Unicorn Smasher Review – How to Use the On Page Tool

Unicorn Smasher: How to Use the On Page Tool

The way to use the On Page tool to save you time!

Updates: On Page Tool v2.8

BSR tab: Up to 3 ranks of most products in different categories can be tracked & shown on the graph
Available in Amazon US, UK, DE, FR, ES, IT, JP and CA

The On Page tool was created to make your work more efficient. Here you can find an introduction & quick start guide, all in one place! We will go through BSR Ranking, Optimize, Competition, Keywords, Account Settings, Feedback & Vipon Promotion areas of this powerful software.

First you need to install the free Unicorn Smasher program, then navigate to any product on Amazon. Whilst Unicorn Smasher works with Amazon search results, the On Page program works on individual listing pages. When you scroll down, just below the product information you’ll see this window.

Log in to your AMZ Tracker account, by clicking the blue login button in the top right of the tool. If you do not see the new window after installing Unicorn Smasher, send a message to our support team. After clicking login, you’ll be redirected to the login screen. The URL below shows the official login address.

After successfully logging in you’ll see this window, to determine the type of data that is pulled from Amazon. Select whether this product is yours, a competitors or simply for research. You can set the data to be shown weekly or monthly, & will also display the sales ranking. Please note the data is collected from the day you add it to your system, so your data will look similar to the one below.

You can always change the setting of your product, to my product, competitors or research. By clicking the cog wheel & ‘Set’ button in the top right of the tool.

Clicking Optimization will bring up a list of suggestions to improve your listing. You can also use this to determine where your competitors weak points are. For research it helps identify how you can achieve a jump start to achieve the Buy Box.

The Keywords tool enables you to research, collect & track keywords without leaving the page. Enter a seed word & our system will search thousands of search terms from real customers. If you think it’s applicable for your product or even a future product, hit Add Keywords to track the data.

Moving on to the Competitors Sales section, you can add similar, sponsored & suggested products to your tracking list. Identify the products that are pushed to shoppers & often bought alongside. If you’ve selected the product as My Competitor you won’t see this option.

Please wait up to 48 hours for the data to sync, if 48 hours have passed please contact the support team. You will notice the data is similar to what you see in Unicorn Smasher. However your data is stored within AMZ Tracker, ready to review & analyse.

The Account Settings tool gives you the ability to quickly increase your limit, should you hit a bottleneck. The last thing you want when you find an interesting item with potential, is to be limited in your progress. Now you do not need to worry, with a few clicks you can open the gates and unleash AMZ Tracker!

Here you can leave us feedback, since On Page tool is brand new we appreciate any suggestions you have. You never know, it may end up being our newest feature!

Finally, we reach our Vipon program. You can now publish your promotion with ease. You’ll be redirected to your AMZ Tracker account, where you can review the details before making it live. The small black line or ‘minus’ button will reduce the size of the window, clicking the cross or ‘plus’ button will increase the size again.

So that is everything for the new On Page tool. Let us know what you think or ask a question to our support team, anytime you like!

After comparing & reviewing the two softwares, Jungle Scout remains the better choice for users because it presents a lot more benefits as compared to unicorn smashers.

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