The Wholesale Formula Review – Does It Really Work?

Discover everything you need to know about The Wholesale Formula in this in-depth review.

From what the program entails to its components and reverse sourcing wholesale, this review covers it all.

You’ll learn about the worth of the program, potential earnings, and customer reviews.

We’ll also explore the pros and cons, cost, and address frequently asked questions.

Get ready to dive into the world of wholesale with this comprehensive guide.

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1. Get to know The Wholesale Formula (TWF) in this brief overview.

TWF is an Amazon course that teaches individuals how to sell on the platform using the wholesale model, making it accessible to all, even those new to Amazon selling.

2. Who’s behind TWF? Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost, two successful Amazon sellers with over $30,000,000 in online sales generated from selling wholesale on Amazon, are the masterminds behind TWF.
They share their 8-figure-earning formula in the course, which focuses on the unique Reverse Sourcing Wholesale Business Model.

3. Learn about the comprehensive content included in The Wholesale Formula (TWF) course. The program features five training modules with over 90 videos, providing detailed instructions and tips.

Module 1 – Getting Started covers the basics of the Reverse Sourcing Wholesale model and how to set up an Amazon seller account.
Module 2 – Product Analysis includes ten videos on how to identify the best products to source, analyze competition, and understand the “Buy Box.”
Module 3 – Scheduling teaches the “TWF Scouting and Sourcing” system, as well as how to use tools like Jungle Scout and Amazon Filtering.
Module 4 – Value Propositions focuses on creating effective value propositions, building a professional website, optimizing Amazon listings, and using PPC.
Module 5 – Source reveals the systems used by Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost to contact brand owners, negotiate prices, and manage wholesale accounts.
The module also covers sales forecasting, completing orders, and reordering without missing a sale.

4. Bonus Features of The Wholesale Formula

The Wholesale Formula offers a range of bonuses to enhance the value of the course. These include:

Wholesale Formula Alumni Facebook Group: This group offers a platform for students to connect with successful Wholesale Formula graduates, ask questions, and learn about successful strategies.

VA Launchpad Access: This bonus provides training on how to hire and train virtual assistants to help scale your Amazon wholesale business.

$3,000 Worth of Discounts: Get access to premium software like Tactical Arbitrage and Jungle Scout.

Files and Resources: This bonus includes templates, spreadsheets, checklists, calculators, and cheat sheets that Dan and Dylan use to run their wholesale business.

Wholesale Formula Seminar Recordings: Over 10 hours of in-depth webinar replays that cover sourcing, product analysis, and growing your Amazon wholesale business, among other topics. Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in running an Amazon wholesale business.

5. What is Reverse Sourcing Wholesale?

Reverse Sourcing Wholesale is the focus of The Wholesale Formula (TWF) and is one of the three main strategies for building a successful wholesale Amazon business. The other two strategies are Scouting and Sourcing.

In this formula, you purchase products directly from manufacturers rather than finding popular items on Amazon and contacting brand owners. This approach allows for a quicker and more straightforward purchasing process, as well as the ability to negotiate a better price.

In TWF, Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost guide you through the entire Reverse Sourcing Wholesale process, based on their own successful experience. The course covers all aspects of the wholesale process, from finding manufacturers to managing and expanding your business.

Compared to other strategies used by Amazon sellers, wholesaling provides a unique approach to growing your sales on the marketplace.

Wholesaling vs. Private Label

Wholesaling allows you to source products directly from the manufacturer, avoiding the difficulties of working with suppliers. Additionally, there is no need to launch a new product and create an Amazon listing, which can be time-consuming and expensive. With a private label, however, you must launch your product and build a presence on Amazon, which may take longer to generate sales.

Wholesaling vs. Retail Arbitrage

In wholesaling, you can quickly restock your inventory when it runs low, while retail or online arbitrage requires consistent sourcing and deal hunting to keep your Amazon store running. Additionally, wholesaling has a lower risk of breaking policy requirements and legal issues with brand owners, as you work closely with manufacturers to minimize conflicts.

