The News Spy Review – Scam Or Legit?

A Detailed And Informative Review Of The News Spy


In the current days there are a lot of trading platforms which give users opportunities to make money online. Because of the popularity of these platforms there have also emerged platforms which do not deliver what they promise. This has resulted to some people having reservations about the platforms they use. One of the platforms that have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past is News Spy. In this News Spy we have gone through the platform with an objective of letting you know all about its features and operations. We have done all this to give you assurance and let you make an informed decision while investing your money.

The News Spy is a trading platform which is automated and was started by John Mayer. The importance of knowing who started it is that Mayer is well known in the crypto currency industry especially when it comes to coming up with profitable programs. The platform is in form of an application which can easily be downloaded. After getting the software one can be able to access the platform from almost anywhere using a smart phone.

How it Works

The News Spy program works by collecting and analyzing data from different news outlets, online medias and markets. When this data is collected it is analyzed by experts and systems where the resulting information is relayed to you as the user. This information is accurate and with it you can decide on where to invest your money. You will not have to take time trying to predict the performances of the different markets because this app will do it for you. The platform has a high Return On Investment (ROI) rates where it is rated at a successful rate of 88%. This shows that when you invest on this platform there are very high chances of making profits.

This platform also provides an automated trading option where the system can invest for you. On this option you do not necessarily have to invest manually. Instead, you can save more time and have better peace of mind if you use the automated option. You will just need to set your account by changing the various options depending on how you want to trade. The system will invest on your behalf whenever there is favorable trading option depending on the settings you have put in place. With this automated option you do not necessarily have to spend your time trying to decide the most ideal investment option.

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Steps of Getting Started

The first step of getting started on News Spy is opening an account. This process is simple where you just need to provide your names, your email address and your phone number. When you have an account you will be able to log in and out easily. There is a free demo account which is helpful a lot to new users and beginners. This account helps the beginners be able to trade without using real money. With this account the beginners are able to get conversant with how the account works. This is also helpful to the new users even if they are experienced on online trading because it lets them become familiar with how the platform works.

After successfully opening an account and getting conversant with the platform the next step is just depositing and proceeding to trade. The minimum amount that one can deposit is $250. It is advisable to start low probably with the minimum amount. After sometimes you can proceed to add more money as you get used to the system. It is also advisable to withdraw at least 25% whenever you have made profits on your investments. This ensures that you cannot lose all your money at once. Furthermore, you should ensure that you invest only what you can afford. You do not need to spend money which can increase financial risks on the other aspects of your life. There is freedom to withdraw you money at any time you want because the withdrawal options are available 24/7 regardless of the day of the week.

If you are a beginner you will not struggle using the News Spy app. This is because the website is very friendly and interactive. You can navigate easily and therefore get an opportunity to see all the features of the platform. The importance of this is that every user wants a website that is straight forward.


The News Spy has put an assortment of measures to make sure that the money invested by the users is totally secure. As an investor you want to invest on a platform which will assure you that your money will not get lost especially from avoidable circumstances. All the brokers on this platform are trustworthy and they have proved this. There are even videos of people who have successfully made profits on this platform. The information you provide while opening an account is also kept in a secure manner where it cannot be accessed by people who are not supposed to.


This platform has a support team which is available around the clock. This particular team is made up of highly informed members who can answer almost any question that the users might have. The support team also helps to resolve any issue that might arise regarding the trading. This is helpful especially to beginners who might not know how to operate all the aspects of the platform.


  • An application that is easy to use even for beginners
  • A sophisticated system that is able to collect data from hundreds of markets and sources
  • A reliable support team that is available 24/7
  • 88% success rate which shows there is a very high chance of making profits
  • Proof of success through videos from previous users


  • There is no mobile app but the platform can be accessed through smart phones

Frequently asked questions

How much would I make trading on The News Spy App?

There’s no maximum limit to how much you can earn, however, the minimal profit made by our members day-to-day is $2000.

How many licenses are available?

There are limited The News Spy App licenses available.

Is not this Affiliate Marketing?

No, this is not in any way affiliate marketing. The News Spy App is only a web service tool which provides crypto-currency trading insights for investors.

How much time every day is needed to effectively trade?

You only do need about 15 minutes daily as the News Spy App does all the work.

How much does The News Spy App cost?

For a limited time, the News Spy App cost $0.

How efficient is the withdrawal option?

All withdrawal requests are attended to and confirmed in One day.

Final Verdict

This News Spy review clearly shows that the platform is a legitimate way of making money online. The fact that everything is straight forward allows even the new users to understand how the system works within a short time. The enhanced security and the high success rate give users the assurance that they will not lose their money. With the automated trading option you do not even have to spend a lot time trading on this platform because the system will successfully do it for you. Therefore, the News Spy is a suitable way of making money online both for beginners and for people who are used to this kind of trading.

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  1. Hallo can you help me i have no job los my job how can i make money for my family please

  2. Just stay away from this “The News Spy” , convince me to invest 1500$, she was each day talking with me about our trade and cash account was growing fast, and when day of withdraw came she despaired from Instagram, customer support told me that her acc was hacked and I can withdraw my money Monday, it’s today September of 17.2019. When I asked them they told me not by bitcoin but tru the bank acc, I say ok, but they told me first I have to send them 3.400$ fee, and after I’ll be able to withdraw, and they wanted not tru bank but bitcoin and now, I asked them let me talk with my agent, give me her phone or e-mail, they did not, I told them take your fees & send me the rest of cash, they did not, and now on my acc is 000$ nothing from 40K and they also disable costumer support for me, I can not contact them. I told them I’ll report them to the US General attorney office as well as FBI. So I am working on it now! Just stay away from this The News Spy and any agent who’ll contact you tru the phone or Instagram, it totally scam!!!

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