Stage to Scale Method By PeTe Vargas (Full Review)

Are you looking for the fastest and the most predictable means of growing your business?

There are plenty of training programs available online.

Stage to Scale is one of these programs in the market.

Now, is it worth your time and money?

Hang on as you read to discover.

What is Stage to Scale?

Stage to Scale is a comprehensive guide that will assist you in skyrocketing your business. This training course is a step by step guide created by Peter Vargas. This training course has three stages. These stages include:

  • Crafting a high converting talk;
  • Creating systems in booking the ideal stages that are on-demand;
  • Going beyond the stages and impacting the lives of many people while growing their business and their income.

What are the contents of the Stage to Scale course?

Stage to Scale training course consists of seven modules delivered through training videos that handle three sections. These are the story, a scale, and a stage.

Every video is transcribed for convenience of the non-English native speakers who enroll in this course. If you are driving or jogging, you can make use of the audio version useful for you to still listen to the training. You can also get a workbook that will serve as your homework for you to finish before you move to the following video.

1st Module: It is the foundation of the course. Before you jump to the following modules, you should finish this first module. The creator of this training shared methods and success stories. He explains every detail in-depth, so it is essential to complete this stage.

2nd and 3rd Modules: It is the sections that cover the story. Pete’s head mentor, Pat Quinn, illustrates the best means to understand problems to solve. You will also learn to understand better your audience, who needs your solution to create a signature talk. You can also increase your talk up to 10 minutes to 60 minutes.

4th and 5th Modules: Pete will take you in this section to learn about Scale. There are eight ways of scaling. All of these has its pros and cons.

6th and 7th Modules: It is the last section of the module. At this stage, you will understand how to put yourself in a position, just like how experts meet with the planner and the needs of the audience. The details of the business model, generating revenue stage, marketing means, and finishing a custom campaign to become successful.

What are the stages to cover in Stage in Scale?

Stage to Scale is a training program, but for some, this is more than a program. But either way, this program is made to boost not only your business profit but also your self-confidence.

Stage 1. You will be able to talk and do your speech, a speech that will convert your audience to buyers. Through your oral communication skills, you will be able to magnify your current business situation.

Stage 2. In this stage, you will be able to create a system that incorporates the in-demand stage.

Stage 3. Using these conventional stages learned, you will learn to transcend and impact the lives of the people while expanding your business.

Stage to Scale will assist you in staging your business in the masses and help you to escalate it and improve your profit.

Is Stage to Scale for everyone?

The Stage to Scale is not for everyone. It is not intended for all types of people. It is only intended for people who are into business and want to take them to the next level. You will boost your expertise through Stage to Scale. So, the Stage to Scale is good for the following people:

Business people who want to scale their business.

Those professional speakers who earn their living from speaking who did not scale in the past.

If you are a business owner and you want to take it to the next level, this course is right for you.

In short, if you are an entrepreneur, a service provider such as a teacher, coach, tutor, consultant, or an influencer, speaker, nonprofit business owner, and small business owner, Stage to Scale is undoubtedly for you.

It does not matter what niche is your business or your area of expertise because, for as long as you do like to talk to people at their different stages as well as secure jobs, this Stage to Scale training program fits you.

Who should not take this course?

If you don’t fall from the list of the people above, you don’t need to waste your time and money purchasing and to study the course. It will not bring you good because this is not what you need. See, for you to be the right person to benefit from this course, you should be serious in taking this course because you have your business that needs to grow. Or because you need to get knowledge on this aspect to improve as a speaker. Or maybe because you have your business and you want to level it up.

However, if you are looking for a scheme to get rich, don’t fall to this trap because it is not a scam. Remember, you have to become a pro speaker to convert your audience to be your customers. If you are not committed to your business and yourself, just stop it and do not consider taking this Stage to Scale bonus.

How can the Stage to Scale Method benefit you?

Can you still remember the first time that you stood in front of over 50 to 100 people? It is such an awkward feeling to stand by these plenty of people who barely knew you. If you are not used to this same speaking engagement, it may be the worst feeling for you. You felt the nervousness on your limbs. You even forgot plenty of lines that are essential for you to say. The craziest thing is when you have spent plenty of hours preparing and practicing for your talk.

