Upviral Review -The Ultimate Viral Referral System

What is UpViral?

UpViral is a cloud based software(SaaS) to easily create viral competitions, giveaways & sweepstakes. People can join your contest/giveaway by sharing your content on social networks (or generating a lead or visiting an URL).

UpViral supports the 5 major social networks: Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest & LinkedIn. The more people share, the more (entry) points they get & the higher the chance to win the contest or get more free rewards.

You can promote any landing page you want. But to get the best ROI & for a “never ending” viral loop, you want to get new emails & build your list by setting up a lead page. Hence, think about a webinar registration page, an early bird subscription page for a new product, a squeeze page with freebie to join your list etc.

The goal is that people will take an action (visit a web-site, generate a lead or share your page) in exchange for a change to win a price or get a reward if they reach a certain number of entry points.

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Who is Wilco de Kreij?

Wilco de Kreij – a full-time internet marketing “whiz kid” who started at the age of Sixteen, when he started selling sunglasses on-line. Over the next decade and then some, Wilco has created several online marketing applications & WordPress plugins.

Wilco spearheads a diverse, talented team of programmers, developers, designers and on the internet marketing professionals to ensure that Connectio continues to grow as a top-shelf application.

Wilco De Kreij’s products

  1. Connect Explore (New! Revolutionary FB interest targeting tool)
  2. Connect Audience (Seamless autoresponder & Facebook account retargeting integration for massive ROI boosts)
  3. Connect Leads (Get Two-click FB Leads into your email list)
  4. UpViral (The Ultimate Viral Referral Marketing Platform)
  5. Connect Retarget (Powerful Fb retargeting software for smarter retargeting)
  6. ConnectAutomate helps you identify ‘winning’ ads, and eliminates losers so you only put $ behind likely winners
  7. ConnectVideo helps advertisers get retargeting back, even on iOS14!

Wilco de Kreij is well known for his high-quality software products, in particular software created to help advertisers on Facebook get a better return on investment (ROI).

Wilco is from the Netherlands and lives in Maarssen, Utrecht, where his software development company Connectio is based.

How does UpViral work?

Log in to your application & create your campaign by giving it a name:

Step One: Appearance settings. Create your Lead & Thank You pages with the built-in templates. And set/select your Social Appearance settings (which of the five Social Networks you want to use).

Step Two: Rewards settings. Reward points: you can select how many entries someone gets for sharing (contest), generating leads or visiting certain web pages. Or specify (link to) your reward down-load pages (giveaways/sweepstakes).

Step Three: Set-up your General settings. Se-tup your Auto-responder & create your follow-up email series.

Step Four: Publish your contest via embed code on any web-site you control. You can either publish the contest on your webpage or show it as a po-pup.

Demo Video

Main features of UpViral

With UpViral you get these features & benefits:

  • Easy simple step-by-step Contest/Reward Manage System. Because it’s cloud based, you do not need anything to upload & you can have access from any device yow want with internet connection.
  • Easy dashboard to fully manage your campaigns. You can manage every aspect of you campaigns from 1 dashboard.
  • Ready-made templates for your landing & thank you pages. Just grab a template & customize it with the WYSIWYG editor. Or create more than one & split test them.
  • Unlimited Competitions & Rewards.
  • Supports social sharing to all major Social Networks (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & Pinterest). You can fully customize the sharing text message & image for each social network (with easy preview mode).
  • Save & export e-mail addresses. UpViral automatically saves all the participants e-mail addresses which you can easily export as .csv file.
  • Autoresponder (API) Integration. Supports all major E-mail Service Providers.
  • Enable/Disable double opt-in emails. When enabled your viewers will need to confirm their e-mail before their entry counts. A great way to make sure that no “fake” e-mails end up being in your contest.
  • Use your own SMTP Mail Server. Just add your own PostMark or SendGrid account at the “General Settings” of your account.
  • One-Click Signup and Share Links for your current e-mail subscribers. Super new cool feature. Now you can send out e-mails to your existing subscribers & ask them to join your contest/giveaway – fully automated with the proper links (inside the e-mail) that they can share to get their rewards.
  • Add custom fields (besides Name and Email). You can collect any kind of information from your audience (e.g. location, phone number, etc).
  • Email Automation & Follow-Up System (to stimulate participants to take more action & notice them for getting extra points).
  • A/B Split Testing. Split-test multiple lead-magnet pages to determine best opt-in rates. Split-test multiple Thank You pages to get the page that’s shared the most. Split-test multiple e-mails to determine best click/open rates.
  • Fully Customizable Referrer & Rewards System. Rewards can be URL, downloadable file or coupon code. Referrer points can be given for sign-up, referred visitors or referred leads. And of course, you can give (different) points for sharing on each Social Network.
  • Fully Mobile Optimized.
  • Automated Security Tool. Auto fraud detection via cookies & IP tracking with reporting.
  • Built-in Tracking System and Statistics. Easily track performance of all your campaigns & manage your leads.
  • Support & complete training inside the UpViral Learning Center accessible via the dashboard.
  • and more…

UpViral Giveaway Actions

In UpViral, users need to earn points for entry into your campaign. The more points that people earn, the more opportunities they’ve of winning your grand prize.

