you in a quick within a matter of seconds.

Step 8: Whether these websites actually have the Facebook pixel installed, whether they have a SS certificate and then it neatly organizes your results so that you know in a matter of seconds exactly which websites in the industry that you want to work in. It could potentially benefit from your marketing services.

Step 9: With a matter of a couple clicks, you can generate an automated report for this business that pulls in all of their information.

Step 10: You can quickly send an outreach email to these local businesses letting them know: “hey you don’t have the Facebook pixel installed you should really be running ads”, “hey you need to upgrade your website and make it secure to improve your Google and local SEO rankings”… You can do all this with a matter of a few clicks from Pixel Scout, it is going to is a massive time saver.

Step 11: And it is changing the way that local marketers are prospecting and landing clients today.

Q & A

Not sure how the Facebook pixel works or even how to run Facebook Ads?

No problem, every single Pixel Scout account comes pre-loaded with training videos that show you how to run Facebook ads for local clients so that you can begin selling digital marketing services today.

What else does Pixel Scout do well?

Pixel Scout connects directly to either your Gmail or Outlook email service provider so you can send emails in a matter of seconds directly from inside our software. If you have a different provider, you’d like to use go ahead.  You can connect with a smtp of any email marketing software of your choice.

Not sure what to say in your outreach email to a potential client?

No problem. With Pixel Scout. Every single account comes pre-loaded with our favorite high converting email templates. Simply choose a template, choose a client, send an email. It is easy. The fact is most entrepreneurs have no idea.

How they are going to land their next client but with Pixel Scout, we know that we can wake up every single morning to an end box full of sold local high ticket clients begging us to help them. With their marketing Pixel Scout we’re changing local marketing for good.

My Pixel Scout Experience

The promotion and marketing business can be a tough cookie to crumble. Especially if you look at the number of new companies opening their doors every day. Everybody is out to have a piece of that pie. I was also caught up in all of that hype and frenzy. What made things even worse, my survival depended on recruiting new clients. Then I read somewhere about Pixel Scout. A product that has restored confidence in my ability to attract new business.

I found that even when there was a glitch, their excellent training videos always came up trumps. I could log onto my profile, do a keyword search, and end up with a prospective client list. The secret to all of this is the combination of Pixel Scout and Facebook Ads. No more need to care about SEO or web optimization. With this approach, I am even able to get a full analytical report about the business. This allows me to target specific clients and increase the probability of changing a lean into to new client.

My clients also enjoy the benefits of the system. Once they sign up with me, Scout Pixel comes to the fore. The system allows me to retarget the existing adds of the customers. At the end of the day, I am happy for the increase in new clients. My clients are satisfied in that their retargeted Facebook Ads are able to attract new clients.

With all of the work done by Pixel Scout, I am able to do what I enjoy most. Assisting my clients to make more money. If you are in the marketing business why not give Pixel Scout a test run and see the power, there is in retargeted Facebook Ads. Give yourself the potential to grow with the need for SEO and other forms of advertising.

Price & Evaluation

FRONT END: Pixel Scout $47 – $67

OTO 1: Pixel Scout PRO Upgrade $97

OTO 2: Recurring Credit Subscription $29 or more

OTO 3: FaceBook Ads Copy & Paste System – 5 Client Challenge $197


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