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Here are some of my favorite Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories!

Nathaniell – 2019 Income Projections

As people continue to post their Black Friday earnings for 2018, Nathaniell is not that concerned as he is most excited by Q4 2019. In 2017, he posted some of his past and current earnings as well as his future projections of one of his side projects sites. This included insights on how he achieved his goals.

He says that one of the estimates was close while the other one was quite off. He highlights these estimates as he encourages everyone that, it’s possible to make a six-figure affiliate income in any niche and that is what he wanted to prove by building the website. He shows his amazing results in the year 2018 and the predictions of the year 2019.

Nathaniell advices everyone to think about what they can accomplish in the future rather than what they have already accomplished. Actually, Nathaniell doubled his income the website in one year and that is clear from the stats provided in his post. According to him, he always thinks of the year ahead.

See the stats and read more here

$12,000 for Christmas 2019 (+ Actionable Advice)

Nathaniell shares a story of how he made $12,000 on Christmas of 2019. This income has grown from $2,000 for the holiday session 2017 all the way. But how did he grow this income from $2k to $12?

He never changed the tactics. He just focused on writing content that was found on Google. According to him, Kyle teaches the same in the training as well as Jay in his weekly webinars; take part in the chat and live webinars then take action on a daily basis.

On advice that Nathaniell gives to you is to set daily goals rather than yearly ones. This way, it can feel as if every day is a failure on your part because you are not there yet. So, it’s important that you set simple daily goals to help you move in the right direction.

Check here to read more

Ericcantu – Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019- $7200 Results! How to Make Money Online Now!

February 03, 2019, Ericcantu writes and starts by posting his income of $7,000 from Wealthy Affiliate. He’s thankful for the training as well as mentorship he got at Wealthy Affiliate and appreciates the results as 2019 begins.

According to him, he didn’t imagine he could earn such an income passively through his website when he was starting two years ago. He says that he knew nothing about affiliate marketing and never tried to create an affiliate marketing site before. However, he testifies that the training offered at the Wealthy Affiliate delivers and it’s the best you can find online so far.

To make money online with wealthy affiliate he encourages trust, patience as well as consistency. Read about this here

Debs66 – £4700 in December and Setting My New Goals for 2019

Debs66 shares this post on December 28, 2018. She is so happy that she has earned some wonderful commissions with one of her websites that totaled to £4.7K. To her, she feels that this income is OK though she had her highest income for the month of August which was £6K. She continues to say that every month she has had a scope of some great commissions.

She has an amazing goal for the year 2019 and especially for the month of January where she expects £3k without breaking a sweat! However, she doesn’t think anyone to think she is bragging or something; all she wants is to inspire so that people understand that good thing can happen to everyone here.

In fact, she confesses that she was just a beginner back in 2016 and new nothing as far as online marketing or building a website was concerned.

Read more on how she is going to set her goals in 2019 here

Littlemama – The 2018 Year in Review: $40k Thanks to WA!

This is Littlemama sharing this post on 02, January 2019 as a review of the year 2018. She has been sharing her progress since she started and so sees it worth sharing her 2018 achievements. According to her, she is super happy as $40k is her biggest achievement so far.

She shares how she started in September 2016 and his full-year calendar didn’t go too well.

In the mid-2017, she started writing blogs on a daily basis and continued throughout 2018, however, experiencing some slow-down in the latter part of the same year. She says that there’s no way she could have made such a huge income were it not for an amazing ramp up in 2017 as shown on a graph in her post. She summarizes her achievements of 2018 and gives handy advice to the newbies in online marketing.

She advices beginners that one doesn’t get paid for the work done immediately but you’ll get paid after you’ve established sufficient trust with your audience by offering and creating sufficient helpful content to them.

According to her, content is always the king. Additionally, she continues to say that the training won’t be enough but personal commitment will be a big factor to the overall success.

Read more here

JohnMks – $3,700+ in One day from Affiliate Earnings

JohnMks shares a post updated on January 29, 2019. He has been sharing posts and as such he still wants this one to serve as an inspiration not only to the beginners but also the individuals struggling with their success in their first or consistent sales not to mention those who are about to give up.

He remembers that it took him 7 months before he could make any income when he started. In his last post, he had made a huge record and he promised to make yet another and for sure, he has done it: $3,700+ in One day from two commissions! He shows the commissions of over $3,700 in a day through passive income.

