Thrive Optimize Review: A/B Testing a WordPress Website

Thrive Optimize: A/B Testing a WordPress Website

If you are a blogger, an online affiliate marketer, or an online business owner, I am sure that you tried the hardest way possible to get traffic.

Are you A/B testing your content? If not, you may be leaving out some money that goes to you instead.

A/B testing optimizes your website by making a comparison between two or more versions of individual pages against one another and sees what version has the most clicks and the most email sign-ups.

However, for some website users, A/B testing can become too complicated or too expensive, but using Thrive Optimize, you can get unlimited testing in just a one-time payment.

Thrive Optimize, undoubtedly is the best A/B testing you’ll find.

What are the Core Features of Thrive Optimize?

 You can find Thrive Optimize as an addition in your Thrive Architect builder. In short, it’s an add-on. Using this tool, you can efficiently run an A/B test to your pages inside the interface of the Thrive Editor.

Upon the start of the A/B test, you can get the following:

  • Create a new version from scratch and check if there is a change.
  • Duplicate a current page to create another version, then make some changes and test it.
  • Divide the traffic between the unlimited variants the way you’d like it to be. Say, 50% of the traffic to Control Page, 30% traffic to Variant A and 20% to Variant B.

You can evenly split the traffic if you want to, and choose the goal that you want to run a test with.

Now, what actions do you want to optimize with testing? It can be any of the following:

  • Revenue: Manually enter the value for each user that visit one or more of your thank you pages, and your revenue for each variation will be tracked.
  • Subscriptions: Track the subscribers for every variety, of course, have at least one lead generation in every variant.
  • Visit Goal Page: Track the number of visits in one or more pages that you specify.

Start your test, and you can watch the data in a very easy to use dashboard. Anytime, you can stop a variant.

When you activate Thrive Optimize, it will automatically declare one variation as the winner, and stop the other after the criteria are met. As you see, it’s totally hands-off testing, just set it, and forget it.

By the way, remember that this tool can only be used for pages and not for posts even though with posts created with Thrive Architect.

How to create A/B Test using Thrive Optimize?

Thrive Optimize is undoubtedly the most accessible tool for A/B testing. It’s the reason why it’s my favorite.

So, for the first step, open the page that you decide to test using Thrive Architect builder. Then, just click the button for creating a new A/B test button. It is located in the right corner, on top.

Next is to create a new variant. Add variants to text against the control page, you can add as many as you want but make sure that you have enough of traffic to spread to different variants. It’s better if you will limit it from two to three variants.

Next is to create a new variant. Add variants to text against the control page, you can another you want but just make sure that traffic is enough to spread to different variants. It’s better if you will limit it from two to three variants. To create, you can duplicate, or you can add new variations.

Third, edit your variants. Start by clicking the icon (pencil) then hover it and click the Edit variation to edit it. You cannot modify the variant by merely using a regular WordPress editor, and you will not be able to continue editing the page or the variant using the WordPress editor after A/B testing is launched.

When you click Edit Variation, Thrive Optimize will take you back to the Thrive Architect interface. You can then design your variant using the regular Thrive Architect options.

Next step is to choose the traffic distribution. You may use Traffic sliders in adjusting the traffic percentage. When you are ready for the test, just click Set Up and start the A/B Test button found at the top corner.

For the next step, choose the automatic winner setting, but this is only optional. Once the results are collected,  underperformers will automatically stop its performance and Thrive Optimize will make you just go with the winner.

By the way, you can personalize your test. You may enter your name and other details.

Further, choose the goal of the test to perform. Select from the three options. Once you are done configuring your goal for the test, just hit the Start A/B Test.

What’s the Results/Analytics of the A/B Test?

Thrive Optimize provides various means of viewing the reports of the test. At first, the tool gives a basic analytics interface of Edit Page.

What I like is that Thrive Optimize goes beyond just showing you the conversion rate.

Thrive Optimize also show us how each of the variants is compared with each other, improvement and the columns for the chance to beat the original. With these, you can quickly identify the winners.

You can also find out more, and get complete details by clicking the link of the view test details located at the bottom right of the interface. After this, a full report will open.

What is Thrive Optimize Dashboard Report?

Aside from the individual charts of the data, you also have access to the Optimize Dashboard. In this area, you can do the following:

  • See your active test.
  • View the overall statistics of the test.
  • Pull up the data for the old and completed test.

How much Thrive Optimize costs?

You have three options. First, own a Thrive Architect and a bundle of Thrive Optimize at $127 for one site license.

Second, if you have Thrive Architect, purchase Thrive Optimize alone at $67 for a single website.

Third, purchase a Thrive Theme membership at $19 in a month, billed yearly.

What are Pros and Cons of Thrive Optimize?

Thrive Optimize is very easy to use, you can get unlimited testing, the interface is one of a kind, Thrive Leads Boxes in integrated to make a test of the email opt-ins conversion rate.

Also, the feature of the automatic winner makes you see why it wins, and then forget the losers. Plus you have the option of paying one-time.

The only thing I don’t want is the fact that Thrive Optimize works only with the WordPress pages and it is tied to another tool, Thrive Architect but everything else, most notably its functionality, it is best and one of a kind.

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