To Publish On Medium With 10 Insanely Good Reasons

All of us want to make our content go farther. It is not important to get how many followers on social media and visit your website every month, and your great content sometimes does not take more mileage as it could.

Of course your content will be read by almost loyal readers. It is important to feed your existing audience great content, your existing audience is limited.

Who has never hear or read about you or the awesome stuff you are writing, it is a much larger audience.

Therefore, MemberHub can significantly help you goal include giving your content a second life and grow your audience.Should Publish On Medium-compressed

What is Medium?

The crazy popular blogging platform is founded by Biz Stone and Evan Williams in 2012. It is the place to share a story of everyone and the best ones are delivered to you.

Except an algorithmic timeline will tell you what stories you feel interested in, it can be sort of like Twitter for long-form content.

I have got a lot of great benefits by publishing on Medium for just over a year now.

You should syndicate your content on Medium with 10 insanely good reasons, when you have not yet got the leap.

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  1. A Great Tool To Import In MediumShould Publish On Medium1-compressed

Medium can import blog content anywhere on the web, when you have. All of things you should do is click on “Import a story” section.

When you have imported it, If you want, you can edit it. Before you have ready to hit publish, you can play with the formatting, move around the images, change your title. Even if when and where the post was originally published, including a link to the original post, it is also added with a line at the bottom of your imported post by Medium.

  1. Your Audience Can Be Take With You If You WantShould Publish On Medium2-compressed

Here is good news to build up a good-sized social media following: Medium can help you take your audience. Thus, basically on your part, you have no effort to built-in audience!

Your profile in Medium can be link with Twitter and Facebook IDs. Then, Medium will figure out all of those users are also on its and automatically connect you with them.

  1. The Real Metrics Are EngagedShould Publish On Medium3-compressed

It is pretty amazing to know the average reading time usually between 7 and 11 minutes, it also tell your stories be viewed and read to end up  by how many people.

Much better than on Twitter, Medium can be engaged. Although you would take millions of impressions on Twitter, only 50 actual clicks on your content. Because after users are taking all of 2 seconds on your tweet, all the other new tweets start flying by.

On Medium, your content may just get a stronger impact than it had initially, when you post something that is interesting, inspiring and memorable.

  1. A New Audience Will Be Reached

Your content will be opened to a different audience that otherwise never would have heard of you by Medium’s algorithmic timeline. A new audience will be essentially created by Medium, whether you already have a big audience on regardless. (Could your audience always be bigger, right?)

Your posts make people to recommend is the key. It is all about hearts on Medium.Should Publish On Medium4

I have calculated by basing on an analysis of several hundred posts at here, you can see that, on the heart icon posts, the more people click, the more likely show up in timeline of other people that you will, otherwise they have not yet known you.

When you can take 200 hearts within 24 hours, you can likely end up being one of the top stories of the day – a Medium unicorn! On the website and in the app, those top stories take featured prominently.

Besides, users can be received a personalized email digest by Medium, two or three of the top stories of you will be shared by them.

  1. Big Publishers Could Discover You

Authors are no longer accepted applications by many large publishers. Because many terrible pitches make publishers to become tired of being inundated. This situation is “Do not call us, we will call you”.Should Publish On Medium5-compressed

But on their sites, new contributors are still being found and added. How? They scouted for popular authors on Medium.

When you publish great posts, have talent and create, eventually you will hit a home run. One of your posts can be asked to syndicate by New York Observer, a Business Insider and Huffington Post. Or they can ask you to become a regular contributor.

  1. There Is No API

API is no exist in Medium. In some ways APIs are essential, but they also sometimes ruin social networks. Probably 99.9 percent of spam (such as people tweeting and scheduling garbage content and fake followers) is due to aggressive API usage.Should Publish On Medium6-compressed

On Medium the signal to noise ratio is pretty good, unlike on Twitter (which is ridiculously noisy). In comparison to your average Twitter “followers”, way more of my 52,000 medium followers seem legit be and I become one of Medium’s top authors by the lack of noise has in part.

  1. Do Really Well With Certain Industries

Although for everybody will not right with Medium, certain industries established audiences really great.

On Medium here is some topics that do really well:

  • Business
  • Life learning
  • Politics
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Culture
  • Technology
  • Startups

You are not overly tactical when you provide marketing posts, because of it is OK.

  1. New Social Media Followers Can Be Generated

Your Medium can be created by using Twitter and Facebook connections. However, a funny thing happens. New Twitter and Facebook followers can be generated from Medium.Should Publish On Medium7-compressed

In all my articles, I just put an “About the Author” footer, all my social profiles are linked in its – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn – and a link to my company website.

Number-one driver of traffic to my Facebook page actually is Medium.

  1. Your Own Publication Can Be Run

To star your own Medium publication is another great way to gain exposure. Although people are not following you individually, they start following your publication, then it is highly likely your content will be started being expose anyway.

Marketing & Entrepreneurship are features tips that I started a publication and search engine optimization, branding, growth hacking, content marketing, online advertising, news on social media marketing, and more. As of this writing there is over 10,000 followers.

Quite a few brands have actually given up on traditional blogs and now just publish on Medium.

  1. Minimal Effort!

All of these stats are crazy. It just syndicate from I have already written and published. It has nothing new or original required!

Do you understand the awesome power of Medium, or for your personal brand? By republishing your existing content with minimal effort, an impressive amount of traction can be gained.Should Publish On Medium8-compressed

Bottom line: What do you wait for when you can find a lot of things to love about Medium?

Note: My best tips to optimize your Medium content will be shared on next week. Let’s return!!