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What Is StreamReel?

A trick to beat the social media algorithm? Livestreams. Look, it is no secret that Fb, YTube, Instagram, LinkedInand even Google absolutely LOVE live videos & livestreams and put them on top of the newsfeed & search page.

Why wouldn’t they? It makes their users stay online 20X longer!

You too want to LIVEstream now, don’t you? Until you realize livestreaming needs time & effort. LOTS of it.

You sit down in front of a camera for hours, adjusting to whatever time zone your target audience is in & try to be a SHOWMAN. It is tiring & something that not everyone can do. That’s until StreamReel happened.


StreamReel is the FIRST-TO-JVZOO app that allows anyone to livestream ANY pre-recorded or live videos on multiple social media sites all at the same time.

Broadcast pre-recorded or live videos on FB, LinkedIn, YTube, Twitch or any site simultaneously from a single cloud dashboard!

We’ are at the Goldilocks era of livestreaming.

Right now, we are at a sweet spot where audiences are actively looking for new LIVE content to watch & engage with every single day…

…while new livestream content creators are far and few in between.

Wanna know why?

While the demand for LIVE videos has skyrocketed, doing live videos still requires LOTS of time, energy & not to mention expensive apps to properly broadcast a professional-looking live videos on multiple platform.

The demand for livestreaming has grown by a whopping 98% and choose few smart marketers are leveraging this to generate free traffic, leads & sales every single day!

If only there was an easier way to livestream courses, trainings, interviews, meetings, social-webinars or any content…WITHOUT the need to spend hours in front of a camera or on expensive apps, right?

THIS IS WHERE StreamReel comes in.

StreamReel allows you to tap into this $223-BILLION industry of audiences who are regularly searching for new LIVE video content on FB, YTube, Twitch, LinkedIn, or just about any site out there.

Oh, and this is not a select-only-one situation. Far from that.

In fact, StreamReel allows you multistream whenever & whichever platform you prefer, ALL at the same time from a single cloud dashboard.

StreamReel Features

Sell LIVE Streaming as a service.

• Do an Immersive LIVE Open-House Tour Video for Real Estate Clients

• Do an Immersive LIVE Open-House Tour Video for Real Estate Clients

• Run an Interactive Weight Loss/Workout LIVE Videos for Gym and Fitness Businesses

• Offer to do LIVE “Yoga Class” Video for Yoga and Wellness Businesses.

• Offer to do LIVE “Yoga Class” Video for Yoga and Wellness Businesses.

• Run a LIVE Video Showing The Ambience OR Showing The Chef Prepare Signature Dishes for Restaurant Businesses.

• Show a LIVE Dog Training Video for Pet Stores

• Do a LIVE Make-Up Video for Beauty Treatment Clients

…and charge anywhere between $500 to $1000 for doing this for your clients!

LIVE stream on FB Pages, FB Groups, FB Profiles, YouTube Channels, LinkedIn, Twitch & custom RTMP sites, all at the same time.

Upload a video and schedule it as a LIVE-like video streaming on multiple social media profiles simultaneously.

Do LIVE video or LIVE-like video streaming on up to 44 social media profiles at the same time.

Invite guests on your LIVE stream, share your or guest’s screen, share camera/mic & record everything while being LIVE on multiple social media profiles.

Manage chats/comments from all the profiles you are live on and reply to all at once or individually for each profile

Full customization: insert your images, play videos on LIVE stream, overlays, frames, background, music, logos, news tickets, banners, & more on your LIVE & LIVE-like stream.

There’re 60 million businesses in the United States alone. Out of which, 54 million businesses have said they never did LIVE videos & would want somebody to assist them do it.

And that is the just United States. There’re over 195 countries in the world.
There’s almost an infinite amount of demand for LIVE streaming by small businesses, and you, yes YOU, should be at the forefront of all of this and taking a piece of this $245 Billion live streaming industry today!

It’s proven! LIVE videos are viewed 3X longer than posted videos & grab up comments at 10X the rate of posted videos.

-> Bon Appetit ran a YTube LIVE stream that generate over 1 million views organically and assisted them make $130,000.

-> Same way, Social Media Week LIVE streamed a 4-week Virtual Conference series with & generated thousands in sales.

-> Barry from Barry’s Bootcamp runs LIVE videos from their Fitness Studio & sells millions in fitness courses and training.

During an experiment, LIVE videos generated 5,395 videos as compared to posted videos that had 1,414 views. The LIVE video had a reach of 12,929 people vs only 6,729 of that of the posted video. And the LIVE video received 469 comments vs merely 28 on posted video.

Other similar live-streaming apps out there cost over $588 annually…and you keep paying them forever. And they don’t even have half the features of StreamReel. StreamReel is currently available for a one-time fee. No recurring.

StreamReel is a cloud-based LIVE video streaming platform that allows you to do LIVE video streaming on FB, YTube, LinkedIn, Twitch, and multiple other social media sites simultaneously.

Everybody who has a YTube channel or any video online will need to convert them into VR Videos and using VirtualReel you are able to turn their existing videos into VR videos without any extra work or creativity.

Using StreamReel you are abel to either go live using your camera, sharing your screen, OR play a pre-recorded video at a scheduled date and time as a LIVE video on all the platforms at the same time, automatically.


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to StreamReel for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. StreamReel include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose StreamReel, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !

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