Videowrappr Review

Introducing Videowrappr

Video animation cheaper and faster like never before!

From the creator of Easy Sketch Pro, Simon Warner, which netted over $2.2 million, comes an amazing brand new software – Videowrappr.

Videos are the key tool to successful social marketing and advertising. Videos help you to achieve more sales, increase your product or service awareness (your brand) and, of course, helps them go viral on social media. Impressive, quality video animations, on the other hand, are what enhances your videos to achieve that goal. Video animations (such as banners as headers, footers, subtitles, GIFs, etc.) gives your videos and product/service a distinctiveness that captures customers’ attention and lead to high sales and profits. Formerly, getting such embellishments on your videos was expensive per video and had to be outsourced. Now, with the soon-to-launch of this new software, Simon and his team, has placed video wrapping within the reach of every person that so desires it. The concept of Videowrappr is already in use by popular and big marketers such as Frank Kern and Gary Vaynerchuk. Now, with Videowrappr, you can produce your own video animation literally within minutes.

Videowrappr Overview

  • Creator: Simon Warner et al
  • Product: Videowrappr
  • Release Date: 2018-Nov-29
  • Release Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $97
  • Sales Page:
  • Niche: Software

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What’s Videowrappr?

VideoWrappr is an easy to use software and also training that will wrap any video up to 60 secs with custom graphics, text, images, gifs, and much more. It is something being used by Gary Vaynerchuk, Frank Kern, and more…

I got early access to VideoWrappr a week before release and I quickly jumped into playing with the software and creating my own wraps…

Here’s the thing though: I already use wraps in my own videos and also ads! But it is a massive pain to make good ones. I usually have to make my images in Photoshop and then manually import them into Adobe Premiere Pro and start trying to fit them around the video. It was effective, but a massive pain in the a**! V

VideoWrappr is going to be a part of my regular marketing arsenal going forward. It is going to save me time, aggravation, and it is a perfect teaching tool for my clients and coaching students about the value of adding graphics to a video …Whether you use free or paid traffic!

Inside VideoWrappr Paul Lynch will tell you exactly how to install the software, create your own wraps, export videos, use templates, and much more.

It’s incredibly easy, and if you watch my full VideoWrappr review you will see how I can create a video in just a few mins! Videowrappr will let you wrap your own videos for just $47.00 without any recurring fees, in my opinion it’s a software that you can not pass up on at that price point for all the potential value it can give in credibility and also authority.

It is a smart idea and I recommend you pickup VideoWrappr based on my review and bonus package…

How Does Videowrappr Works!

Great and impressive videos can be created within few minutes in these simple steps:

Step 1: Upload your video to the cloud-based software.

Step 2: Add any background image(s) you wish to use as header or footer for the video.

Step 3: Add images, text and any GIF of your choice to the video.

Step 4: Create subtitles (subtitles are advisable in your videos as many people watch a video for the first time with the sound muted. Subtitles help them read and know what your video is about).

Step 5: Click on export and there you have your own, in-house, video with impressive professional animation.

There is no need for any technical knowledge or skills and there is nothing to install.

Videowrappr Funnel:

OTO#1: Videowrappr Graphics Bundle ($37)

This is an upgrade of VideoWrappr that enables you to get over 500 high quality graphics and also animations to use in your video clips to make them more appealing…..

With the standard version, you can add your own backgrounds and images but how sure are you that the videos you’re using are legal and copyright-free?

That is why this powerful graphics bundle comes in to take this stress out. You’re provided with great images that are legal to use.

All the thousands of images provided are stunning and have met the standards of any creative or professional project.

These graphics bundle will make the videos you create with VideoWrappr more pleasing and also eye-catching.

Therefore, if you’re serious about making great-looking video clips, upgrade to VideoWrappr Graphics Bundle today.

OTO#2: Videowrappr Agency License ($47/Month OR $197/Year)

VideoWrappr is a tool any online marketer should have, but there are those people who want to make videos for other marketers.

Maybe you want to create a video agency business involved in creating videos for other clients.

If this is the case, you will need to have a software that has not restriction and with every feature.

That is why there is Agency License to help you export unlimited videos, enjoy graphics bundle, and own full rights of the videos you create so you can resell them to clients.

Therefore, if you want to resell your video clips, you’ll need to get the VideoWrappr Agency License.


How Many Wrapped Videos Can I Make With Video Wrappr?

The LITE version of Video Wrappr enables you to make 50 Wraps each month. But you can have UNLIMITED wraps with the FULL version of Video Wrappr. Make as many as you want. Set your creativity FREE and make your marketing STAND OUT!

How Long Can My Videos Be?

Any length you like! There aren’t any time restrictions! The only limit is your imagination. (And a fair use limit of 25MB per video).


Videowrappr launches at an amazingly low price. So, book and obtain your copy now as prices are bound to increase as sales and demand rise. The Front End version of Videowrappr online goes for $49 for a one-off purchase. The 1st upsell is offered at $37 for a one-off purchase and includes a super graphics bundle. The 2nd Upsell subscribes at $49 per month. You receive subscription to a templates club with 20 backgrounds per month, a super graphics bundle and an agency license. Each package is offered with a risk-free, 100% money-back guarantee.

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