Proven Amazon Course Review

Proven Amazon Course (PAC) Review

The most comprehensive and detailed online course on selling successfully on

As the name clearly indicates, Proven Amazon Course (popularly called “PAC”) is an online course designed to teach newbies and current sellers about selling on In this comprehensive reviews, we will be taking an investigative look at this course, reviewing its claims and features to ascertain if indeed it lives up to its title.

Introduction – Why

There is no gainsaying that millions of transactions of various products, commodities and services take places on the internet literally every minute. It is also a known fact that is the 2nd “most influential website of all time” next to Google, with myriads of transactions taking place on the site daily. Amazon operates separate retail websites in about 15 countries and is not available in every country on the planet. These websites, as with all markets, are governed by their host country’s rules and regulations with regards to internet transactions such sales, payment, shipping, import and export duties, customs and excise duties, etc. So, therefore, it is obvious that any serious online business trader not featuring their company and services on is missing out on great sales, profit and huge potential for growth.

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About the Course

This course is designed to teach its students how to sell any product on The author, Jim Cockrum, defines the course as: “the most comprehensive, creative and up to date ‘selling on amazon’ course in the world supported by the largest team of successful Amazon selling moderators.” It is important to stress, that while the principles, techniques and strategies presented in the course may be applied directly or otherwise to selling on other sites and to general online internet selling, the course is specifically tailored and designed for selling on It is also important to emphasize, according to the author, that, although Amazon may not be available in a number of countries, the course content is suited and can be applied by those desiring to learn how to sell on Amazon anywhere in the world. Particularly of interest and of import to this regard is a former student’s testimonial on the course registration page who successfully started his Amazon business from Jamaica in the West Indies. The course supposedly also addresses the rules and regulations governing the countries wherein it operates.

Jim Cockrum, the Author

Though little is known about Jim before his becoming a millionaire, he is well known as speaker, business author, blogger and a successful and established internet entrepreneur. As expected, Jim a renowned and experienced seller on as well as other popular selling sites. In his successful annals are books he has written such as “Silent Sales Machine: Your Comprehensive Proven Guide to Multiple Streams of Online Income” (2002), “Free Marketing 101: Low and No Cost Ways to grow Your Business” (2011) and “Ten Years, Ten Lessons” (2013). Jim also founded a podcast in 2016 and hosts Silent Sales Machine Radio.

What the Course Contains

Proven Amazon Course (PAC) can only be accessed online.  Following registration and payment, each user gets access to the course through a friendly user interface.  The course is structured from reviewing of Amazon selling preliminaries for new sellers to some more advanced studies.  The course begins with a ‘Start Here” section which has a number of sub-sections.  Sellers new to Amazon are advised to go through this section and the sub-sections.  They then proceed to a “Next Steps” section, also with some sub-sections, to complete.  The third part is the “Advanced Steps” which contains sub-topics from which the student can choose which order to complete them.  However, the author recommends that all topics must be completed.

One of the unique features of this course is that its contents are regularly reviewed and updated to meet up with current trends and circumstances on Amazon, on the internet and in the host country.  These updates are regularly provided to current students as well as old students (previous buyers) free of charge.  This update policy applies to all sections of the course including “International FBA,” “Sourcing” and “Resources” and to its mini-courses as explained below.

Another interesting benefit of this course is that about 30 of the course former students and most successful Amazon sellers have been retained and paid as moderators to share their expertise and experience with past and present students as well as to continue to improve on their own business and learning experience, all at no additional cost.

The course is also loaded with a number of mini-courses that are available not only to current students but also to former students free of charge.  These mini-course modules are:

  • Proven Building Course – A course designed to help students develop intuitive bundles that enables them compete with lower prices that are challenging for other sellers to compete with.
  • Proven Private Label – Private labels can be lucrative and this module is a step-by-step guide on how to sell them on Amazon.
  • AZ Refund Guide – Teaches 10 different methods on how to obtain reimbursements from FBA.
  • Coffee Master Class – Guidelines that teach how to commence and enhance your specialized coffee brand on Amazon and how to apply the same to other products.
  • Wholesale Sourcing Conference – A recorded video before the Vegas ASD. Participants at the conference paid a fee of over $1,300.  The video, which teach how to correctly seek for products from China and other parts of the world is bundled in free with the course.
  • Proven Book Sourcing – A training on sourcing books that teaching about selling on Amazon.
  • eBay to Amazon Arbitrage Guide – Teaches how to seek and obtain products on eBay at amazing lower prices and in turn sell them on Amazon.
  • Proven Performance Inventory – A guide on finding low competitive niches on Amazon.
  • Proven Team Building – Instructs on how to build a team to increase and enhance your sales on Amazon or on any other platform. By delegating to an effective team, you can focus more fully on other important business aspects.
  • Proven Product Mastering – A course on building strategies to develop your business as well as eliminate risk of selling on Amazon.

