Thrive Architect Review: Creating Attractive Layout & Landing Page

Thrive Architect: Creating Attractive Layout & Landing Page

Many website users are not website designers.

They struggle to create awesome layouts and landing pages.

Before that Thrive Architect was not yet founded, creating eye-catching layouts and landing pages is such a strain.

Now that this tool exists, all it takes is to install a WordPress plugin.

In this article, I will tell about how easy it is to make visually impressive posts and pages without wasting time and resources.

What is a Thrive Architect?

Thrive Architect is a WordPress plugin, a visual page builder that eases the means to create an attractive, eye-catching, and conversion focused pages. Thrive Architect is considered by its developer as the fastest and the most intuitive visual editor in WordPress.

Using Thrive Architect, you will be able to build pages quickly by just using a drag and drop editor. You don’t have to spend several hours working for a page to look good and no need to fiddle around short codes, HTML, and CSS.

By the use of Thrive Architect, you can do many things for your page layout. You can create a homepage by the use of the pre-designed template, or you can use other elements such as icons, columns, and buttons to your theme.

Another thing, you can build a landing page using the built-in lead generation element that can help you grow your mailing list. Then, you can format your blog post using many features such as content boxes and the styled list so that your post will stand out in the crowd. Finally, you can create sales pages, product launch pages, webinar pages, and many more.

Although WordPress is an excellent blogging tool, it does not build professional web pages unless you use a WordPress tool. With the use of Thrive Architect, website developers around the world get help from Thrive Architect to make an eye-catching and conversion-focused landing pages, and posts.

How to Build Pages with Thrive Architect?

Using Thrive Architect brings two ways to create or build a page. The first option is to use the pre-designed page template. The second option is to start from scratch using a blank template. Both of these ways are valid and super helpful.

When I don’t have the luxury of time, I use the pre-designed template. However, if I am in the mood, and I have little time to spend, I build my pages from scratch. I open a blank page, and there I create my own design.

Just launch the Thrive Architect by choosing the button if you want to create a page, and it will open the window to start your page. At the top, you will see the menu for the default header and the title.

If you click on the add button (+) located at the right side of the page, the Thrive Architect menu will appear.

How to Use the Landing Page Template?

Using Thrive Architect gives an option of over a hundred templates that are pre-designed pages, and the great thing is that you can publish it straight away. To suit your business, you’ll just have to edit a little bit. The good thing is that you have started it already. If you click the cloud button, the window will appear.

What are the Sets of Landing Page Templates?

The templates for landing pages are grouped into sets. When you start writing, you’ll see that there are 40 landing template sets, and wait, there is more to come. Each set uses similar design components to be able to create a consistent look and then feel.

Say, for atomic template set, you’ll get a lead generation page, a 2-step lead generation page, confirmation page, videos sales page, download page, webinar registration, streaming, and replay page.

How to Customize a Template?

After you have chosen a template for the landing page, you can begin to customize it using the visual editor. This includes each of the element like heading, button, text, icon, and others. When you select an element, the editing options appear.

Say, if you selected the heading element, you can modify the text or alter its layout and its position. You can add a border, apply a background style, and many more. In just a few clicks, you will be able to adjust the style and the branding that you want.

If you like the template that you used before, you can save the template and use the same version.

Thrive Architect is definitely the fastest way to create landing pages, build an email list, get more leads than before.

How to start with a blank page?

There is a time starting on a blank page is more appropriate. For example, you like the design that you see from another website, and you wish to build the same. Using a blank page, you can take advantage of various design elements.

First is full-width background whatever theme are you using. You can add an image as the base and apply a solid color at the top of it. Then, you can add as many layers as you can to get the effect that you desire.

There are other layer options like its color, its pattern, and video background. You can create a split screen effect if you use the full-width background section and the two columns.

The good thing with the vertical split layout is that you can add other elements like image and text, video screenshot, video camera, and different combinations.

Next, you will get to use the content box. It’s a dual purpose design that serves as a container for contents a sit holds several elements that you want to use in the same way. Also, you can highlight other essential parts of the content.

The content icon contains the icon and a text. The special thing about it is the use of drag and drop handle. Also, if you have made a content box that you think can become useful, you can save it as a content template.

Lastly, testimonials. Adding testimonials to a page demonstrates social proof. Thrive Architect has more than 30 testimonial templates that you can modify and customize to fit your business.

How to Add Lead Generation options?

Landing pages aim to generate leads and Thrive Architect provides two options for lead generation.

The first is the 1- step opt-in, you can just drag and drop the lead generation element from the sidebar to the page. You can assemble this field in vertical or horizontal. Then, you can customize the colors and the texts.

The second is 2-step opt-in with the use of Thrive Lightbox. In this feature, you choose which elements of your page be the trigger, and you use animation and action so that you can invoke the lightbox. You can configure the button click to open a lightbox with an effect like zoom.

Similar to all the pages in Thrive Architect, you may customize the design of the lightbox using the visual editor.

Whatever method you use to capture email addresses, you have to connect the lead generation form to the email service, and Thrive Architect will let you do it through API or HTML Form.

What’ s My Thought?

Thrive set a new benchmark through Thrive Architect. I must say that the visual editor is quick while providing impressive result. It’s very easy to use, and it includes conversion-focused elements.

Through Thrive Architect, you can create beautiful and engaging content in WordPress much easier.

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