Publisher Rocket Review: Helps Sell More Books Online

Publisher Rocket Review: Helps Sell More Books Online

Are you tired of publishing, yet not getting any sales?

You probably need a better publishing software.

Publisher Rocket can help your book get in front of the people in Amazon.

Let’s know more.

What are the Distinct Features of Publisher Rocket?

There are four features in Publisher Rocket that its users are enjoying. First, you can find the keywords for your target books or ideas. Second, you can easily find categories that can make you become the best seller. Third, Publisher Rocket analyzes the ongoing competition to give you the advantage. Lastly, if you are doing AMS Ads, you can now create your campaigns more efficiently and effectively because this software can help you do so.

One of my favorite features in Publisher Rocket is the opportunity to quickly find the categories in my niche and know how many items of books I need to see in a day to be called a number one bestseller. So, with this feature, I can discover some niches, the categories that can help me sell books more than ever, the sales that I need to have to be number one bestseller, and the sales I need to be in the top 20.

What does Keyword Analysis for?

I already mentioned about Keyword Analysis but let me tackle it more.

Rocket can help solve the issue of keywords. Unlike other programs, Publisher Rocket can help you discover the stuff that Amazon buyers are looking for. You won’t need to spend several hours in front of your laptop searching for the keywords that you have to work on. I understand the pain if this is what you are going through.

Publisher Rocket only needs a few seconds from you and have all the keywords you can choose from. It is not a joke. Head over the keyword search and voila! You have it in just a second. Aside from that, you can know the niche to focus on in your next writing project.

What is Competition Analyzer?

You are aware of the competition around. You know how difficult it is to beat the competition without any knowledge or tool.

The good news is that with Publisher Rocket, you get to know your competitors. I find this feature a very incredible one. With this, I can determine who I should start beating.

Although Publisher Rocket does not let you know the keywords of competitors, you still can get some data such as the monthly sales, keywords in the title, the daily sales, the ABSR number of the book, the age of the book, and others.

Moreover, you will see a link of the sales page of the author where you can grind in and see the reviews. Check on how the things you need to be the best.

What is AMS Ads?

AMS stands for Amazon Marketing Services, one of the best ways to get your book discovered or thrive in the Amazon market. Unlike other forms of advertisement such a si Google and Facebook, AMS advertisements run your ads in front of the people who are ready to buy your product.

The good thing is that AMS Ads is a great tool to have in Publisher Rocket. You can expect a bulk of sale because of your excellent AMS Ads tool. Go to your Homepage, click on the Keyword Search. Enter the title of the book, keyword, or even phrase. Then Rocket will give the list of keywords.

By the way, Dave Chesson, the creator of Publisher Rocket provided a series of lessons and tutorials to select the correct AMS keywords, and these are all free.

The AMS Ads in Publisher Rocket is a great tool that runs smoothly.

Is Publisher Rocket an Extension?

Maybe you have experienced an application where you must be signed into your Google or in your Amazon to get started. Well, you don’t have to worry about the hassle because Publisher Rocket operates as a standalone app.

You only a computer and an internet connection to use a Publisher Rocket.

Can you become a best seller with Publisher Rocket?

Yes, you can.

Helping you become one of the best sellers in Amazon is one of the advantages that you can get with Publisher Rocket. In fact, I am not the only satisfied customer who experienced the same. Kelly Fitzgerald, Robin Woolen, and Demetra Yuvanu are just a few people who can testify his fact.

Kelly benefited from the software because she became a Number one in three categories. When it comes to biblical fiction, she reached Number nine. It’s impressive how AMS Ads helped her. Robin has been using the app for 45 days, and it made him reach Number three. Also, Demetra saw that her books are showing up at the top of the searches several times that her books did not use to be.

Are the Users Happy with the Result?

They are very much happy.

Many customers of Publisher Rocket testified how happy they are about the positive result that the application made in their business. To me, this works very well in marketing my writing. It is an incredible program.

Among the happy people, including me, are Michael Knight, Greg Marshall, Berenice Aguilera, Sylvia Melena, Josh Mclean, Noah Knox, and many others. Like them, I find the program very helpful. It saves a lot of my time because Publisher Rocket compiles the data for me. I also use it to select the title of the book, select the keywords for the sales copy, and of course, for the AMS keywords. AMS Ads drives much traffic.

My Final Thoughts

I must say that Publisher Rocket is the best software in publishing your book. You will get the best AMS and Keyword assistance.

You can try Publisher Rocket and see how it works for you. If you do not get satisfied with the product, you can get your money back because it is risk-free.

Are you ready to sell more books online?

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