UpLead Review: Drives Growth by Connecting with the Prospects


Online Marketing is an essential component of online business to succeed.

Part of it is the need for the best online generation tool.

Many online marketers are lucky enough to drive growth to their business.

The secret is UpLead to connect with prospected clients.

In this article, you will know about UpLead and how it can help a marketer like you. The UpLead alternative you’ve been looking for.

What is UpLead?

UpLead is a popular lead generation tool, a B2B sales intel platform. It helps businesses grow by providing ways to connect with potential customers easily. UpLead is a tool that gives access to millions of business contacts that are fully verified.

Ever since the team that works behind this fantastic tool is composed of marketers, researchers, developers, and employees that are all committed to supplying quality and reliable data to increase sales.

UpLead is a bootstrapped company with a team of agile workers that can quickly adapt to technological updates. This team composes of 21 cheerful and experienced people from eight countries.

The founder and CEO of this amazing tool is Will Cannon. Matt D. is the product team head while Nicole C. is the customer success in-charged. Lilly H, Russel T., and Mike J are always ready for any customer support needs. If you need anything about your UpLead account, Jack F. is the account executive. Sergery N. Sergery I., Mykhailo K., Zoran D., Alan M., Alex M., Tati P., Sergery S., and Boris S. are the ones dedicated for web development with help from the web designers, Mauro S., and Emin R. Meanwhile, Zarko Z. is in charge of marketing while Max B and Cherie F. are responsible for contents.

What are UpLead’s values?

The meaning of the acronym CAIN summed up the core of the UpLeaders’ culture. These are the values that they imbibed:

  • Customer-driven. The team of UpLead prioritized understanding the customers’ needs and fulfilling them to the best heights possible. You can be assured that the team is honest, helpful, and caring.
  • Ambitious. This simply means that the team behind the UpLead is enthusiastic and determined to achieve the company’s big goal to create a sustainable company.
  • Always Improving. The staff is studios, innovative, and highly curious. They never stop learning to improve the product and deliver the best one possible to the clients.
  • Nimble. The staff is driven, efficient, and very resourceful.

What are the Features of UpLead?

UpLead is undoubtedly pouring growth in your business because through this tool, you can easily and quickly connect with potential customers. You get a record of the qualified prospects. No wonder why UpLead is trusted by professionals and big companies. So, what really can you do with UpLead?

  • Build a targeted list. The database has more than 46 million contacts in over 200 countries in the world. With UpLead, you can build your contacts and the companies with the use of different criteria of up to more than 50 options. These criteria include job title, location, industry, management level, employees, job function, revenue, and many others.
  • Get a detailed profile that brings the lead to life. Leads are not just Leads, they are living and breathing people. They have a diverse background that makes who they are. UpLead helps you in creating a rich profile for you to picture them out clearly.
  • You can track the technology that people use. Target a new account by tracking them. This is how it works: you can determine your new target by finding out a new account that uses a particular technology like the CRM. You can have an option of over 16, 000 technologies to find a perfect prospect in just a second.
  • Data is accurate and well-verified. For every successful marketing campaign and sales, the data quality seemed very important, so UpLead gives accurate and updated information. With this being done, you save time and resources. Every email address in your list is verified and quality. It drives growth in conversion and sales.
  • Wider opportunities. This is a good thing, with UpLead, you will be able to grow your business because the software provides an extensive database. You can stay up with a focus to reach new clients because of the massive database of UpLead.
  • You will do an account-based marketing. Because the email addresses provided are well-verified to ensure an accurate contact and company database, this ensures efficiency.
  • You can enrich the data. Using UpLead, you can append over 50 fields to get detailed contact information of the prospects in as quick as a second.
  • You can easily do the integration by exporting the leads directly to the CRM.

How much data you can access with UpLead?

You can access as much as data as you can, more than the data that you may need. You get access to the highest quality data because UpLead has the following:

  •    Over 46 millions of B2B contacts including its email addresses
  •    Has more than 45 million records of global company profile
  •    Consists of more than 21 million profiles of companies from the United States
  •    Has a guarantee of 95% accuracy

What are the steps taken for UpLead’s Collection of Data and Verification?

UpLead has taken several steps to make sure that it collects the most reliable and valid data.

  •    Step 1. UpLead searched and analyzed plenty of public documents to find relevant information.
  •    Step 2. It is not enough to just consider the data from the public documents, there is a need for supplemental information. So to make the data more comprehensive, UpLead took the initiative to source out from trustworthy third parties.
  •    Step 3. UpLead analyzed, categorized, and label the data.
  •    Step 4. Testing and validation are done. This removes old, incorrect, and unverified information.
  •    Step 5. Only the accurate information is loaded to the database of UpLead. This is accessible for the customers through API or Web App.
  •    Step 6. When customers download the data, UpLead performs a real-time verification of email. This is the final test to make sure that the data is of high quality.
  •    Step 7. Accurate data are the ones delivered to the clients. If the data could not be verified, the UpLead team conducts verification manually.
  •    Step 8. The researchers of UpLead keeps the information in the database up to date.

What are some reviews from clients?

By far, customers of UpLead say many good things about the data quality. Jonathan Hall, the founder of BlueTrain, a marketing and advertising agency, is pleased with the quality and the functionality that it got from UpLead.

Michael Hickerson, a vice president of Bake Me A Wish, a consumer good, was impressed by UpLead after it gives an easy to download targeted list. This is a contact that no one finds on Google. You won’t need to spend thousands of dollars for list generators because UpLead does it best.

David Manney, a sales and marketing coordinator in Schuette Metals, said that the data that UpLead provides are accurate. The list of contacts from UpLead is beneficial. Plus, he was surprised by the friendly customer support. His problem was solved quickly.

Beverly Azanbou, a software engineer in Finicity, found the UpLead interface very easy to use. She discovered that UpLead does all the hard work for the clients. Then the information it provides about the prospected clients is accurate.

Zachary Dziadaszek, an account executive in Transportation Resources, found that the leads are super in terms of quality. He liked the fact that he can get an about 100 quality leads then send them an email in just an hour. He can spend the rest of the day to strengthen bonds with the potential costumers rather than searching over the internet to look for leads.

These people are only a few of the customers who were happy with the result that UpLead had brought them and their companies. Lucky I am because I experience the same, the most accurate generation tool. I was so amazed when I saw increase traffic and sales for the very first time, many of them came from the downloaded UpLead’s contact list.

UpLead Faq’s

Can UpLead users export their leads?

UpLead users can export their leads either into a comma-separated values (CSV) file or directly into their CRM tool. Some of the supported CRM tool include Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Pipedrive, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and also Insightly.

Can UpLead users save their researches?

UpLead users can save search results for specific queries and also filters. They can assign a name for the save and also access it for future use.

Do UpLead users’ down loaded contacts still appear on new searches?

Users can upload a list of e-mails, telephone numbers, or company URL’s that they already have. The platform will automatically exclude these leads from succeeding searches.

Our Final Verdict

The UpLead alternative you’ve been looking for.  Automate Your Lead Generation and Cold Emails Find leads and outreach in seconds with personalized, effective emails. ( Find Local B2B Leads, Email Outreach, Automate & Track)

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