TeeSpy Review

What is TeeSpy?

TeeSpy is the wonderful tool or software that helps to identify and highlight the most selling designs of t-shirts. It also helps to distinguish the hottest selling t-shirts from the other designs of t-shirts that are less selling. The tool has the option of software scan that helps to start campaigns on various big t-shirts selling brands and websites. The major quality of the tool is that it can extract the data and then it can organize the data after extracting and pulling it to make easy data patterns and layout of the data. The other quality of the software is the ability of the tool to scan the trends of the most selling t-shirts design and brands. It organizes the data based on customer likes and dislikes to find out and to highlight the most selling and trending designs.

Research tools for making T-Shirt Spy

Various research tools are used for making this T-shirt Spy. There are two major types or categories of the tools used to make Tee Spy. The first type of the tools is the predictive tools. These tools are the forecasting tools that help to determine or to forecast the demand or trend of a certain design and brand of the t-shirt. The second type of tool used in this context is the spy tools. These tools are especially designed to spy the activities and performance of the competitors. These tools help to determine the qualities and features offered by the competitors.

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The first tab of the software is the campaign tab and it allows the users to view the latest designs of the t-shirts. It categorizes the designs based on their trends, top selling, or based on the highest appealing designs in the market. The best thing about Tee Spy is that it can extract date from various T-shirt designs and creation websites to organize the data and to make a trend of the data. Some of the most common and the most significant websites used by Tee Spy or data extraction include ViralStyle, Fabrily, Teezily, GearBubble, SunFrog, Represent, Design4T, Booster, Teespring, TeeChip, Threadmeup, Teegear, and Redbubble. Another option Tee Spy provides in this regard is that the users can organize or filter the organized data based on Facebook likes, style, price, number of sales, and users can filter the organized data based on various less significant metrics.  The campaign tab is shown in the figure below


The internet is full of tools that can help to identify and understand the latest trends of t-shirts. Some of the most significant and the most prominent tools in this regard are Google, Twitter, and Buzzfeed. These tools can help to make trending ideas and memes that can help to design and create t-shirts accordingly. The primary benefit of the trends is that it helps you to stay a step ahead of your competitors rather than walking besides them.


Marketing is the most wonderful section of the tool as it helps to search Facebook ads that relate to niche through its Facebook as search tool. This tool helps to determine the leading design ideas for the t-shirts using keywords to find the hot ideas along with website addresses to improve the research. For instance, we can use the keyword “Nurse” and then we can use the website www.teespring.com to find the most relevant t-shirt ad that relates to nursing. Another important feature is that you can save it in the idea folder if you get more than 500 FB likes and 100 shares. This tool also helps to identify the audience based on their interests to identify hottest designs of t-shirts.


Inspiration is another important feature of this tool that helps users to search Wanelo, Skreened, Zazzle, CafePress, and Pinterest based on their keywords and niche. It helps to determine the designs that frequently searched by the users.


The alert option of TeeSpy helps to identify the users when the t-shirts of their selected keywords are available in the store. It plays the role of a notification and the users receive alerts and notifications that are based on t-shirt design likeness and sales. The users can setup the alerts from their desktops or using email services on daily, hourly, and weekly basis.


The tool is missing niche option however; it has option of “Find Subniches” button that helps to find attractive product ideas with plenty of profitable niches

Is there Bugs or Gliches?

The software is free from bugs and crashes even operating it for three hours. I would say that it runs smooth and perfect. I like it as it is aesthetically pleasing especially its 2.0 version is the best version that is also its current version.


We use a lot of software in this industry, but this is one that I use every single day. It’s got all of thing that a custom apparel marketer could possibly need, & it’s regularly updated to keep up with the industry. I have tried the competition & it simply does not hold up (bad support, broken features, etc…). Could not live without this baby.
Yousef Khalidi
Teespy, for me is everything & more that I need to research new ideas. Not only can I see exactly what’s selling & on what platform, but the live FB ads features is worth the money alone just to see exactly what engagement the campaigns are getting. I now do this full time & know I would not have gotten this far without TeeSpy tool.
Kevin Reid
Teespy tool is the only way to do T-shirt research tool. Go ahead & do it the old way… waste a lot of time & find data that you really can not count on. This is the new method to do it. This is the right way to do it. anyone doing T-shirts should be using TeeSpy tool to spy!
Justin Cener

Final Verdict

I do believe that TeeSpy is the must tool if you are going to do T-Shirt selling business as it helps to save your time by making research process easy. It can synchronize data from various websites to make research process cool. The user can make good money by finding best selling designs for every niche. The one of the best thing about this tool is that the developers of this tool allows people to use it without even sharing their email address. To sum up, it is the best tool and I highly recommend it.

Faq’s About Teespy

What exactly is Teespy

Teespy is an easy-to-use, cloud-based app that allows you to spy on winning t-shirt campaigns and also the exact Fb ads being used so you can save your time, avoid frustration, and make lots of money on your next campaign.

Who needs to get Teespy?

If You Answer ‘Yes’ To Any Of The Following, You Need To Get Teespy Right Now

You are new to running t-shirt campaigns and also you want your first campaign to be a big success
You can not seem to come up with an idea for a solid t-shirt and also you need some inspiration
You have tried to run Fb ads in the past and you struggled to get profitable
You have had more campaigns bomb than you want
You like the idea of making quick cash and also taking a huge shortcut to success

Do I have to install or update this tool?

With Teespy, there are just Three steps to a highly-profitable campaign…

So this will work on my Mac or PC?

Yes, you can use Teespy from your Mac, your PC, and even your tablet or smartphone.

How exactly does Teespy work?

Yes, you can use Teespy from your Mac, your PC, and even your tablet or smartphone.

Step #1 – Login to Teespy (It’s cloud-based so you can use it from any device with an internet connection)
Step #2 – Enter a keyword to start spying
Step #3 – Get access to all kinds of t-shirt ideas, spy on winning campaigns, and get access to real Fb ad campaigns so your next t-shirt campaign will be a MASSIVE success!

What type of results should I expect when I use Teespy?

No more struggling to come up with ideas
No more struggling to come up with ideas
Save a lot of money and time by spying on winning ad campaigns
Discover the secret formula for banking 1000s of dollars on every single campaign

Are there any incentives for me to get Teespy at this time?

Yes. We have discounted the price and also we are giving over $1,111 in bonuses for FREE when you get Teespy right now.

Is there a money-back guarantee when I get Teespy right now?

Yes, you get a full Thirty days to ensure this is for you. If you change your mind for any reason, just let us know and we will get you a refund.