What You’ll Get In The Proven Amazon Course

When you join the Proven Amazon Course today, you immediately get access to the following:

Lots of hours of video training content covering everything from the very basics of setting up your seller account & sourcing your first products to sell to advanced topics like scaling a team & importing from China

Life time membership to the forums-we have a team of paid moderators who’re constantly answering questions, interacting, and helping you learn & succeed!

Access to the Proven Amazon Course month-to-month webinars-new training content is being recorded every month!

Access to our list of recommended tools & services to help you grow & manage your Amazon business

Access to every future update of the course-we add new content several times a year!


I wanted to share my story (as this seems to be the community to do it) My hope is to encourage those pursuing this same dream… One year ago today was one of the scariest days of my life…I lost my job! It wasn’t fair, it was hurtful, I was angry and most of all I was scared.

As I drove home all I could think about is how in the world am I going to provide for my family (5 kids and a baby due in May). Ironically, that still painful moment and injustice I went through was the catalyst I needed to get serious about starting my own business (that I had been half heartedly attempting for years). I didn’t know it at the time, but being let go from my job, was my pass to freedom away from the 9-5 prison I had grown to despise and freedom from depending on employers who really didn’t care about my family and our well being. I started my AZ business with $120 and in April had my first sale.

Fast forward six months…I quit looking for a real job and was now making enough money to support my family of eight. It’s now one year later, and God has been very good to us. I wake up everyday excited about growing this business, and while I still feel the stress and often uncertainty of this business (my sales have been slow this week), I mostly feel the freedom it has given me. It’s not easy but it’s so worth it. I share this with you to hopefully encourage you to fight through the adversities and road blocks that will get in your way of doing this business, to let you know that if I can turn $120 into the best income I have ever made (in just one year), anyone can do it.

I also just wanted to share the celebration of my “1 year of freedom” with a community of people that really understand what that means. God has been very good to my family, and today I chose to see losing my old job as a blessing. Today is Freedom from my j.o.b. Day….

Craig Mark
Hey everybody! I’m usually too busy with raising my kids and running our business to do much posting in the group, but now is better than never! Our FBA business was born almost exactly 3 years ago, and I cannot tell you the world of difference that it has made for us. It took a while to build our capital, because we started at less than zero, but we just kept rolling the money back into the business as if it didn’t belong to us at all.

In June of last year, we were finally to the point where our business profit doubled my husband’s teaching income, and the inventory levels were high enough that he made the decision to resign from his job and come home to be with our family full time.

What a journey! Lessons in patience, tenacity, diligence, and perseverance mark our path all along the last 3 years. We have watched our dreams coming true 4 homeschooling our kids, working alongside my husband in EVERYTHING and raising our kids together, getting out of personal debt, and seeing a difference in our future!

I am so thankful for Jim Cockrum and Andrea Lowe Cockrum (You don’t know the influence and encouragement you provided for my husband, Nate, and I. We are different as night and day!).

You have taught us about a world we didn’t even know existed, and our family has been permanently altered in amazing ways.


This Proven Amazon Course speaks for the value of many things …… Educate yourself here. Look at what people are saying about it. Use the “search” feature. Jim Cockrum isn’t marketing snake oil. And I assure you that if you spend the cash, you won’t be disappointed. There’s also a money back guarantee.

I think the Proven Amazon Course is worth more than 10X what’s being charged. Jmo. Word to the wise though…..once you own the Proven Amazon Course and go through the trainings, You need to put in the work. My husband and I’d wasted a good chunk of money online ourselves, but getting Proven Amazon Course and acquainted with this team & Jim Cockrum has been the turning point! I was blown away by the content in the Proven Amazon Course …!!!”

Tasha P


Previously offered at $349, Proven Amazon Course is now being offed at an amazingly low prices of $299 in the following three payment options:

Payment Option #1 is a Paypal credit total of $299 with a 6 months’ interest-free moratorium.
Payment Option #2 is a one payment of $299.
Payment Option #3 is three equal monthly instalments of $110 each (totaling $330).

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