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What is

A complete A.I. personalized video selling platform, that gives users the chance to reach out to businesses with videos that target each cold lead specifically. Built on a cloud, this comprehensive suite includes a powerful AI to develop videos that turns cold leads into paying customers.

With you’ll:

Stand out in a crowded inbox

Get the highest CTR you have ever seen!

Hit industry-shattering reply rates

Land more meetings with ideal clients

Automate your video prospecting

Say goodbye to recording and editing videos

This suite was made by top experts in the field – people who know what it takes to succeed. With even beginner marketers will jump to the front of the money-making line by turning cold leads into customers with personalized videos WITHOUT BEING ON A CAMERA!!! It includes a lead-finding tool, an easy drag and drop editor to create dynamic personalized videos, 100 professionally written cold e-mail swipes plus a ready-to-deploy agency web site created by a top designer. Overview

How Does It Work?


Quickly add leads & contacts from the source by connecting your CRM using Zapier, and more.


Select one of the available AI humans and type a text or upload a pre-recorded video & customize it for dynamic background superpowers.


Grow your business with tons of Qualified Leads, Sales and Profit

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(Click Here to Copy & Open Site) Enables You To Simply…

Start conversations with cold outreach
Book more meetings
Send customized offers
Upsell existing customers
Request customer feedbacks
Get user testimonials
Nurture leads
Send appointment reminders
Thank new clients
Get more customer reviews
Deliver quiz results
Reach unresponsive leads
Get prospects to call you back
Invite to a webinar
Connect with influencers and PR
Onboard new customers
Convert trials into paying customers
Suggest an upgrade
Prevent cancellations
Recover recurring payments
Reactivate canceled users
Upsell more products
Send abandoned reminders
Follow-up regarding delivery
Reward them with coupon codes
Send abandoned cart reminders
Increase brand awareness

Exciting Features Inside

Text-To-Video – Create professional-looking videos from simple text
40+ Languages – Currently, we support more than 40 languages.
Clone yourself (and your voice) – makes it simple to request a custom avatar & turn yourself into a complete AI Human, so you never have to record or edit a video again.
Custom Backgrounds – Make your videos stand out by adding an image or video background.
Dynamic Video Pages – Generate dynamic landing pages for every personalized video message, automatically. You can even embed the videos on a self-hosted page.
Speaker Positioning – Your spokesperson can be moved around on your videos to achieve the desired look & position.
Add Background Music – You can freely add background music to your videos from our audio library or you can upload your own music
Prerecorded Video Transition
Email Scheduling – you can integrate with just about any app since we are fully integrated with Zapier
Analytics – Track what’s working with a simple results dash board. Track the entire customer journey.
Thumbnail Personalization – Engage your audiences with e-mail thumbnails personalized for every individual.
Cold Email Swipes – our collection of high-quality cold e-mails includes 100 ready-to-mail e-mails created by a seven-figure copywriter.
Stunning DFY Web site – we got our top team of designers to create something special for you that you can deploy immediately
Zapier Integration – Connect Zapier to use 1000’s 3rd-party apps.
Commercial License Included IS PERFECT FOR:


Reach the clients right in your area by targeting local issues & concerns. Advertisers will follow.


Develop strong ties to your customer base as you connect with them through your personalized videos.


Create personalized videos for customers to help them reach out to their customers like never before


Create personalized videos focused on your areas of expertise and connect with potential clients


Use personalized videos to gauge interest in a particular niche or product. Buyers will be coming to you.


Don’t just send an e-mail to your list! Use personalized videos to invite them to subscribe to your weekly (or daily!) reviews

Funnel, Features & Links Bundle ($397 per year)

FE – PERSONAL/COMMERCIAL ($67 one-time/$77 one-time)

3,500 credits (1 credit = 1 minute)
10 Active Campaigns
10x AI Face Generator
Dynamic Video Pages
Email Scheduling
Thumbnail Personalization
100 Cold Email Swipes
Ready-To-Go Agency Website
Top Tier Training
Top Notch, Helpful Support
LeadGenDeal App – Lead Finder
Commercial License Included Fast-pass Page ($347 per year)

After the FE is bought, the client will be given the OPTION of purchasing the Fast Pass deal as the first upgrade OR to continue on through the funnel & decide on each product individually.

So, after the FE is purchased, your client will be taken to a page with a video of Neil asking them to check out a walkthrough on Neil will present the key points about ALL the OTOs & then Neil will present them with a shortcut, the “Fast Pass” option to just grab all the OTOs at a much lower price than buying each one separately. The Fast Pass Bundle will, of course, save them a lot of money AND give them ALL the exciting upgrades & training they need to maximize their profits with

You aren’t allowed to mail with a fast pass link! If any of your clients buy Fast Pass w/o buying the front end, it won’t count in your contest standing (the affiliate will not get cookied AND the customer will not get their login).

OTO1 – CLONE YOURSELF ($397 yearly or $197 yearly)

Visual Cloning – Make your digital video clone to use in your videos
Voice Cloning Integration – Create your digital audio clone to use in your videos

OTO2 – GET LEADS ($197 one-time) – a built-in search engine for leads that permits you to browse between 30M+ validated contacts and decision-makers on demand. Search leads by industry, location, number of employees, founding year, role/job title, a technology used

Unlimited Use Of The Basic Filters
Select Industry
Select Location
Number Of Employees
Year Founded
Choose Role/Job Title
Unlimited Use Of The Advanced Filters
What Technologies Do They Use?
What Is Their Monthly Google Adword Budget?
Keyword Search
Other Features:
How Many Leads To Import?
How Many Contacts Per Company?
Personal Or Company Emails?
Show Estimated Reach
Leads Automation
All Leads Double Verified

OTO3 – AGENCY AUTOMATE ($37 one time)

A Comprehensive Training on Agency Automation Taught By Neil Napier
Module 1: Lead Gen Mastery
Module 2: Cold Email Attraction Formula
Module 3: Building An Agency From Scratch
Module 4: Landing Your First Client
Module 5: The Client Scaleup Formula
Module 6: Creative Staffing For Peace Of Mind

OTO4 – POWRSUITE Edition ($37 one time)

Create and manage Upto 1000 assets
Full access to all 9 apps
Fully mobile responsive
Landing pages
Affiliate offer pages
Optin pages
Bonus Pages
Scratch off pages
Social media graphics
Social media banners
Platform-specific templates
Prewritten content in hottest niches
Prewritten content prompts
Yotube thumbnails
Social media ads
Google ads
Company logo
DFY customizable marketing assets
Unlimited traffic
Fully cloud-hosted
Commercial license included
Step by step tutorials
Premium support

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