As he shares this in this community, he thanks the owners of this wonderful platform that have made this online entrepreneur community, which made his success possible. See his commissions here

New Record Today! ($6,582+)

JohnMks have been sharing his highest commissions here for a while at WA. Even though he doesn’t like sharing them so much, the positive responses have encouraged him to keep doing it.

As of the day she wrote the post, March 13, 2019, he made an affiliate commission of precisely $6,582,97 which he takes it as a new record.

You can clearly see all-time high for one sale in one day in a screenshot in his post. He hopes that that will inspire especially the newbies.

Read through his success story and how he achieved his new record here

BrokFTJFH – Black Friday Deal- Over $17,000 Yearly Results

Have you ever wondered whether WA Black Friday Deal is a good one? Or, have you heard about it, to begin with? Now, BrokFTJFH wrote a post on November 23, 2018, about the same. For the newbies, if you haven’t heard about this, don’t you worry; BrokFTJFH will explain it to you in the link below.

According to him, he decided to put a post in honor of the Black Friday Deal so that he could you how things can really change within a year in your online business.

Here, he frankly shares his yearly results starting with a bit of a background story when he joined the WA back in 2013 and eventually the huge incomes he got in 2016 ($29,872.24), 2017 ($53,798.80) and later 2018 ($70,857.42).

All he says is “Invest and Work hard”. Interesting, right? Check how he did it through here

Bthiel – December 2016 – $8968

Bthiel wrote this post on January 01, 2017 to share his good news on the huge earning of $8968 in December 2019. He reminds us of a post he made a while ago of earning $5k in a month using a single niche website. According to him, the same website has continued earning and has generated $9k for the month of December 2016. You can see a screenshot of the same in the link below.

Bthiel says that he’s not doing anything different than whatever taught at Wealthy Affiliate. He shows us that he’s really not doing anything so special other than some white hat SEO that brings in organic search traffic.

However, he says that he will be hitting social media hard in 2017 and hope to realize a six-figure income through online marketing by 2018!

See more here

Dj-drea – 91 Items ordered in a single day!

Dj-drea wrote this post on January 03, 2017. She was so much happy for this huge achievement! Actually, it was in December that 91 items were ordered. According to her she really loves this month.

She shares a screenshot showing the number of clicks, ordered items, shipped items, returned items and finally the conversion in percentage. You can see the screenshot using the link I will share below.

She was so excited that she already had made $1k and it was only the 11th day of the month (December 2016). To her, this is unusual as she normally makes such an amount in a month. She couldn’t wait to see her income by the end of the month. This is quite an inspiration.

See the prove and more here

Bryonbrewer – 6 Years at Wealthy Affiliate

Here’s Bryonbrewer. According to him, August 2018 marked his 6th year in WA and as such he saw it worth sharing through a post his experiences and what he has achieved so far through the training.

He reveals that, when he was starting the training, he wouldn’t imagine that he would stick around for six years; “Time Flies”, he says.

In his post updated on September 04, 2018, he gives an account of what he learned from year 1 to year 6. According to him, the training was unquestionably significant. Unlike when he was obsessed with earning $1k per month, his goals are even higher.

To learn about his experiences throughout the training plus the advice he has to offer, Catch on his post here

Dougbeney – $6340.95 in November!

Dougbeney celebrates the month of November of 2016 and shares a post to inspire other affiliate marketers. He opens his post with this strong statement that as long as one never stops learning, one needs to keep on hustling hard and building a good work ethic. By so doing, he promises that anyone can build a successful online business just around their passions.

To him, he was just excited to see what will happen in December after such a tremendous achievement in November. He confessed that most of the earnings came from Affiliate marketing although he made an extra $300 through eBook sales as well.

He shares a link via which you can see a graph of his earnings in details. Check out here for that and more

EddySalomon – $100k+ from Blogs Part-Time in 2018

EddySalomon shared a post on January 10, 2019, because he wanted everyone inspired as the year rolled forward. He starts by telling how he started in 2017 with a site that has nothing to do WA or even making money online. He was just burned out with the making money niche and wanted to explore other opportunities and expand his income. In early 2018, he focused on writing content for his site. Though it was hard at the beginning, he reached out to some experienced guys at WA and went on working hard.