Pete Vargas, on his Stage to Scale training program, helps a lot. It helps to overcome the frustration of speaking in front. If you struggle on stage, his training course is probably the one you need. The next thing you speak on stage, you will notice an increase in confidence level and control. You will also be able to spend valuable days for booking on new stages than contacting the planners to do fixing on you. So, whether you are a good speaker or not, the training will definitely help you to trigger the attendees to purchase offers, products, and services. Besides, you will discover how to engage your attendees deeply on stage.

Surprisingly, some attendees may invite you to their event as a result of your excellent performance on stage. Through this training, you can uplift yourself from being a not so good speaker to an excellent speaker. You don’t even have to worry about being unappreciated o being worthless.

How much does Stage to Scale cost?

Growing my business while I talk to the audience on stage is such an excellent level. Really, I have impressed plenty of people already because of this effective method. You are raising your profit because this course is never such a bad idea. I do think that it is incredible.

Besides, you grow yourself as you grow your business. You will start to notice the difference in you, the improvements that you have undertaken. Just think about raising your business and getting more profits. I think that $1997 is a reasonable price.

The $1997 is not a lot if, in return, you will profit much. You don’t have to pay this entire amount at once. You have another option making it an installment. If you think this amount is too much for a one-time payment, you can choose to pay the entire amount in six months. The amount is $397 each month. However, you will economize $385 if you will make a one-time payment.

Paying the price indicated will give you access to the complete program for a lifetime without paying any hidden cost or additional cost. You will also get the bonus for each module that will help you get enough understanding.

What do I like about Stage to Scale?

There are some things I like about Stage to Scale. First, I like the fact that the course creator, Pete Vargas, is a well-qualified and experienced speaker in business. He is a stage genius, and this is not an exaggeration. It is a guy who was able to book over 25 000 stages in the past 15 years. Because of this, he was able to make millions of dollars from these stages.

Pete Vargas has been a great mentor for plenty of prominent stars, winning, and growing their business everywhere. Thousands of people have succeeded and achieved their goals because of Stage to Scale. Some of them are Pat Flynn, Lewis Howes, and Stu McLaren.

Another thing, I like the live coaching. Yes, there are plenty of courses in the market, but only a few sessions have done well on stage. Pete Vargas’s course from A-Z is genuinely unique, and it involves live coaching. There is live coaching, where everybody meets to have one-on-one assistance in the application of the concepts taught. The live coaching is good for eight weeks; it is weekly coaching. If you have questions, the team member of Pete himself will give you answers.

Aside from all these, purchasing the course means giving you a support service. You will be joining the community. You will have access to a private group that will support you to level up. Besides, in the community, you can ask questions and get feedback in only a short possible time. Wait, there is more. It is the bonus vault which you will be able to get to assist you in growing.

What don’t I like about Stage to Scale?

After getting the course, I think that it needs to be rearranged. Maybe it will help better understand the course if the scale section is the first in the module. Also, the conditional guarantee given by the team is not cool.

Most of all, I think the course is very costly. Yes, $1 997 for a training course is so much. I don’t think I will try this out because of its price.

What are the strengths of Stage to Scale?

The following are the strengths that I see from the Stage to Scale training program:

  • You can access the course online and offline. It means that when you are online, you can download all the materials and work on them or read them when you go offline. You can also open the files on any of your devices.
  • It is ideal for all business stages or levels. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or an expert, it does not matter because the course can accommodate you.
  • Let us say that Pete Vargas, the creator of Stage to Scale, is a legend speaker. He is doing what he had been saying, and the results are fantastic.
  • You will get ample support from the team and Pete himself.
  • The language used in the course is simple. It is in layman’s term, so you won’t find it difficult to understand. There are no complicated words, and words are understandable both for new and old businesses.
  • There is an assistant provided to apply what you have learned.

What is the bottom line?

The bottom line is that this program is highly comprehensive, so if you want to enhance your oral skills; to known how to choose the right words to say to trigger the audience to make a purchase, or to increase your profit, Stage to Scale is a blessing. You will be able to connect with your audience and create a sense of engagement. I recommend this program to improve yourself, but I prefer looking for cheaper courses that will give the same value.

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