Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review – Kevin David’s Course Guide

Shopify Ninja Masterclass Review: Become a Shopify Ninja Now

Who wouldn’t love to be a Shopify Ninja Masterclass?

I am sure those who are not into online business don’t care about it.

How about you? Are you into an online business? If yes, then this Shopify Ninja Masterclass review is right for you.

Being an officially Ninja in Shopify is a big wow to any online business. You can see the result in quick time.

You may hesitate if this course is worth your $997, then continue reading and find out.

Quick Information about Amazon FBA Ninja

  • Product: Shopify Ninja Masterclass
  • Description: A Training course on becoming a Shopify Ninja Masterclass
  • Vendor: Kevin David   
  • Guarantee: Money Back Guarantee for 30 days
  • Level needed: All levels
  • Rating: Highly recommended if you want to become a Shopify Ninja Masterclass
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What is Shopify Ninja Masterclass?

Shopify Ninja Masterclass is a master class course that you need to improve running your Shopify store. The trainer, Kevin David shares his practical tips in conquering the world of Shopify. He has a popular YouTube channel where he claims to be earning a seven-figure.

When you get access to the course, you’ll see the five modules in total including its videos. Videos are in HD, so it’s not annoying to watch. The content is substantial, so it is a good thing.

After watching the YouTube videos, I did not hesitate, and I enrolled in his course. It is not a cheap gig for a little learning. Among the courses I spend on buying, this is probably one of the most amazing.

After watching the YouTube videos, I did not hesitate, and I enrolled in his course. It is not a cheap gig for a little learning, but it is not also expensive for a seven-figure earning. Among the courses I spend on buying, this is probably one of the most amazing.

What are Modules in Shopify Ninja Masterclass?

Shopify Ninja Masterclass course consists of five modules. Below is a screenshot of it.

Module 1 is all about finding your home-run product.

Finding a product that has a ton of buyers that ready to purchase is always necessary. If you can find them, you’ll have a customer that will keep coming back to your store.

In this module, you’ll learn about the 80/20 rule, the style of Shopify Dropshipping. Kevin will give you the tactics that you must have to run your store. Also, you’ll learn how to test the statistics of the product until you can hit massive mining of your income.

Learning this module means knowing how to dominate your specific niche and learn the difference between the drop shippers earning seven figures and many more.

Module 2 is the way to finding the best supplier.

In this module, you will be learning how to use Ali-Express in finding the best suppliers by making sure that you’re getting the best price and avoiding some mistakes in the process.

Moreover, you’ll learn how to properly handle the import taxes and Chinese customs in the right way. Plus more tricks to minimize the fees associated with your imports. Kevin shares so much about the strategies he used in finding the best suppliers and how to build a long-term relationship with them.

Module 3 is the process to create your Shopify store.

Of course, in this module, you will learn the step-by-step process on how to set up your Shopify store and get a maximum sale. Kevin shows the same thing he did and the same settings that he is using.

In this module, you will see a comprehensive sample on how to set up the shipping in the right way. Also, to easily choose and purchase the domain that fits your store, Google optimized.

Moreover, the things you need to know how to accept a credit card payment will be taught to you. Of course, you need a professional logo. In this course, you don’t have to worry about it because you’ll gain access to the trainer’s graphic designer he has been using for more than a decade.

Further, the Shopify theme that brings a high conversion rate, it’s fully optimized for mobile and then, how to do the product linking from Ali-Express to Shopify and save hundreds of hours of doing it.

Module 4 is a marketing explosion.

This module is a complete guide in running Facebook Ad campaigns for your store from the moment you begin to finish. It is excellent for both the beginners and advanced users.

Of course, what adds are you going to focus and how to target your niche to create a massive bump on sales to your store. No money should be wasted in the ads that never work. Most importantly, you can track and interpret how well is your business running.

Then calculate the cost that you are going to spend, master Instagram ads and tap millions of buyers.

Module 5 is scaling up to the moon.    

The simple and the friendly trick that can get you a free shutout coming from famous influencers is also a fantastic freebie to get here. Apart from this is free software that will find influencers from Facebook.

You will know how to test if the audience of your influencer will likely to buy the products, and how you can reach out from them. Moreover, you’ll learn how to negotiate a cheap rate and get anyone to do it.

You can do more in your Shopify business because of this course. Including in it growing your audience through email marketing and this course will give a free email template.

Here is What You Will Get!


Get Exclusive Access to Our Three BONUSES During The Shopify Ninja Masterclass Official Release Only! These Bonuses Include The Master List of the MOST Profitable Niches for 2018, Learning to make a Print on Demand T-Shirt Empire, and the way to Use Clickfunnels to EXPLODE Your Shopify Business!


Learn How to Find Home-Run Products to Drop ship Every Single Time That Sell a Ton Each Day! Never Endlessly Search for Products Again, use our PROVEN Method to Find Perfect Products Over and over again!