7. The Wholesale Formula is designed to help you earn money online by selling profitable products on Amazon.

So, how much can you make by applying the Wholesale strategy?

As a new seller, let’s say you source one product from 10 suppliers and sell 5 units daily for each product. This results in 50 daily sales, or 1,500 monthly sales. If your profit margin is $3.50 per product, your monthly profit would be $5,250.

The Wholesale method also enables you to quickly restock and have the products delivered to your Amazon warehouse in just a few days. This way, you’ll always have enough inventory to keep selling consistently.

To summarize:
10 x 5 = 50 daily sales
50 x 30 = 1,500 monthly sales
1,500 x $3.50 = $5,250 monthly profit

As you sell, you can test new products and quickly build an inventory of various products, leading to even more profits. If 10 products can generate more than $5,000 monthly, think about the potential earnings from selling hundreds of products.

And with the power of Amazon, it’s possible to sell 1,500 products per month!

8. The Wholesale Formula program costs $2,997 or can be paid in 4 installments of $874 each. It also comes with $3,000 worth of bonuses and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Reviews of the program are positive, with many students reporting real results and calling it one of the best Amazon courses they’ve taken. Aymeric Monello, a first-generation immigrant, praised the course and its accompanying videos showing real people achieving success. These positive reviews suggest that The Wholesale Formula is the go-to course for mastering wholesale on Amazon.

9. The Wholesale Formulas Advantages and Disadvantage

The Wholesale Formula has been successful in helping people make money online through wholesaling, but like any course, it has its advantages and disadvantages.


Comprehensive core course material
Wholesaling is a proven formula for earning big profits on Amazon
VA Launchpad model teaches delegation skills for scaling your business
Lifetime access to free course updates
Positive reviews demonstrate the effectiveness of the program.


The course is only open for enrollment once a year.

10. Wholesale Formula Review – Is this Course Worth It?

The Wholesale Formula is a valuable investment if you aim to master wholesale sourcing. To determine the worthiness of a program, it is important to examine both positive and negative reviews.

Negative reviews show that the program may not live up to its promises or even be a scam. Fortunately, TWF has received numerous positive reviews from students who have successfully utilized the course to build a thriving business. However, it’s important to keep in mind that enrolling in the course is just the first step. Achieving success requires diligent effort and hard work – success won’t come easy.

The Wholesale Formula Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some common questions people ask about the Wholesale Formula (TWF) program.

Is TWF the best Amazon wholesale course?

TWF is a reputable Amazon wholesale course that stands out from others due to several reasons. The course is taught by experienced Amazon wholesalers and provides access to a group of successful students for inspiration. Additionally, Dan and Dylan offer excellent customer support throughout the course. Numerous reviews from students who have built successful online businesses by implementing the course’s teachings confirm its effectiveness.

Does TWF work?

Yes, TWF works. The creators, Dan and Dylan, have generated over $30 million in sales using the program. More than 5,000 students have completed the course since its launch and have shared positive reviews and success stories. While the course requires hard work to achieve a solid income, the program is well-structured and easy to understand.

Is TWF a scam or legitimate?

TWF is legitimate. The creators, Dan and Dylan, are real people engaged in a genuine Amazon FBA business. The course is well-received, with many real-life reviews from students detailing how TWF has helped them create a sustainable income.

Can Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost make you rich?

TWF provides comprehensive information on wholesaling, but it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme. The course doesn’t guarantee wealth, but with hard work and consistency, students can achieve life-changing results.

Is TWF available to those outside the United States?

Yes, students from any location can enroll in TWF. You can source products from a US-based supplier and ship to customers, even if you’re not in the country.

How long is access to TWF available?

Upon enrolling in TWF, students receive lifetime access and free updates. Additionally, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee for those who aren’t satisfied with the course.

To conclude my Wholesale Formula review, let me summarize what I’ve covered.

If you’re searching for a thorough and complete course to grow your Amazon venture, TWF is a top-notch choice. The course is kept up to date, ensuring you always have access to the latest strategies and techniques. Additionally, with the 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try it with no risk involved.

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