Thrive Ultimatum Review: Urgency Marketing WordPress Plugin

Thrive Ultimatum: Urgency Marketing WordPress Plugin

Let me share a favorite quote which I think applies in this topic about Thrive Ultimatum.

According to Kim Rohn, without a sense of urgency, the desire loses its value.

Exactly true!

A lot of times, when visitors feel that an offer has a sense of urgency, the more likely they double time. They rush and get a click in a second.

Let me tell you the reason why you should try Thrive Ultimatum, Thrive Themes.

What is a Thrive Ultimatum?

Thrive Ultimatum is commonly known as a marketing tool used with urgency to increase conversion. It is built in WordPress. You can use Thrive Ultimatum if you want to launch a limited time offer.

Thrive Ultimatum can control the campaign that you want to display, when to show it, and when to remove it and direct it to another link.

What are the Features of Thrive Ultimatum?

  • At thrive Ultimatum, you can set a date for a start to the end of the campaign, and the plugin will take care of it. Hence, there is a fixed date for the campaign.
  • You can automatically start the campaign or stop it. If you wish to repeat the campaign, you can do so.
  • Experience an evergreen campaign. You can let your visitor experience a time-limited campaign.
  • You can run campaigns across multiple pages or across different pages in the entire websites.
  • Take advantage of Autopilot. You will not be staying awake in the middle of the night to check or switch the page link and the buy button.
  • You can create an unlimited campaign and have them run at the same time.
  • Have a countdown widget in the area you want it displayed from your website.
  • Using the floating footer bar, you can show a dynamic timer at the bottom of your page or use the floating header bar to show a countdown timer.
  • You can run your campaign at any time zone in a different language because Thrive Ultimatum supports it.
  • Take advantage of the dynamic updates, you can switch the message, display of timer, and its design during the campaign.
  • Get a drag and drop timer, add your choice of color, text, images, design, and more because you can have it 100% customized.
  • You will have a collection of the beautiful timer to add it to your website.
  • There are plenty of options for campaign templates that are pre-built, and these run fast.
  • Since your target is a bigger audience, coming from different parts of the world, it’s an advantage to you because the campaign is translatable.
  • Most people use a mobile phone, so it is your advantage if you use Thrive Ultimatum because all the countdown timers and the designs are 100% mobile responsive.
  • Use the auto-end campaign, this means that the campaign will automatically end if the customer had made a purchase.
  • Depending on your conversion goal, you can start a new campaign. This means that you can transfer a customer to a new campaign, which is helpful to make more conversion, especially if the customer had already purchased. ‘
  • It is worth sending a single link that will redirect the site visitor to a sales page.
  • Lockdown feature is even better because you can be sure that your evergreen campaign is authentic like limited time or real-time offer.
  • Trigger a countdown to campaign for new subscribers, better if you are a Thrive Lead user. So, start an opt-in campaign.
  • You can also trigger campaigns coming from email links.
  • Customer support is super excellent. If you have questions, the support staff will quickly assist you.
  • You can have access to the extensive knowledge from the tutorials and training.

How to create a new campaign?

It is pretty much easy to create campaigns, and I want to show you the most difficult one.

  1. Create a campaign. In the dashboard of WordPress sidebar, the tool will make you create campaigns.

When you decided to choose, and you go on with it, you will have options to choose from the plenty of pre-built campaigns.

On the other hand, you may choose the option that says build from scratch. Then, after you give a name to your campaign, you will see it in the dashboard.

You can also use some tips so that you will be guided and all you have to do is to follow the steps. Afterward, you’ll get your timer running. Since thrive Ultimatum is packed, the tips are convenient.

  1. Select the type of campaign. There are three options.

Let’s try to work on the evergreen campaign.

As you can see, you have the options about how long it will last.  If you like to activate the lockdown, whether you want the campaign to be repeated or not, or set a realistic time.

Most of all, do not forget to select a trigger type. Do you want Thrive Leads Conversion? It’s for you to decide.

  1. Select how you want the countdown timer is displayed. Choose your spot, whether it is on the individual page or in a combination of posts and pages or in the entire site. You just have to check the box.

You can save the display template, this way, you can reuse the same.

  1. Design the countdown timer. You can actually select the timer that you want to display and customize the design. You have the options to choose from the top to bottom ribbons, widgets, and shortcode.

Based on what you have selected, you will see the sets of templates suited for the location.

Based on what you have selected, you will see the sets of templates suited for the location.

After selecting the template, you are free to customize it further using the Thrive Architect.

Then, you will see that the timer is ready. You can add an event to your timer.

Selecting the plus button makes you add a new timeline event, which is advantageous if you prefer to change the design of the countdown timer two hours before.

Using Thrive Ultimatum may not be your choice, but using it adds more urgency campaigns that can lead to high conversions.

You can view the statistics of your countdown campaign after you set it live.

Why do I Love Thrive Ultimatum?

 There are many reasons why I love Thrive Ultimatum as my marketing tool.

  1. My site is built in WordPress. Since Thrive Ultimatum is a native of WordPress, I don’t have to use a third-party plugin. In this environment, it’s plug and play.
  2. Beautiful template. I believe that Thrive Ultimatum gives a gorgeous look of countdown display. There are also a lot of options for pre-built templates that you can choose from. If you wish, you can even create your own professional countdown timer within a few clicks.
  3. Easy-use. Using Thrive Ultimatum gives the benefit of an easy use plugin. You can easily control as to where the widget is displayed. You will have options for the locations of the widgets. It can be at the top as a top ribbon or at the bottom, or anywhere else in the screen. You can choose the location within a few clicks.
  4. You can integrate with your existing site. Whenever your website is built with WordPress, it can seamlessly fits and works very well with other plugins.
  5. Using Thrive Ultimatum means doing a better job in marketing because it allows users to concentrate on the most important without worrying about technology.
  6. You can create various campaigns as it allows for multiplicity. Depending upon the campaign that you are currently running, just select the ones that fit your needs. It is flexible and very versatile.

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