Thrive Themes Review – Conversion Focused WordPress Themes

Thrive Themes Review: Conversion Focused Theme

 You landed on this review because you probably have searched about Thrive Themes.

Thrive Themes is known for being a focused conversion theme.

Using this theme gives you more chances of converting your visitors to becoming subscribers, and ultimately becomes customers and also clients.

Sounds good, right?

What is Thrive Theme?

You may know that behind a successful website is a great theme. There are thousands of themes available in WordPress, and you will feel crazy selecting from them which have different features as well as different prices.

One of the best themes advertised is the Thrive Theme. Because of its professional look and feel, I am pretty sure that you will like this theme.

In case you do not know, 38% of website visitors leave the site and stop engaging with it if t has a poor layout and design. So it is worth reading what Thrive Theme has to offer.

Thrive theme is very easy to use and 98% stable. Although the cost is a little bit pricey, it does not matter if you are aiming for an excellent website.

I must admit, there are other premium themes available in WordPress, but Thrive Themes is beyond them. There is an unmatched advantage of using this theme compared with other themes, most especially if your focus is conversion.

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What are the Pros of using Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes has handed up the advantage. It has the best visual editor with a visually appealing feature. I have enumerated below some of the pros that Thrive Themes can give you:

  • It has a conversion focus.
  • It is easy to use the drag and then drop editor, making your life in the business easy.
  • You can add various elements in your pages such as testimonials.
  • Pricing is very affordable.
  • This is the theme that is considered to be fast-loading.
  • It is fully optimized for SEO and mobile users.

What are Some Cons of using Thrive Themes?

  • Thrive theme is to be used only for WordPress CMS sites.
  • Usually, it is beneficial only for new pages and new posts. It can be challenging to modify old pages using the Thrive architect.
  • It may take time to become used to Thrive theme.

What else should you know about Thrive Themes?

Thrive Themes has a selection of robust WordPress themes as well as plugins which were developed by developer Shane Melaugh. This developer is also behind other tools for marketing such as the SE Cockpit, Hybrid Connect, and others. He is also the blogger behind

More often, when you pay for a WordPress theme that is premium, you will get the theme which you have paid for, however, Thrive theme is a bit different. Rather than paying a premium at WordPress theme for one time, you will pay for an annual membership which gives you access to several themes in WordPress and also plugins and this access is 100%.

It is fascinating to note that with an annual membership of Thrive Themes, you will have access to all its themes. The Thrive Themes have ten WordPress Themes. All of these themes are built with speed, clarity, and also readability.

Let me tell you this, apart from the fact that Thrive Themes are all beautiful; all of them are focused on the conversion element rather than its design appeal.

There are also Thrive themes that also work well for magazine style blogs, but there are more for selling products or services. However, having these two functions of themes are also available.

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What is Focus Blog theme?

The focused conversion themes or FocusBlog theme is one of my favorite themes. I can easily customize it; it is very mobile friendly, and lightweight. Aside from this, it is also search engine friendly. You will get an appealing site with a professional look.

When should you get a Focus Blog theme? Get this theme if you are targeting call to action, clean and ready to use WordPress theme. It is very ideal if you are on a marketing site or on a corporate website. If you are a local business owner, this is perfect for you.

What is a Storied Theme?

The Storied Theme is also a very professional looking theme. The focus of this is on media elements like images, audios, and videos.

You can use the Storied Theme if you are looking for a strong as well as clear focus conversion section with well-customized widgets. These areas will help you maximize your conversion by making your visitors engaged. This is ideal for an online magazine as well as bloggers.

What is Rise Theme?

The Rise Theme is prominent for its clean layout. It is perfect for blogging and for use with selling products and also affiliate marketing sites.

Some of the features that you will like about the Rise Theme are its different colors for the widgets and the focus areas, you can switch among five colors scheme to have a unique look across all its pages, and the availability of the short codes for further customization of your design.

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What is Performag theme?

The Performag Theme is one of the Thrive Themes intended for magazines. It is specially designed for websites in a magazine style. It is well-optimized for user engagement, social sharing, and adding revenues.

It is best to use Performag theme if you are looking for a highly customizable site and a magazine theme that is mobile friendly. Also, for infinite scrolling of the blog posts and other related posts. By the way, there is an inbuilt ad manager for the magazine layout.

What is a Voice Theme?

A Voice theme gives emphasis on podcasting, as well as, blogging. It features a unique headless design that I always enjoy looking.

The Voice theme houses portfolios of the author at the left column. This theme is actually perfect for personal branding.

