Sellics vs Jungle Scout Review

Sellics vs Jungle Scout : The Truth Behind the Jungle Scout Tool: An Honest Review by an Actual User

You are thinking about buying a Jungle Scout. I have been searching for this on Amazon to look for the good products which I can market and the Jungle Scout is absolutely best tool for many FBA sellers. It is an amazing tool if you have an idea on how to use it however, the information it shows does not actually mean anything if you do not know how to illustrate it. As a matter of fact, it is only a tool and nonetheless, this tool can help certify the idea but they’ll not create one. In addition to that, the Jungle Scout is very good in getting ideas of health of a certain niche market which you may be attracted to, however, that is all about it.

When compared to other Amazon product researcher or tracking tool such as Sellics, Jungle Scout really remains superior since it has a lot of features that can be very beneficial to sellers. So, when talking about Sellics vs Jungle Scout as well as any other related Amazon tool, you already know the answer.

Actually, another thing about any tools out there or the Jungle Scout itself is that they are all concentrated on quantitative metrics (estimated monthly sales, projected profit after fees, BSR) and lesser focus on qualitative metrics. Basically, quality at least must make a significant variation between a mediocre product and a successful one. The Jungle Scout doesn’t read already read reviews however you must definitely read and know them. Checking out at the existing item reviews provides you an idea about the item improvement opportunities while hitting the fundamentals such as potential demand and ensuring good margins.

Therefore, you should be cautious out there and do your job with perseverance as you would with some other business ideas. The Jungle Scout has a web app which grants the users to look for a database of the products on Amazon which sell well. Also, it has a Chrome extension that permits users to be in the position to display data on different pages of the items.

Therefore, how different is the Jungle Scout Web App from Jungle Scout Chrome Extension?

These two apps do work closely to each other at the same time addressing the needs during the item research phase. Nonetheless, they are absolutely different to each other. The Chrome Extension helps the users in collecting specific information and data regarding a particular item on the Amazon. As a matter of fact, they are usually installed in the Google Chrome Browser, hence, functioning inside on the website of the Amazon.

On the other hand, the Jungle Scout Web App, helps the users in searching for the items from different filters and tracking down the items over given time whose information has been already collected by the Chrome Extension. In addition to that, Web App is actually not on the Amazon however, it operates in the cloud of Jungle Scout website and it has many different features.

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Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

Particularly on of the most popular Amazon tool nowadays. It basically grants you to make an item search straightly on the Amazon while you explore through the search pages and individual listings. The estimated sales figures, on the other hand, are usually given there for thirty days, for this you recognize the ratings, price history, BSR and a lot more information. If you check your key to Amazon MWS API, you will accept an additional detail such as if it’s oversized.

More to these primary features, a lot of these data are still unified, such as a straight access to the Google Trends and see how seasonal an item is or how to install filters precisely in the plugin. Therefore, a successful combination of various tools into a better usable app in which you can make a full research.

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