The Profitable Product Idea Challenge Review

Do you know the “SECRET” to guaranteed success as an on-line course author?

Marketing… audience… price point… these are all important to consider.

But the most important key to your successful on-line course?

The Big Idea behind it.

With the wrong idea — your product or course is likely to deliver disappointing results & leave you shaking your head wondering, where you went off track.

But the right product or course idea?

It could change everything for you.

Like it has for me & so many of our Five Day Challengers!

My name is Marisa Murgatroyd & here is what just one on-line course has meant for me:

  • I went from earning $50,000 a year, to a business poised to cross the Eight-figure mark in 2021 (even though my dad once told me I’d “no marketable skills!”).
  • Top leaders in the industry, like Josh Turner & Mary Morrissey, are coming to me to learn my methods &  ideologies… and implementing them in their own businesses.
  • I have made the Inc. 5000 List of Fastest Growing Companies… the past 2 years in a row!

What could the right product mean for you? And why wait to find out?

What Happens Each Day:

Day 1: The 4 Proven Approaches to Online Course Creation

I will show you FOUR easy and proven paint-by-numbers approaches to picking your perfect product idea. Basically pick one and you are off!

Day 2: The 20 Most Profitable Mega-Niches

Pick the best niche for you from my list of the 20 Most Profitable online course and product niches today

Day 3:
Identify Your Micro-Niche

Decide on your Profitable Topic with my E-Z Perfect Topic Checklist Author

Day 4: Define Your Target Audience

Discover your Most Profitable Target Audience using an easy Google trick I will show you

Day 5: State your Mission

Finally, craft your Profitable Product Mission Statement using my fill-in-the-blank template

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