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The Appointment Generator (TAG)

Every commercial business exists to make profit.  To make profit, you have to make sales.  To make sales, you need customers.  Customers are the lifeline of any business.  Where you have plenty of high-value ones, business is good.  But where there is a dearth of them or low-value clients, business is struggling or dying.

But finding or getting new, viable, high-value customers is not an easy task.  Many businesses have tried cold calling, expensive programs, attending conferences and networking events, email marketing including sending mailers or even hand-written letters.  These methods might churn up a few new customers every now and then but what a business really need is a constant flow of new customers each month.

Consider for a moment having 10 to 20 guaranteed leads every month.  What value would that contribute to your business?  If a client is worth, say $10,000 per year, then 10 guaranteed leads amounts to $100,000 for the year.  That would be a welcome value to any and every business.

Say hello to The Appointment Generator … a suite of trainings and automated software designed to make your life easier by giving your business a constant feed of new, viable customers each month.

What is The Appointment Generator (TAG)

The Appointment Generator (or TAG as it is fondly called) is a combination of trainings, coaching, and automated software that is guaranteed to generate a constant feed of clients, leads, and sales appointments for your business.  It requires no advertising, working for long hours on your computer or sales marketing.

With respect to building your business, the Appointment Generator operates under THREE steps:

  1. WHO are your best clients?
  2. HOW to position you in the most attractive way to your clients, and
  3. WHERE they can be found online and their interests.

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Who are the Authors?

Josh Turner is a best-selling Wall Street Journal author.  He is also the CEO of LinkedSelling, a top B2B lead generation and marketing company.  For three years running, the LinkedSelling has made the INC 500 list as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the US.  Josh Turner is the author of TAG.

What do you get when you subscribe?

Subscribing to The Appointment Generator is like receiving a bountiful hamper.  You receive a bouquet of items designed to help you grow your business to the next level and succeed.

Unlimited (Lifetime) Access to TAG Training Suite

The TAG Training Suite consists of lessons, templates, scripts, videos, workbooks and modules designed to help you learn and acquire skills and knowledge that will contribute to the growth of your business.  You can progress through the training at your own pace and no knowledge of or experience of social media platform is needed.  This training has been offered to individuals for $10,000 – $20,000 but is bundled into TAG at a value of $9,770.

Participate in and Win Prizes in Contests and Games

Because they want you to succeed and also because they know you may lose interest in pursuing your training, the authors has provided the opportunity for you to participate in games and contests as your proceed in your training, winning points and prizes.

6-Month Connect 365 Automation Software License

One you have landed yourself a contact or business, you will need to continuously follow up with the client through messaging.  This is automatically down for you through Connect 365 (i.e. you can connect with your customers 365 days of the year).  This license is provided at no added cost to you (valued at $2,400).

Unlimited (Lifetime) Access to TAG Implementation Support Community

Nothing compares to the experiences and successes of proven community members.  You receive access to this community.  They can help you set up successfully, answer questions as well as help you overcome challenges and obstacles as you go along. (valued at $2,985).

Connect 365 Automated Warm Email Blueprint (Training Library)

This is another training package that helps you fully utilize the Connect 365 license you will receive.  You learn how to write effective emails, build a list of your top prospects and enjoy other benefits to members.  You will be able to send 1-on-1 personalized, friendly bulk emails to hundreds of contacts simultaneously without getting spammed.

Bonus Training Packages

In addition to the above, you also receive the following training packages:

TAG Implementation Boot camp and Live Coaching Sessions

This is an 8-week modular training course (valued at $2,985) designed and guaranteed, as you implement it, to bring in a constant flow of high-value leads within a few weeks of the course.  Topics of some of the modules include –

  • Your Foundation
  • Your Authority Leadership Platform
  • Building Your Database of Prospects
  • Your Messaging Machine and Email Blueprint
  • Turning Appointments into Sales

Sales Conversion Mastery Sales Process Training

How do you close those leads as you begin to get them?  This bonus, valued at $4,000, will teach and train you on the process.

A 1-on-1 Post Launch Strategy Call with a Client Strategist

Once you have completed the boot camp and set up your messaging, emails and what have you, it is essential for you make sure that they are okay and effective.  You receive a 1-on-1 call with one of the strategy experts who will take a look at your system and setup and fine-tune and optimize them for you (valued at $400).

Exclusive Bonus for Paying in Full

You get an additional 6 months’ access to Connect 365 (that adds up to a FULL YEAR’s access) plus a $385 savings on enrolment charges if you choose to pay for your enrolment in full.

Additional Bonus Training from Marketing Partners

  • Harv Eker’s “$500 Million Dollar Business Secret” – $1,297
  • Eric Lofholm’s Elite Sales Success – $997
  • 3-in-1 Bonuses from Jeff Bullas – $1,255
  • Ryan Levesque’s World Class Sales Techniques – $795
  • Suzanne Evans’ “Hell Yeah” Marketing Bundle – $500
  • John Corcoran’s Rise 25 Revenue Booster Program – $497
  • Zig Ziglar’s Closes, Closes, Closes – priceless!
  • Rich German’s Virtual Product Creation Clinic – $2,000
  • Lisa Sesevich’s “Discover Your Unique Branded System training” – $1,000
  • Caityn Pyle’s Money Mindset Premium Workshop – $97
  • GKIC’s Copywriting Mastery & Sales-Thinking Mastery – $997

Who Needs The Appointment Generator

  • Accountants
  • Manufacturers
  • Service Providers
  • Consultants
  • IT Firms
  • Coaches
  • Commercial Construction Contractors
  • And many more.

What are the Benefits of The Appointment Generator?

  1. Experience real growth in your business that will take you to the next level.
  2. Work more with high-value clients that would create a greater, positive impact on your business.
  3. Enjoying more success in your business translates to more success and peace of mind in your personal and home life.
  4. No worries about the source of your next clients as you enjoy a continuous flow of profitable clients to keep your business not only running but growing.

How Much Does it Cost?

The entire package of The Appointment Generator can be appropriately priced at $33,427!  But … wait a minute … you stand a chance of getting the whole package at a considerable discount.

Consider these payment options:

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You Just Can’t Go Wrong!

Perhaps you might have still have doubts?  Well the author is giving you TWO guarantees.  They assure you that

  • You will have 10 or more appointment in the 1st 60 days with a system in place to generate an additional 10 more appointments every month after provided you follow the process and go through the training. Help is also guaranteed each and every step along the way.
  • They will double (yes, double) your money-back guarantee,

IF …

  1. You undergo the entire training.
  2. Implement TAG,

AND in 12 months you DON’T have …

  1. A minimum of 500 quality prospective leads.
  2. A solid system in place that generates an additional 10 more clients per month.
  3. A 5X increase in your Return on Investment (ROI) in TAG.


So what are you waiting for?  Starting getting those customers and closing those leads and start making those long-awaited profits in your business.  Subscribe to The Appointment Generator (TAG) today!

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