SEnuke TNG Version Reviewed


In this review, we will focus on the value that the SEnuke TNG version 2020 can be able to provide for your entire website and SEO marketing efforts. Many things have actually changed in the industry of SEO since SEnuke TNG 2020 was released originally. As a matter of fact, a lot of SEO basics have changed. There are modern technologies existing today compared before. Google also continues to change their own version of algorithm making it much harder to get as well as keep the top rankings. Therefore, whatever it is that used to work before, does not work today.

What is SEnuke TNG (The Next Generation)?

The SEnuke team is technically on top of many things and has wisely made the decision to update the entire system and re-launch a totally updated set of tools which let all the internet marketers compete with Google and beat them through their own game. Well, the good news is that they were able to do it plus more. Keep reading this review in order for you to learn more about all the things included in SEnuke TNG website. This review is loaded with general information about the winning SEnuke’s latest version.

The SEnuke TNG latest version has arrived and it has been labeled as the most revolutionary software for SEO that you can purchase. Aside from the fact that it can be able to build links in the same manner with the original versions, SEnuke TNG can actually trick the Google algorithm into placing your website into page 1 rank within just a few days. In addition, this works no matter how competitive a keyword is or not. This only show how simply amazing this technology can be.

The SEnuke TNG’s latest version is packed with lots of newly enhanced functionality and features. These technical enhancements can definitely build much stronger core software compared to previous of SEnuke while taking the whole SEO automation to an entirely new level. Aside from setting the processing of back link on automation, the internet marketer can also let the SEnuke TNG create all the link profiles which are needed for an effective website back linking. Most of all, your website back links are also built with all top rank and effective back linking strategies, which are all important for you to rank under Google’s current algorithm.

In addition to that, even though you have no previous skills and knowledge in building links, you can still be able to easily and quickly develop link profiles which are directly structured in the most effective way in order to get the best result for the website back links that you personally build. Furthermore, the automated software performs it in ways, which even the professional link building experts would think that it was manually done.

One of the best features in SEnuke TNG’s latest version is the Wizard as well as the Turbo Wizard newly designed process that easily creates SEO campaigns which can be fully automated from start to end. What you have to do is to simply set the campaign in any way you want and then flip a switch, and finally let the latest version of SEnuke TNG do the work for you.

SEnuke TNG Overview

  • Vendor: Joe Russell et al
  • Product: SEnuke TNG “The Next Generation”
  • Release Date: 2016-04-25
  • Release Time: 01:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $67-$147
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: SEO & Traffic

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About author

Joe Russell has been a well-known name since 2008 when he first released the original version of SEnuke. It quickly dominated the marketplace & brought him a lot of profit. It was true that he has some made mistakes before, which led to the disappointment of customers toward some former versions of the software. But he always tries to fix his fault. This is why he released the update of SEnuke TNG.

Features and benefits

Effective keyword searching

SEnuke TNG enables you to get a large number of people to click on your site through just keyword search. It can use AI to place keywords contextually within your articles. This will certainly increase the chance of your content appearing in people’s searches.

Built-in proxies

SEnuke TNG can provide you with millions of proxies to simulate real people. From now on, you no longer have to pay for expensive external proxies.

Free Captcha solving

This feature of SEnuke TNG enables you to take advantage of its Optical Character Recognition tool. It can help you solve almost every Captcha automatically.

Non-stop link building

You can get SEnuke TNG to automatically build your link to your ưebsites with just one single campaign. Furthermore, it’ll go on with the process forever unless you command it to stop.

Schedule your ranking

SEnuke TNG runs on a set up-and-leave system. You don’t have to do anything; it’ll finish every task for you. And there is no need to worry about crash either. If this happens, SEnuke TNG will resume on its own.

Powerful Macro recorder

With the help of SEnuke TNG, you’ll be able to get links from all the web-sites you want even if you know nothing about code writing.

30-day-money-back guarantee

The producer of SEnuke TNG will let you use a free trial for 30 days. When it expires; if you’re unsatisfied with the result SEnuke TNG brings, you can return the software & get your money back.

SEnuke TNG Pricing

First, you can select to leverage on the seven-days trial period to make sure it is a useful SEO tool or the one you need to grow your business, product or web site traffic. After the trial period ends and you’re well convinced about the tool, you can then opt-in to buy a pro or enterprise plan.

SEnuke TNG latest pricing is as follows

  • $97.00 regular monthly subscription for a single license.
  • $777.00 every year subscription for a single license.
  • $1, 377.00 one-off payment (lifetime access for a single license).

Also, you can buy 3 licenses at once to get a considerable discount from them. The discounted prices for purchasing 3 licenses at once are:

  • $147.00 regular monthly subscription for 3 licenses
  • $1, 477.00 once a year subscriptions for 3 licenses
  • $1, 997.00 one-off payment for 3 licenses (lifetime access)

Senuke TNG VPS

To avail double the benefit of Senuke TNG tool, you should combine a VPS with Senuke TNG. The combination lets you create a powerful SEO campaign ready to beat the competition.

Vultr VPS – The ideal solution for newbies and professional marketers alike, this Vultr VPS is loaded with all the tools, link lists, support & tutorials. You no longer need to use your bandwidth as the Vultr VPS offers unlimited bandwidth so that your tool runs continuously.

Vultr VPS is ideal for private businesses and link-building. The service guarantees 100% uptime. The SEO software would keep running even if you’re disconnected and you run your Senuke TNG 24/7 with the Vultr VPS.