Customers can earn points by performing actions on the following platforms:

You can even create custom actions that align with your business goals. For instance, you can ask users to:

Visit your shop
Read a blog post
Visit your webpage
Watch a video
Download your free guide
Signup for free training
And more

Publishing Your Giveaway with UpViral

After creating a giveaway with UpViral, you can publish it in several ways, for a way you set your giveaway up.

If you are hosting your giveaway on UpViral, the platform will publish your giveaway using a domain name with UpViral’s branding. However, if you’ve the right pricing plan, you can use a custom domain name.

On the other hand, if you are hosting a giveaway on your web site or third-party tools, you will need to copy & paste several codes to embed your giveaway.

UpViral Integrations

UpViral works with most e-mail marketing services to grow your email list and client relationship managers (CRM), such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, and more.

You can also use UpViral to send referral codes directly in your automatic e-mails if you are using an auto responder.

When is Upviral Needed?

When Running Viral Giveaway Campaigns

Get those who visit your site bring in other visitors by offering them an incentive or a reward or some value. This technique works very well when you’re running an e-commerce shop or trading on Shopify.

When Running Viral Competition

You can use the competition idea to popularize your product, site or service via Twitter & Facebook within minutes.

Generate Lots of Viral Traffic to Your Launch

If you happen to be introducing a new service or product, then this is for you! Generate an immense amount of guides with very little or even no advertising at all.

More and More From UpViral!

UpViral is unbelievably simple to use & taps right into your existing sites & pages. You may not believe how easy it gets your initial campaign up & running, but it incorporates seamlessly with LeadPages & ClickFunnels as well as OptinPop and UberOtin. Both OptinPop and UberOptin are part of the UpViral bonus, so you do not need to create out new funnels if you already have some.

Pros And Cons Of Upviral

Upviral is an online marketing site that helps business and enterprises market their goods and services. They achieve this by initiating viral in social media trends. This can be done by running viral giveaways, contest and sweepstakes. They also launch new product in the market by creating brand awareness. The following are some of the pros and cons of using Upviral.

Pros Of Upviral

Low Advertising Cost

Unlike adverting in commercial media Upviral provides a cheaper alternative. In order to have a broader reach you had to use T.V, radio and print which were all very expensive. Upviral utilizes the broad reach of social media while still being affordable. Traditional advertising requires on to

Increase In Credibility

When people frequently see your product or services trending your brand achieves recognition. Once your brand becomes recognizable, consumers trust you more. This can lead to an increase in sales.


In the competitive world of business one needs to stand out. Viral marketing is one of the ways this can be achieved. Sites such as Upviral will help you stand out by coming up with innovative and interactive trends that will attract potential consumers.


Viral marketing allows you to attract a huge amount of traffic in a short amount of time. By creating a viral trend, you will be able to attract potential consumers’ attention. If you manage to maintain those levels you will be able to achieve brand growth and development at a faster rate than which traditional media would allow.

Mainstream Media Exposure

Viral marketing if done correctly will draw the attention of the mainstream media. This will provide your product with more exposure attracting more potential customers.

Cons Of Upviral

Less Control

When engaging in social marketing you do not have control on how consumers interact with your message or product.  Your messages can be misunderstood or interpreted negatively. This can damage your brand and repel potential customers.


Marketing efforts should be measured so as to gauge their efficiency. Viral marketing can swing either way so you can never tell what you rate of return is going to be. Some campains can become viral immediately while come take time. The lack of data will hinder the producer from knowing what they need to do differently so as to attract new customers.

All this Power. One Simple Platform.

It’s all there at you fingertips.

01: You log in. Select your templates.
You create your campaign. You monitor its success.

02: You setup some A/B tests.
Fine-tune you e-mail marketing.

03: You check your stats.
They are off the charts. You are viral!

04: You select your winners.
You watch your referrals growing and also compounding

05: Congrats.
You never left the dashboard.

Personal Experience

I have a good experience with this Upviral marketing site. The main features which impress me a lot is that it provides a flexible way in marketing a product and this is done through the provision of metrics and analysis tools to run any type of viral campaign. It possesses a complete automation feature which considers filly customizable email according to our needs. It is very interesting for me to add various platforms such as FB and twitter to get synchronized with my email account and so this helps in marketing the product in an easy way.

