Proven Private Label Review

Imagine to own a product, and in less than a quarter, it hits.

This is what the creators believed that the Proven Private Label can do.

Let’s find out if you will believe them as you read this review.

In this article, you will be able to understand the concept of Proven Private Label and how it works.

Later on, you can decide if this tool can be of great help to you.

What is Proven Private Label?

Proven Private Label is a course that can help you create your own brand of a private label product which you can freely sell in different marketplaces.

This course is taught using the combination of videos and PDFs. There are also few resources available; 26 exclusive videos and one audio file. The course is about a total of five hours.

If you are familiar with the Amazing Selling Machine, Proven Private Label is pretty much similar. The only difference is that ASM is a bit expensive than this system. However, looking at these two, getting Proven Private Label gives plenty of valuable information. You can get the following similar to ASM.

  • Ideas on research products
  • Choosing the best
  • Branding a product
  • Finding a supplier
  • Negotiating with supplier
  • Taking care of logistic
  • Creating a compelling listing
  • Developing the brand further
  • Scaling and diversity of the business

Who is the author of Proven Private Label?

 Jim Cockrum was the one who put up the course Proven Private Label, Proven Amazon Course. He is the man behind the MySilentTeam and tested course.

I have been long enough in the industry to agree on the fact that Jim Cockrum is one of the most reputable online marketers nowadays. I am not saying that Jim is the best content providers. What I am saying is that the quality of the contents that he delivers is such a high standard and highly doable.

What will you do in Proven Private Label?

If you purchase the course, you will be able to:

  • Locate validated product leads using the powerful 5 step test.
  • Apply the principles that you will learn to find the in-demand products on Amazon.
  • Find the suppliers that are eagerly wanting to work with you.
  • Take out the guesswork from which product is it to launch.
  • Spend only less than $100 in the first round of the inventory to test.
  • Create a great product listing that will lead you in front of the potential buyers.
  • Launch the product in a natural way formula.
  • Use the sponsored advertisements from Amazon to explode opportunity.
  • Have your first sell and ultimately scale up.

What is Golden Gaps Strategy means in Proven Private Label?

The golden gaps are the products that the people search for, but they cannot find. Using the Private Label product allows you to fill the gap. This simply means that the system takes out the guessing work from the Golden Gaps on Amazon.

Brett Bartlett pioneered the system. Now, he is an eight-figure business owner in the most popular online selling store – Amazon.

Below is a screenshot of the golden gap results for beauty and clothing;

What are the Contents of Proven Private Label?

Like any other courses, Proven Private Label consists of various modules. Precisely, this course includes the following modules:

  • Module 1 talks about the introduction.
  • Module 2 is about the process of Proven Private Label.
  • Module 3 is about research; choosing the product.
  • Module 4 is about research; validating the product.
  • Module 5 talks about acquiring the product.
  • Module 6 is dispatching; listing, launching, and testing.
  • Module 7 is deciding; the ABCs of the Proven Private Label and sponsored ads.
  • Module 8 talks about what’s next.

What is the Cost of the Proven Private Label?

The Proven private Label costs $497, which is somewhat expensive. However, the contents and the lessons that you will get from the course outweighs the amount that you will spend when you purchase the course.

There are two options from which you can choose to get the full course. The first choice is an instant and lifetime access to the course, which consist of eight modules, and available at two payment options. One-time payment of $497 or three fees of $182 each that will give a total of $546.

The second option is access to the full course and Facebook group. This also costs $497 one-time payment and $47 per month for a mentorship group. Purchasing this access gives you instant and lifetime access. It consists of eight modules and three months of free membership in the Facebook mentorship group. For this product, there are also two payment options. The first is a one-time payment of $497 and $47 per month after the three months free period. The second option is a payment of $182 for three times with a. total of $546 and $47 per month after three months.

What are the Pros and Cons of Proven Private Label?

The following are the pros of the PPL.

  • It is relatively inexpensive.
  • The contents also cover branding.
  • Lifetime access upon purchase.
  • Facebook community is helpful.
  • Most of the contents are doable.

Below are the cons of using Proven Private Label?

  • Content can be weak.
  • The access for the Facebook Community is somewhat expensive.
  • The Facebook Community provides a little value.

What did I like about Proven Private Label?

I like the support from the right people. I am referring to the Facebook Group and the Silent Team Forum. In the Facebook page, there is plenty of question asked on an hourly basis. Meaning to say, with all these questions asked, answers are pretty much a lot more too. But these answers may come from anyone in the group, and not specifically from the author.

However, the good thing about it is that sometimes Jim Cockrum also stops by. I also like that he even calls people personally to give some advice. Having this support is such a beautiful thing because it helps you to succeed.

Some of the basic questions that you can get answers from include, but not limited to:

  • Where to start?
  • How long will it take?
  • How many units are necessary to order?
  • How can I choose the products?
  • Do I need any logo?
  • Do you think it is a good deal?
  • How can I get buyers?

Apart from all these, you will be acquainted with the step-by-step tools as well as resources that you need in establishing your Private Label product. The mentoring can help you with the following benefits:

  • Continued opportunity for asking a question and getting support about the next steps to take.
  • Learning how to have a never-ending inventory.
  • Taking control of the inventory and giving the price back of the competitors. In short, you can control your listing.
  • The actionable steps that you can understand easily.
  • Members of the Proven Private Label Facebook community is very active.
  • You will get continuous training and dig on the more in-depth workshop and also webinars.
  • It lowers the risk on the inventory purchases.

What did I Gain with Proven Private Label after Purchase?

PPL shows me how to:

  • Conduct research for product ideas
  • Choose only the best one
  • Brand your product
  • Find a supplier
  • Negotiate with suppliers
  • Watch the logistics
  • Create compelling listings
  • Develop the brand further
  • Escalate and diversify business

What is My Final Thought?

After I finished the course, I can rate it based on the training provided, the community, and the unique selling proposition.

Although the training seems to discuss everything that you have to know; it really does not include more enough details. Contents are somewhat weak in some aspects. However, it’s strengths is in the area of branding. Therefore, I can say that this course is an excellent supplement to other similar courses.

The community is a bit of disappointing. I think $47 in a month is such an expensive thing just to belong in the Facebook community. Some of the questions were answered in just one-sentence when, in fact, I believe, the topic deserves more explanation. I just feel that I am not a priority. I just think that something is not welcoming and unfriendly, but being a member of the forum also has some benefits yet of little value.

As I have mentioned, the strength of the course focuses on branding. I like the approach when it comes to the product selection, but I think it is not enough reason to convince you to enroll only in this course. Instead, make this course as one of the other similar courses to take.

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