Senuke TNG Tutorial – Getting Started

The interface of Senuke TNG software program is really simple to use & comprehensive. The menu at the left enables creating new campaigns & projects. You can find all the options under the New menu – RSS project, article directories, social bookmarks and much more. You can use the proxy tab to import any private proxies you’ve. The next step is activating the captcha service. Tick the auto-captcha solving box while leaving other options as default.

Let us see how you can use each Senuke TNG feature.

Social Bookmarking

To create a social bookmarking campaign

  • Click on New and choose Social Bookmarking & enter the required information
  • In the box, enter the URLs to bookmark, the titles, tags & descriptions
  • Select the sites you want to submit the content to
  • Click on Start to have the tool create bookmarks for you

Crowd Searcher

Senuke TNG features Crowd Searcher to simulate searches for the selection of keyword & clicks to your site. It stays on your page for the time you set up. This increases your engagement rate and click through rate, thus boosting your keyword ranking on search engines.

Here’s a tutorial on using Crowd Searcher:

  1. The interface being self-explanatory, everything is very easy. Make sure that you select a big range for a number of searches each day & speed. Depending on the criteria you set, each search will be random.
  2. Once you press the save button, it queues up and will start running.

It really works pretty much like a real person searching on Google. It goes to Google and types the keyword you specified at various speeds each time and different browsers. It then looks through the result and if it doesn’t find your website on the first page, it goes to the next until it finds it.

SEO Wizard and Turbo Wizard

The SEO Wizard enables creating a professional quality SEO campaign in a couple of minutes. You only need to drag projects from the left panel into the main panel to connect them. You can choose from templates to build your back links. Hit the create button to begin setting up your keywords & links. You get options to enter primary & secondary keywords. Next, you can setup primary & secondary URLs. The next step involves setting up some common settings like Auto-Generate, Title, Categories, Key words, etc. Now you can start importing any content you’ve created previously.

You can then either spin preview to see the article or move forward to scheduling settings. You can even get suggestion from Senuke about the optimal length of time to run the campaign for. The SEO campaign is now setup successfully with a large number of project types and back links.

Turbo Wizard does the same thing but faster than SEO Wizard. One can use this feature to create a full SEO campaign in just about a minute.

NEW Advanced Wizard – The process of going through the wizard has been improved significantly and is now much more logical so that creating Professional SEO campaigns that get you ranked is much easier than ever before. SEnuke TNG also now autocreates optimized SEO titles & tags using data taken straight from Google, 100% niche related! In addition SEnuke TNG now automatically recommends optimal times to run your campaign, no more guess about how many days you need.

NEW Streamlined TurboWizard – The Turbo Wizard now automates 90% of the full wizard, condensing it down to a single screen. SEnuke TNG’s Turbo Wizard allows you to create a campaign in one minute that previous versions would have taken 10 times longer to create. Effortless & faultless campaign creation at the press of a button.

NEW: Loop Mode – Now that SEnukeTNG gives you way more control over how articles are used, you now have the ability to LOOP your SEO campaigns!

Simply set your campaign up once and have it loop over & over, FOREVER if you wish. Each time SEnuke TNG will pull in fresh & relevant content and if needed, even creating new accounts. You can also select to re-use those same accounts again, building up authority, speeding the process up and reducing your overall campaign costs putting more money in your pocket

NEW: Premium Social Network – These websites are unlike regular Social Network sites in that they aren’t all built on the same platform but rather, they’re unique to TNG. This means that the links created here will have much more value than any other links AND they’re considerably more unique in the SEO world.

Until now you’d have to create such links by hand, however SEnuke TNG will automate this entire process. In addition, sites protected with the new Google “I’m Not A Robot” (NoCaptcha) security, can be used in the new SEnuke TNG.

NEW: Wait Project – Previously, the old Senuke XCr would work non-stop once the campaign started with work done every day until it completed. Now, SEnuke TNG lets you schedule things more naturally with waiting periods between different projects within a campaign.

NEW: Wait and Retry Feature – Senuke TNG can be set to attempt to create accounts more than once, but unlike before where it’d retry instantly it can pause for a while before trying again.

Article Manager

The latest update of Senuke TNG has made a shift from single campaign to various campaign basis enabling you to run multiple campaigns at the same time. The new launch of the tool enables separating articles from the campaign. You can link one campaign to multiple articles and an article can be linked to multiple campaigns. It enables selecting from various types of article sources. For building tier 1 high-quality links, it is advisable to pick a paid service for better quality. Senuke also provides numerous methods to insert links and pictures into the article.

NEW: Smart Link Placement – Senuke TNG searches your articles for your keywords and adds your links contextually & strategically within your articles. When the keyword has not been mentioned, it can still place strategic links that appear 100% natural.

NEW: Automatic Authority Links – Senuke TNG can generate automated authority links and place them within your article, these’re always placed contextually. This assists give your article higher credibility, making it look totally authentic & natural. This’s because your article is no longer just linking to your site, but also linking out to other respected high authority sites.

NEW: Content Sources – Senuke TNG is now directly integrated with 4 of the industries leading automated article services (Article Builder, The Leading Articles, Kontent Machine and Article Forge). There are unlimited unique niche specific content at your fingertips whenever you need!

IMPROVED Spinning – Senuke TNG is integrated with the THREE industry leading spinners The Best Spinner, Word AI & Spin Rewriter, as well as the own class leading auto spinner built right in to the software. With Senuke TNG, you can get your content from multiple sources and spin it on demand instantly.


In conclusion, SEO applications are the most efficient and effective option for those individuals that need the best rank for their websites. To make the long story short, SEnuke TNG latest version is the one that can help your site be seen every day. With the help of this technology, you can be able to conserve your effort and time, as well as get addresses and correct links. We can simply say the SEnuke TNG is really the SEO’s future.Download-NowBonus-Button (1)