Pixel Studio FX 3.0 Review

Pixel Studio FX 3.0 – Are you searching for more knowledge about Pixel Studio FX 3? Please read through my honest reviews about Pixel Studio FX 3 before selecting it.

Introducing Pixel Studio FX 3.0

You know those famous eCover softwares that you can down-load from the dark recesses of the internet?

Yeah. That one. The one your grandma still uses along with her dial up internet.

The one that is absolutely PATHETIC. Look, in case you have not heard, there is a new kid on the block.

It’s called Pixel Studio FX 3.0.

The beauty of Pixel Studio FX 3.0? You (and your technically illiterate grandma) can create amazing eCovers of just about any type in only a few minutes.

It is as simple as drag, drop, click, edit, and you are done.

No joke.

You will have an eCover that you can be proud of showing to your clients, web visitors, and even your family!

Not those tired ol’ boring looking eCovers that look bloated like they ate a bunch of pasta at the family get together!

Seriously though…Pixel Studio FX 3.0 is in a special release phase & you can skip the monthly fee and get access to as many as 5,326 eCover templates for a one time investment.

So skedaddle on over to the link below & see all the amazing goodness of this awesome eCover app known as Pixel Studio FX 3.0.

Pixel Studio FX 3 Overview

  • Creator: Richard Madison
  • Product: Pixel Studio FX 3
  • Release Date: 2018-Aug-21
  • Release Time: 10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $47
  • Sales Page: https://www.pixelstudiofx.com
  • Niche: Software

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The Author – Richard Madison

Richard Madison is the guy behind that product. He isn’t only a successful digital marketer, but also a talented software creator. You can know many of his releases such as Lifetime.Chat, Lifetime stock, Lifetime.Hosting, and Clickopia, etc. They’re all highly appreciated by professionals in the marketing field. Because he’s very successful, you can search his information easily from the Internet.

What is Pixel Studio FX 3?

Pixel Studio FX is an online service that enables anyone to create professional, high converting eCovers & box art in 60 seconds or less. Our 13,000 members have created 200,000+ eCovers.

With more than 32,000 instant eCovers, 8,000 stock images, 6,000 web icons, and 300 fonts, it iss simple to see why Pixel Studio FX is one of the world’s easiest-to-use design software for eBooks.

This proven cash-generating offer has sold over $1,000,000 since September 2015. Previously Pixel Studio FX was offered for between $47 and $67. Since April 2017, they have been offered as monthly & annual subscriptions with no one-time pricing. But during this release promotion, they are offering Lifetime Access for one payment of $47.

How Does It Work?

Step 1: Login to the dashboard

Step 2: Select the images, icon, or you can upload yourself

Step 3: Edit the text, colors, or anything as you like

Step 4: Wait in a minute and Pixel Studio FX 3 will give you the result

Demo Video

Visit Offical Website
What Are You Waiting for ?

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Pixel Studio FX 3.0 Features

  • 5,326 Ecover Templates (more than double the amount included in Pixel Studio FX 2.0)
  • Professional High Quality HD Graphics
  • Every Possible Ecover Scenario
  • Countless High Quality Backgrounds
  • Ease of Use Robust Design Dashboard
  • Project Saving On The Fly
  • Thousands of Clipart Images
  • 23 Different Niche Categories To Select From
  • One Click Colorization For Unique Ecover Creation
  • Integration With Popular Stock Media Sites
  • And so much more!

32,000 Instant eCovers In 23 Niches

Regardless of how easy a do-it-yourself tool is, everyone needs a starting point. What good is a leading edge software to non-designers if all you get is a blank template or 10 starter eCovers?

Pixel Studio FX 3 Comes With 5,328 Instant eCovers

That gives you the inspiration to produce your unique eCover in minutes

Advantages & Disadvantages


  • No pro technical skills requirements
  • Work on multiple devices & any browsers
  • Update automatically with no fee
  • Right to sell the e-Cover as your service
  • Store all your e-Covers in one place to easily access at anytime


  • I don’t find any bad point of this product

Who Should Buy It?

As it shows clearly, eBook writers are people need it. But in fact, there are many small businesses can not afford to outsource their graphics. Hiring designers to do that work is very expensive. With start-ups, they don’t spend a huge budget on that. But doing it themselves is impossible because they don’t have pro skills & experience. So, Pixel Studio FX can be a good solution when they can create eye-catching eCovers & Box Art without any skill requirements.

