Six Figure Apprentice Review – Discount & Huge Bonus

What’s Six Figure Apprentice About?

If you’re familiar with the affiliate marketing business model, then you know that it has a HUGE income potential, and it’s also one of the best methods for a newcomer to get started with generating income online.

You do not need a product or service of your own. All you need to do is pick a niche market, find a high-quality offer with a great affiliate commission structure, and introduce it to people who are able to benefit from it.

You do not have to spend time & money on creating something of your own, and there’s do not need deal with client service, refunds, etc. Your only job is to send traffic (web users) to an affiliate page, and when they end up buying, you get paid. That’s it.

With that said, there are tons of things that you need to consider like the quality of the traffic, for example. If it’s not RELEVANT to your affiliate offer, then you’re just wasting your time.

Think about it this way. If you are promoting a gaming set to people that have never played a single computer game in their lives, and have no general interest in the topic, how likely are they to even consider buying that set?

Highly unlikely.

Quite simply, if you have no idea how to acquire HIGHLY RELEVANT traffic to an affiliate offer, you can not earn money online.

Even if you learn how to do that part right, you still have to think about retaining the client or prospect. According to, a new study shows that 98% of consumers do not make a purchase during their initial visit to a web site.

If you manage to send 100 people to an affiliate offer, only two will make a purchase If you’re lucky enough and the traffic is relevant. There must be a method to increase the odds of making more money, right?

Well, there’s. It’s called lead generation, building a list of prospects, etc. Richard Legg covers the importance of building a list and the way to do it the right way, in his free training.

In summary, to be a successful online marketer, at the very least you need the following things:

1. A Good Offer to Promote
2. Traffic Source
3. List of Prospects
4. Funnels and Follow Up Sequence

Learning & becoming good at all these things will take months (sometimes more) of hard work & consistent effort.

The Six Figure Apprentice provides a way to avoid all of that by leveraging Richard Legg’s years of experience and using him & his team to build & take care of MOST of the hard work for you.

They’ll literally hand you over Ten streams of passive income with their respective funnels that have been tested, and proven to convert.

On top of that, you’ll get access to training that shows you exactly how to build a list of subscribers. Richard will even show you the way to earn high ticket affiliate commissions of up to $800 per sale.

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