Moreover, this marketing referral also features A/B split testing facility and it aims to provide split-test multiple lead-magnet pages which helps in figuring out the best opt-in rates for various products along with best sharing rates. The most interesting which I felt is that it aids in easy multiplying existing email list through the embedded links in the existing emails irrespective of the auto responder. With the length of one-click share button you get the subscribers in a form of a group to further promote the market and hence makes it more profitable one (Upviral, 2018).

The addition of the subscribers immediately multiplies the audience and creates a self-sustaining fresh leads from existing resources. My experience with the referral link system was also great where it gives me usage based points system and that points are in the form of rewards and so it also helps in generating unique referral invite links. Tis site also features a full control over the number and type of points per action and it also offers various other incentives for sharing irrespective of the actions (Upviral, 2018).

Coming to the customizable rewards and I have used very extensively and it features automatic goal based rewards such as sharing on social media generates points in the form of reward. Nest is the rewarding system on the basis of points accumulated or goals met. It also allows you to provide downloadable files, links and discount coupons as incentives and other rewards. The point system which I am very familiar with is the fully automated without any human interaction and it works on its defined settings.

Considering the contest promotions and according to my knowledge it is very friendly and it allows both automatic and manual selection. Plus it includes easy scheduling to supervise multiple contests and also give the chance of automated prize notification and awarding. Lastly which I liked very much is the additional custom sharing opportunities for contestants. Now comes the automated security and analytical tools which I have personally experienced and the overall package is excellent (Upviral, 2018). It works on the basis of auto fraud detection via IP tracking and cookies along with continuous reporting. It helps in tracking the performance of all the associated campaigns which the user has currently participated. Thirdly it manages leads very effectively and displays the complete information of the activity done including the top referrals. So I say that is the best marketing site ever experienced and I would like to recommend for all to give a try for a once.

I was looking for a method to run an on-line contest that didn’t simply ‘stop’ at the first point of contact. I looked at several different systems, but they all missed the key point that UpViral didn’t.

That’s you need to encourage people to share the campaign for the benefit of all parties. If you do not do this, there’s no incentive for participants to share it and the campaign will rapidly grind to a halt.

My first marketing campaign began collecting leads straight away.

2 weeks in I am already at 500+ subscribers!

Simply put, it really works. Whilst UpViral is still in its infancy it’s already leaps and bounds ahead of all other applications I considered.

Andrew Parker

I’d the privilege to be one of the beta testers of Upviral. So far I have already added 450 leads to my account.

This may not seem like a lot, but I’m a beginner with this and by no means a FB guru.

Getting 450 from my small niche web sites is a LOT harder, soI’ll definitely continue building my list using UpViral!

You have a fan Wilco and i’m sure other people will love Upviral too. Keep up the good work!

Judy Jong

…And the results are in! I ran my first contest with UpViral, 12 Days of Christmas and there were 12 winners for a $99.99 item. In 12 days, I generated over $6000.00 in sales from this campaign, spent $1000 in FB advertising and collected almost 2100 new leads! HOLY COW did this software pay off BIG TIME!


208,000 Life Changing Subscribers!

Only a few days left with our promo & we have now tipped over 208,000 subscribers using UpViral! Thanks again – your app has released my business and possibly changed my life!


UpViral generated 230,669 leads & produced more than half-a-million dollars in sales, in just Six days!


Why should you choose UpViral?

If you’re looking to generate a substantial amount of viral traffic quickly, grow your social media following, expand your email list, and increase brand awareness, UpViral is the solution you need.

Here are some proven success stories of UpViral in various niches:

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Coaching
  • YouTube content creation
  • Restaurants
  • Influencer marketing
  • SAAS products
  • And many more…

Every business requires sales to sustain and grow, but many bloggers overlook the importance of increasing their website traffic. By focusing on increasing traffic, you can expect to see a boost in sales.

If you’ve exhausted various strategies such as answering on Quora, implementing SEO techniques, guest posting, and social media promotion, yet still struggle to attract traffic, it’s time to give UpViral a try.

UpViral has the potential to significantly enhance your sales right from day one.

Get a taste of UpViral

Experience different ways UpViral can help you grow business.

Final Verdict

Once you put it up & have optimized your funnels, you can leave this to run on auto-pilot & grow your business leads, traffic, & sales for FREE! Now that viral marketing is so efficient, you do not have to keep putting in a lot of work after initial set-up to continue experiencing the outcome later. Wilco de Kreij’s Upviral is a must-have for any company doing on-line marketing. Any dedicated on-line sales marketer must have it to experience the magic of viral marketing. Considering everything, no one can ever have too much traffic that he does not need Upviral anymore.

No other tool on the market comes close to what UpViral in creating traffic at any price! So, if your dream is to increase your traffic & your revenue, then you must consider this tool!

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