You should consider the Voice Theme if you want to have fortified and easy navigation on your websites. It is ideal if you are going to showcase your portfolio.

What is Luxe Theme?

If you like the modern style, you may want to try the Luxe Theme.  This theme looks like a current fashion magazine.

This Luxe Theme is ideal for you if you are selling luxurious products or services. You can get this if your focus is readability, minimal designs yet with slight highlights or typography. Using this theme provides you an ability to put your posts in the front and enhance the experience of the users when they visit your websites.

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What is Pressive Theme?

A Pressive is a WordPress theme that centers on creating, blogging and marketing websites with a focus on significant volumes of multimedia.

If you need a theme that focuses on the highly converting section, then, this theme suits your taste. Besides that, you will also get a unique design and character on your website.

Further, a Pressive Theme is excellent to create sales pages and sales funnels.

What is Ignition theme?

So, Ignition Theme is impressive at its look. I like the Ignition because the emphasis is on building sales as well as product pages.

I must say that if you plan to have an e-commerce store, you should create a website using the Thrive Themes because you will be happy with the results.

If you take the Ignition theme, you will get a fully functional blog with mobile responsive performance. Its homepage has a beautiful design, and it has various widgets.

What is Squared Theme?

The Squared Theme is a multi-purpose theme. It is built in an eye-catching design and bold. Every element of it is designed to grab the attention of the readers.

Using the Squared Theme, you will have the chance to make your website a striking one while having a fast conversion in place.

If you use a Squared theme, then expect that you will get a striking design but this design is light for your eyes. No need to worry because you will not feel hard on your eye while you are looking at your site.

What is Minus Theme?

The Minus Theme is a minimalist theme available in WordPress. The theme tries to put many things in your content, both at its front and center. It has a lot of white spaces with a few distractions.

If you are interested in Minus theme, you will get a theme with a full conversion focus. Besides, it is a multi-purpose theme. It is also highly adaptable to any purpose.

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What other inclusions can you get if you subscribe?

Assuming that you purchased the Thrive Theme, now you can get its plugins. As you see, Thrive Theme gives the best value for your money by providing everything that you need in just one plan. You will have complete access to the themes and the following plugins:

  • Thrive Leads: This is a detailed email sign up form builder that consists of essential functions beyond the list of WordPress plugins.
  • Thrive Architect: This is a beautiful visual and drag and drop page builder. It was formerly called a Thrive content builder.
  • Clever Widgets: These Thrive Widgets help you display various widgets in your blog based on tags or categories and many others.
  • Headline Optimizer: This Thrive Optimizer helps you in testing your blog titles.
  • Thrive Ovation: This plugin makes you collect and show well-designed testimonials for your websites.
  • Quiz Builder: This helps create quizzes and show offers or add your visitors to your mailing list based on the answers that they have provided.
  • Thrive Ultimatum: This plugin helps in creating countdown timers that can drive the urgency.

By the way, aside from these plugins, you can also have access to Thrive University. This has a range of courses that can help you in mastering your digital marketing. Some of these courses are free while other courses are part of the membership.

What is the cost of Thrive Theme?

I must say that the price point of the Thrive Theme is very affordable especially for beginners, but the quality level is amazing. You can build million dollars of business using the theme.

When you decide to become a member of the thrive package, you will have access to the products for a lifetime. It is an excellent offer because they keep updating their products day by day. There is so much to gain when you subscribe.

There are two memberships available at Thrive Theme. The first is the Thrive Membership. For only $19 monthly if you for it annually, you can get access to all themes and plugins. If you choose to pay quarterly, you can have the option at $25 per month.

The next plan is the agency membership. The cost of each month if you will pay it for a year is $49 and $59 per month if you decide for a quarterly payment.

The best part of being a member of the Thrive is that you will have a full access to their current products, including the enhancements and updates, plus the ongoing support.

My Final Thoughts

Like I said, being a member of the Thrive is getting full access to the product. Besides, the fact that the theme is focused on generating more conversions, you are sure to boost your website conversion rate.

I actually have plenty of reasons to get the subscription or membership. It is mobile friendly, as you know many people use their phone to access the web. You can customize your website using your own taste and preferences. The theme is built for SEO and works very fast.

If you are still hesitant about investing in this premium WordPress theme, just know that the premium themes are faster than the basic theme. Thrive Themes are excellent in documentation; it has incredible features, excellent and quick customer support, and more secure.

Thrive membership provides a great value for your money. In fact, you will be able to economize with Thrive Theme rather than buying all these themes individually. There is no mistake in getting this product if it means getting all these features.

As my final word, these themes are built in the highest standard, and so you won’t have any regret.

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