Follow Along as we Reveal The Best Way We Identify the Highest Quality, Most Reliable, and Fastest Suppliers We Personally Use to Dropship ALL of Our Products to Our 1000s of Customers All Over the World!


Learn The way the Pros Scale Their Stores Through Making Data Driven Decisions, and Partnering With Influencers and Internet Marketers Which is EASIER THAN YOU THINK!


Watch Over Our Shoulders as We Create Our Shopify Store FROM SCRATCH, We Explain To You Every Single Setting, and Every Single App We Use to Create a World Class Store From Nothing into Something That is 100% Ready to Go for Your Clients!


Learn Exactly How We Create Advanced Custom & Lookalike Audiences to Create the MOST Targeted Audiences of Crazed Buyers Ready to Buy Our Products and Continue to Buy Our Products For the Future


Join Us as We Set Up Awesome Email Campaigns Proven to Convert Into Sales, Raise Your Average Cart Size & RECOVER Lost Sales Through Abandoned Cart Sequences


Dive into our EXACT Fb Ads Blueprint We Actually Use on ALL of Our Shopify Products and One Hack We Use to Target ANY Niche With Ultra Targeted Purchase Ready Buyers Who Will Continue to Come Back and Buy More and More and much more From Your Store!


How to Sell Your Store For WAY MORE Than You Ever Thought Possible to Reinvest Into New Stores, or Anything You Like! People Forget One CRUCIAL Thing Before They Sell Their Stores Which Costs Them THOUSANDS!

People Have Been Willing to Pay $7,976 for All These AMAZING Knowledge Bombs, But We’re Offering Them for a Deeply Reduced Price of Only $997!

Bonus Videos

The bonus in the module is also helpful and is updated regularly. These are interesting thoughts, and they are just short. It’s not a boring video to watch.

Videos are knowledge and experienced-based, informative, and exciting.


Hey everyone, it’s your favorite shipping Samurai! u Sooo, i wrote a bit of my “story” in the Shopify Black Belt group because, as some of you may know, i’ve been killing it in Dropshipping with Shopify thanks to my main man Kevin David! I honestly didn’t know anything about dropshipping before that and only wanted to learn about Shopify to sell my FBA products on another channel. Anyhoo, that’s a story for the other group Well, I just got some good news today too and figured it’s time to share in with my FBA family! I just closed on the sale of 2 FBA brands that i’ve been building over the last year! I’m s0000 excited about it and had to share not to brag or boast but because I hope it inspires others to know that there is s000000 much to achieve in this business and honestly, Kevin’s course is the absolute best foundation to have! Truthfully, I’m not sure if the course or THIS GROUP is the better resource but it’s AWESOME that they come in a pair! LOL. Now before everyone goes nuts trying to cash out also, be sure to know that you have to make your business processes repeatable and with as much automation as possible. Anyone can do it! I happened to have a background in IT Strategy Management Consulting and process improvement (Lean IT Expert, Six Sigma Blackbelt, ITIL Expert and PMP/Prince 2 certified) so for me it was just second nature to lay everything out in a process and continually improve. But I can’t stress enough it’s important to start with the content from the course! This is not a get rich quick scheme….it’s a REAL business and will take hard work. But it’s FUN work and great experiences thanks to the community Kevin has built.
Ok, i’ll stop my rant for now but I just wanted to say, STAY MOTIVATED, follow the foundation in the course and THINK OUTSIDE OF THE BOX! Let’s all make 2018 a GREAT YEAR!!! Good luck fam!


I am 1 month in to Kevin David’s shopify course and it has changed my life!!! He is truly an amazing teacher and such a boss. Had my first sale couple days ago for $264!! I finished that day with $821 and as of today I have sold $1.2k!!! I truly recommend everyone to take his course. He is extremely transparent and you will make your money back in a week. I will definitely take his FBA course! I have had many mentors but no one compares to KD. Thanks Kevin David for all your guidance and your amazing course!


After having to shut down my first ever store that was doing $120-200 consistently because i was selling dragonball z sweaters and merchandise,
I finally opened a new store from scratch and today is my first day with Facebook Ads Marketing. It feels fucking amazing that you can rinse and repeat what you learn in the course and it works EVERYTIME!
Not much in sales, but it feels great to know that anyone can make it work!! No matter what obstacles you going thru NO EXCUSES! IT IS POSSIBLE!


My Final Thoughts

If you are an online business owner, chances are you are frustrated because Shopify store is not performing well.

Now your problem is solved because of Shopify Ninja Masterclass.

You don’t have to worry about low performance, no need to think of Dropshipping, and technical skills to run your business. Shopify Ninja Masterclass gets you covered.

Start learning now and earning more tomorrow.

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