Viral Loops vs Upviral Review

Viral Loops vs Upviral Review

Whether you’re launching a new business or growing an existing one, viral marketing may be something you’ve considered to increase the number of leads and subscribers you’re receiving. Viral marketing is a powerful referral tool to increase the success of your business. There are two main viral marketing tools to consider; Upviral vs Viral Loops, both of which have their own unique features.

The level of customisation you receive in Upviral and Viral Loops is slightly different. Both offer templates allowing you to set up referral and giveaway campaigns, and while Viral Loops offers pre-launch campaigns, the templates that come with Upviral are more customizable. Upviral allows you to fully customize your campaign link, set up A/B testing and an additional rewards campaign template is available for customisation. In addition Upviral’s templates are ready to go whereas a few of the templates provided in Viral Loops require contact with the company as they are only Beta versions.

Both Upviral and Viral Loops offer simple and easy to follow tutorials and informational videos on their sites to assist you in the process of setting up your campaigns and integrating the programs into your website, landing page and email campaigns. The feature that sets Upviral apart from Viral Loops are the support and training resources that accompany your subscription. The step by step training makes the entire process easier, especially for those who don’t consider themselves to be technology buffs.

An important part of creating campaigns is measuring the results they produce as this gives you an insight into any changes that need to be made as well as how successful the overall campaign is. While both offer analytics tools, the analytics available through Upviral is slightly more detailed compared to Viral Loops, providing in depth information and reports on all activity.

A differentiating feature of the two platforms is the way in which you have access to the program once you’ve signed up. Upviral is a cloud-based program, meaning that once you’ve signed up, there is no need to download or install anything. All your information and hard work is also stored safely, guaranteeing you won’t lose anything in the event that something happens to the devices upon which you’re using the program. Viral Loops is a program that needs to be downloaded an installed. While cloud-based programs present themselves as being more convenient, it comes down to personal preference.

When comparing the prices for Upviral and Viral Loops, there is a significant difference in terms of cost and billing frequency. Upviral only offers monthly subscriptions while Viral Loops offer monthly, bi-yearly and yearly options. Although Viral Loops offers a 14-day free trial, their cheapest pricing option is only a dollar less than Upviral’s pricing. The prices go up from there, far exceeding the prices offered on Upviral. As well as that, unlike Upviral, Viral Loops does not offer an unlimited number of subscribers or access to all templates on all options which can potentially limit you and the results your business can achieve.

Viral marketing has been described as a game changer by small businesses and big corporations alike. When comparing the two most popular viral marketing tools Upviral vs Viral Loops, there are similarities but key features differentiate Upviral from its competitor making it the better choice in terms of what you receive for the price you pay.

UpViral Case Studies & Success Stories

**Case Study #1: 310,931 Visitors**

Just a few months back, I set up a campaign to promote a simple Twitter software. In order to get access, all visitors had to do was invite 5 friends to register too.

I used FB ads to send 385 visitors to the offer page, resulting in 13,200 email subscribers (and counting).

Because these people are actively sharing the offer, & their friends are doing the same thing, the number of signups continues to exponentially increase.

As you can see, I am still gathering new leads & shares every single hour of every day!

And it all started with a tiny one-time FB ad!

**Case Study #2: 69,072 Visitors**

Last December I was releasing a software called ConnectLeads. In order to get more customers, I created a “pre-launch sequence” by releasing three free videos.

In addition I recorded a 4th video which was to be unlocked by getting three friends to subscribe.

The result?

16,653 Free E-mail Subscribers in a highly competitive (and expensive) market!

**”We collected over 100,000 new subscribers in our 1st month”**

Soon after Matthew Longley – one of our UpViral customers – started using UpViral, he sent us the following e-mail:

“We gathered 20k leads in 14 days! I’ve used a lot of contest/giveaway tool but this is by far the best I’ve ever seen. Thanks for this awesome product.”

A few weeks later we checked in on him again, & learned that he’d already collected over 100,000 new subscribers – just by doing UpViral contests!

For that reason we invited him on the call to share his experience.

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