TeeView Review – Top Market Research Tools

What Are TeeView & TeeSpy?

Many people want to start their business with T-shirt online. But, starting the business without a great design might be hard. Even some people who have done the business for several years still find it hard to get a new design that will be sold out easily. Thus, you can try to use T-shirt software teeview. Why use this software?

You need to know the latest trend design that is liked by many people. Thus, you can predict or design your own to make a big hit in the market. By using teeview tool, you will be able to have a unique design as well as know the result of the research from the people respond.

Here are some features offered in Teeview tool:

1. Latest added

In this button, you’ll be able to see the latest T-shirt sold out there. The information that too gathers is from Google & Twitter. Thus, you’ll be able to check the latest T-shirt from a big area. You can check the design as well as the price to compare it to yours.

2. Best selling by number

Check the latest T-shirt best sold in numbers in this button. You might be surprised by some of the designs but by seeing that, you’ll be able to predict what people like.

3. Best selling by ratio

By checking the best selling product by the ratio, you’ll be able to predict the market.

4. Only active

Only active campaign will be seen in this feature.

5. Only goal reached

Only goal reached for the T-shirt campaign will be seen in this feature. It’s good to see what kind of T-shirt design that can reach the goal, but you need to come up with a better plan to succeed more in the selling.

Those are all features included in teeview. You might wonder why the features are so few. Yet, don’t be surprised as it is a free tool. You don’t have to pay to be able to use this app. If you just want to have a look of what the market is like & what things that people like, then this app will be so helpful. Having a research in T-shirt campaign will help you to get better understanding of how the T-shirt selling goes.

If you want to try to be more serious & want to do a great job with your business; then why not trying to use teespy. It’s a T-shirt tool that will help you to get deeper research of T-shirt campaign. Even though you need to pay some cash, but it’s really worth it.

Here are some features offered in teespy:

1. Dashboard

With many people competing to get the spot in selling, you’ll be able to see many T-shirt campaigns. Active & latest added campaigns might help you to see what kinds of T-shirt that people are trying to sell nowadays.

2. Campaigns

In this button, you’ll be able to check, the newest campaign, top selling, highest engagement, & favorites. You can also add your campaign here to check your product & people’s respond. Of course, you need to do research & come up with a great design before adding your campaign.

3. Trends

You can check the trends from Google & Twitter easily here. Just see what’s your target market & you can check the trends.

4. Marketing

Marketing can be done through facebook ad search & facebook interests, so you will be able to know the best way to market your product.

5. Inspiration

In this button, it’s like a world of designs for T-shirts. Many choices for your design ideas are from Pnterest, Wanelo, Cafe Press, & many more.

6. Alerts

Alerts is for you to remind you of any update or information regarding your campaign. You can check your campaign right away through this button.

7. Niches

Find your profitable niches here to see what are something that will benefit you. Make sure you use this button well for your business.

8. More

In here you can find more resources for your business since one tool can not do everything for you. But still, the help offered is really good for you as a starter for your T-shirt campaign.

Compared to Teeview, Teespy has a lot more options for your need. You will be able to get a lot of inspiration ideas since there are many designs to offer. It will be really helpful when you’re stuck with your idea. You can refresh your mind & get a new perspective in designing. Thus, your design will be better.

To hit the target of the campaign, you need to come up with a good plan. Teespy just can do well for you. Everything you need for your campaign is here & you can check the latest data of the selling. Many people find it hard to track the selling if they don’t use T-shirt tool. Thus, you can get more benefits & your work becomes easier with the tool.

T-shirt business can give you a lot of profit if you know how to make it big. It may be simple, but a great design & the choice of fabric can influence the selling. People will know exactly the difference between good & bad quality. Thus, it’ll show in your campaign. A great product with a great design will be sold out well.

As the trends in the society also influences in the selling, you can check the selling by giving a campaign. Having a campaign, you’ll know whether your T-shirts get a good respond or not. If it’s good, continue with your selling and production. If it’s not so good, you might change your plan. Have a new idea from teespy and get the inspiration you need.

It’s also more satisfying to have a paid T-shirt tool like teespy compared to teeview as you can have more complete features & help. So, don’t wait anymore and have your teespy to help your business.