Stealth Seminar Review

Stealth Seminar Review

By now you must have heard about Stealth Seminar, or you probably would not be on this page. Incase you are not entirely sure what Stealth Seminar is – we will be explaining it here in detail.

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How Automated Webinars Work

First, let’s get in to what automated webinars (or auto-pilot webinars) are, and why they are rapidly growing in popularity with online marketers.

Traditional webinars have been around for many years. The benefit of hosting a webinar is to create a multimedia online presentation where hundreds, and sometimes thousands of participants can view the same event in a single session.

These events are typically informative in nature, with a product offer for additional information. Sales conversion rates for webinars usually rank much higher than any other sales medium on the web. Why? Because they encompass visual & audible formats simultaneously. On top of that, they’re “live” events – lending them further credibility. Since the event (and subsequent call-to-action) is happening in real-time, webinar attendees are much more prone to take action & make a purchase.

Unfortunately, the biggest downfall with traditional webinars is that the host actually has to be there in order for the event to occur. Another crippling factor is that stand-alone software based automated webinar tool is highly unreliable. This is precisely why automated webinar replay services like StealthSeminar have gained massive popularity over the last few years.

Stealth Seminar Review Ratings


Prior to setting up our webinar event, we reviewed some of the features & capabilities of Stealth Seminar. It turns out there were many. A few standout features included the ability to schedule unlimited events, schedule intricately timed “call-to-action” sequences during events, and even incorporating them with our email marketing system. We use Infusionsoft, but most others were included in that list – aWeber, iContact, etc.


Setup for our test run event was extremely easy. We simply prepared a prerecorded webinar presentation (making it appear as live as possible), & uploaded it to our Amazon S3 bucket. Once completed, we selected the file in our Stealth Seminar control panel for that specific event, and we were ready to rock and roll. Very simple.


This is where we tied our event into our Infusionsoft email management system. Basically, we decided that we wanted Stealth Seminar to “tag” all of our attendees at the event at approximately 30 minutes. This way we could monitor which individuals from our email list viewed the presentation. This is a really killer feature, especially if you wanted to send a follow up e-mail to those who attended the event. Very smart for boosting sales you may have otherwise missed.


The control panel was very user-friendly; we downgraded the rating not because something was wrong with the interface, but due to the vast amount of options available through their control panel. It was overwhelming, making almost any configuration possible. We are certain that once we become more familiar with all of the options, our usability rating will be adjusted.


After everything was set up, we scheduled our event for a Thursday 9PM EST viewing & sent out the invitation e-mail to everyone on our list. Approximately 500 people showed up to the event. The number of attendees was monitored in real-time through Stealth Seminar’s live stats features. At a certain point we became nervous about the bandwidth required for such a large viewing audience. However, the 90 minute event played through without any problems. 2 thumbs on that one!


We are probably being a little biased here, but Stealth Seminar gets a 5 star overall rating because our test run event actually yielded a fair amount of sales for our own info product. This was a pleasant surprise since we were not really expecting anything… just doing a simple test to see if this automated webinar replay service was everything we have heard about.

In Summary

Having attempted to use stand alone automated webinar replay tool in the past, using Stealth Seminar was like a breath of fresh air. We’re totally convinced that the right way to host automated webinars is by using a designated service provider like Stealth Seminar. We have spent months trying to get stand-alone software to install & run off our own servers… with miserable results every single time. Another thing to consider is the limitless amount of options, and integration capabilities that are included with the Stealth Seminar service. The bottom line to our investigation is that this is a top notch service that we’ve yet to see matched anywhere else – strongly recommended.