Besides, marketers, web-sites owners, or bloggers can benefit from this product. All of them need to make graphics for the web-site. As long as they don’t want to pay a high cost for graphics but still want to have the high-quality ones, they need Pixel Studio FX.

Pixel Studio FX 3 Funnel:

-Front-End (Pixel Studio FX 3 – $47)

-OTO 1 (Pixel Studio FX 3 Professional + Groupshots – $47-$67)

-OTO 2 (Social Studio FX Professional – $47-$97)

14,000+ Customers Can not Be Wrong Pixel Studio FX Rocks!

I am completely LOST FOR WORDS. When I heard about Pixel Studio FX and what they were trying to do with custom graphic covers… I said NOPE…. you can not compete with Photo shop. Then when I began using the software I noticed I ate my words. This is AMAZING. The bar has been raised…
Chad Nicely
I used to do my own book covers in Photo shop … then, I found Pixel Studio FX. Not only can I create my book covers faster but I can actually also do them far better because of the tools & library they provide. … and I redesigned many of my previous books covers with Pixel Studio FX … Plus, it’s more cost effective than Photo shop and a thousand times simpler to learn to use.
Mitchell Watrous
Pixel Studio Fx is so non-techie and also non-designer friendly. I used to rely on other people and also have to wait days to get back an E-cover done. This cool tool allowed me to land a consulting contract worth 1,000’s of dollars simply because it took me Two minutes to create something customized. How did it happen? A Best selling Book Author i’m following on Fb posted a Survey asking what of the Three Book titles should he use. I quickly went to PSF to make a Cover with my choice of Title and put his name on it. He knows it was done in Two minutes because he just posted his survey! He instantly PM’d me on Fb, asking if I was a designer, i said no. But it opened up the door for me to share about my Online Marketing, and it instantly became a contract. I’m using it to make covers for my online academy, too. I truly enjoy the autonomy of doing stuff with out having to depend on designers like i used to. Many thanks Jimmy Kim, you’re a blessing indeed.

Arelle White

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Do I Need To Install It On My PC?
A: PixelStudioFX is 100% cloud based. You login & access the design studio on-line so the only REQUIRED component is an active internet connection.

Q2: Does It Work On Windows &Mac?
A: YES! In fact, it works on any device that can access the web! They have tested PixelStudio on multiple devices & different operating systems, even tablets & mobile devices!

Q3: He is Not Tech Savvy & Worried That He May Not Understand. Is There Training?
A: Of course! They made sure that there is PLENTY of training! They have training videos designed to help you LEARN PixelStudioFX in and out. Most their users do not even need the videos, but they put customers there JUST in case. They even labeled each video by category so you can quickly jump right to the best one for your question.

Q4: Can You Upload Your Own Images Into PixelStudioFX?
A: Absolutely. They allow you to upload up to 50MBs of your own images to be stored on their servers!

Q5: He is Not Sure Where To Get Images. Do You Include Any Stock Images Or Fonts?
A: Yes! They are including 8,000+ stock images plus over 6,000 clipart & web icons with Pixel Studio FX. And guess what? Items are ALL royalty free. That means they already paid to have items so you can use items as many times as you want!

Q6: Is Any Of The Work “Done-For-You”?
A: Yup! You will get instant access to over 5,300 pre-made eCovers in over 23 niches.

Q7: Is It A One Time Fee Or Monthly Membership?
A: Guess what? Everything is ONE-TIME-ONLY with your PixelStudioFX membership! No hidden monthly charges or ongoing fees!

Q8: What About Updates?
A: When they released the updated version of Pixel Studio FX, they upgraded all 14,000 members to 3.0. They intend to continue that trend with future updates.

Q9: How Do I Get Support?
A: Easy! Their team is standing by and they have support available to help you almost 24 hours a day. Check out their support page support.pixelstudiofx.com or send them an email at [email protected]

Q10: Can they sell the e-covers they make with Pixel Studio FX?
A: Yes! If you purchase the designer/developer version you can sell any designs you make as your own & collect 100% of the profits.


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to Pixel Studio FX 3 for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. Pixel Studio FX 3 include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose Pixel Studio FX 3, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !

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