ViralSweep vs Upviral Review – What’s the difference?

ViralSweep vs Upviral Review – What’s the difference?

Viral Marketing, or Word of Mouth marketing, is a process whereby people (friends, family, contacts, clients, etc.) that you already know refer a product or service to you. Research has shown that about 16% of customers who are referred in this manner remain longer. 92% of customers worldwide trust such recommendations than direct form of advertising and people trust such recommendations seven times than the traditional way of advertising. So, if you want to grow your business, expand your reach and customer base, you need to take viral marketing seriously and have an implementation plan for your business.

Once upon a time you needed to be a social marketing expert, invest in complicated marketing tools and hire specialized staff (amounting to hundreds of dollars) to venture into viral marketing. But today, that is not the case. In this article, I will be reviewing and comparing two viral marketing software tools, Viralsweep and Upviral, discussing their features, similarities and differences.


ViralSweep was founded by Giancarlo Massaro and Steven Kovar in 2012. The software was a by-product of a blog created by Massaro in 2009 called AnyLuckyDay. AnyLuckyDay was a blog dedicated to reviewing company products and giving away one or two of such products as prices on his blog. Massaro was able to strike a deal with a number of companies that allows him to review their products on his blog in return for one or two free products to give away. The process was successful and it was that blog that, over the years, metamorphosized into Viralsweep.

Viralsweep is simply a sweepstakes program that allows you to giveaway prices to winners chosen at random on your own website. This means, as emphasized by the founders, that you can run sweepstakes, contests and instant wins only on your website and not on any social media networks. Their justification for this is that you own and run your website but you don’t own and run the social media networks. They are of the opinion that it makes more business sense to sell your products and services on your website and not on social media platforms. They feel you should use social media to lead customers to your website and not the other way around. I find this thinking a bit lopsided.

First, not all business have a website.

Second, not all business have an interactive website that would allow such versatility.

Third, and probably the most poignant, the customers or clients you are targeting are not on your website.

They are out there on those social networks. It is after a business captures them through those social media networks that they can be directed to the company website. Viralsweep comes in three packages: a starter at $49/month; a business (recommended) at $199/month and a Premium at $399/month. All three packages comes with a start 7-day trial. The software boasts that you can start your social marketing campaign within 3 minutes of signing up.


Upviral is also a viral marketing software. However, it is multi-purpose, sophisticated, user-friendly and easy to use. Undoubtedly, Upviral can do all that Viralsweep can do and more but, more importantly, you can do so not only on your website but on most social media networks. In creating your campaign, it offers you various interesting templates which can be customized to your preference. Users can set their email notifications, set social appearances options (i.e. how you connect to existing websites and other tools) and create “thank you” and lead pages. Users can also create multiple pages for these features. You can set multiple rewards and winning options, keep track of referrals received and rewards. Because of its multi-social networks and functions, Upviral gives you an impressive dashboard which is literally like a Control Center to monitor and manage referred and direct visitors as well as live totals on your campaign data. You can place one-click referral buttons in your existing client emails and, unlike Viralsweep that you can only run your campaign from your website, with a few codes, Upviral automatically integrates with existing websites. Both Upviral and Viralsweep, afford users to branding features by running campaigns in their domain name.

A unique feature of Upviral is AB Split Testing. Once you create multiple lead and thank you pages and email notifications, Upviral split these pages, monitors and reports which of your pages get most traffic or results. To protect your prices and rewards from fraud and spam, Upviral comes with an automatic fraud detection system. And to crown it all, Upviral comes with an affordable price. The standard package is offered at $35/month and the Pro package (the most popular) at $49/month.

Definitely with all the features and functions loaded in Upviral, you are getting a versatile, multi-purpose, multi-function viral marketing tool, at a more affordable price, than Viralsweep.

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