According to him, using the encouragement and insight he got at WA, the results of his hard work started to manifest in late 2018 where many of his blogs were now ranking high on Google. After he realized that he was getting some good traffic, he went on the articles that were ranking and added more ways to monetize his pages. These pages finally started making money.

He shares how he earned $10,640,56 in August 2018 and the story goes on. He gives so much insight and encouragement to newbies and bloggers who are still struggling.

Read about here

GarenArnold – $51,755 with an Affiliate Program

GarenArnold shared this post on March 09, 2016 about his success to inspire everyone who needs the inspiration at Wealthy Affiliate. GarenArnold urges everyone that one needs to work and be very proactive with their online marketing. He states that there is no magic button; However, WA is a wonderful tool to help you get started.

GarenArnold runs one of the top webs hosting websites on the net as you’ll be able to see through the link below. He tells us how he has created a user review community of webmasters which offer their feedback on various hosting companies which they use. Over the years he got over 900 reviews from webmasters on a different host.

He then goes on to share about everything else from here until the point of success. Of course, it wasn’t easy at first and there are times he worked 12-16 hours with little or no return.

Nonetheless, eventually, he made it! Read about how he did it and more here

EdyIsChandra – Month 10 Progress Report – HNY 2016!

EdyIsChandra is glad that 2015 is gone and welcome 2016. He is here to tell us that he has started him college-level degree. He shares him plans of what he would like to do after he’s done with the college despite his parents wanting him to finish and seek employment.

After sharing his plans, he then makes a report of his progress. Clearly, the report is amazing and when he compares the huge money spent by him parents on his school feels, he confess and justifies that it’s worth 111 yearly membership. He advises everyone that, if you want to invest in something, considers the reward and compare.

Catch her inspiring report and more of her posts here

JasonJF – Wealthy Affiliates Success Stories

JasonJF starts his report by assuring everyone there are lots of success stories from many people at Wealthy Affiliate; people from various regions of the world. According to JasonJF, the WA community is very vibrant and for that reason, Kyle and Carson are always coming up with new features to make the community even more vibrant. He is so proud of being a member of the WA community.

He urges everyone with any WA success stories to share at the platform as an encouragement to the others. He shares his personal success story particularly to that individual who wonders if WA works for sure.

As at the time he shared the post, October 12, 2018, he had realized that he had earned $904.50 for the last 24 days! Check here to see how he did it

JewelCarol – Google Adwords Campaign Success, S$9,465.22!

In JewelCarol success story in her post of July 20, 2017, she starts by stating that she had failed so many times, trying so hard to do Google Adwords campaigns. She says that she could have given up but just decided to try again.

She began working on Google Adwords campaign once more last month September and she is very excited and remarkably happy with her results!!

She shares how one her customers paid a 50% deposit of two items she evidently displays on his post; you can see it through the link below. She is sharing the post to encourage everyone as a member of the great community of WA.

Check everything in details here

Josh From Oz – 257 Sales Overnight-Don’t Disregard Amazon

Josh From Oz tells us of how he checked at his Amazon sales like he does every night and it all nothing but a great shock! There were 257 ordered items for the 25th day of May 2016. He tells that he remembers when he was looking forward to 100 sales in a day. You can see a screenshot of the 257 sales overnight in his post.

So, you want to know how he made that huge achievement overnight? Check out here

$2477.50 since Becoming A WA Affiliate

To the beginners in this online money making who are wondering if people really make any good money, here, see. Josh From Oz has made $2477.50 in a span of 245 Days. Josh From Oz in this second of made on October 06, 2016, he confesses how he was very skeptical of his success before entering in the money ‘making niche’.

In this post, Josh From Oz not only tells us how he has made this tremendous achievement but why he entered the niche of the online money making and much more handy advice and inspiration to the newbies and individuals struggling with their businesses today.

Read all about it here

Saco – $14,000 in 3 months

This is Saco. Saco shares a post to inspire fellow marketers here at WA about how he made $14k in 3 months. He started his journey at WA in about 1 and 1/2 years ago by the time he wrote the post on April 26, 2018.

He remembers a post he had made earlier about his goals and his goal was to earn $1500 per month within the 1 and 1/2 year mark. Evidently, he has earned more than that!

But, how has this been possible? Catch the news and more of his posts here

StubearBlack – 3 Years at WA

StubearBlack shares such a huge post about an account of how he has spent 3 years at WA and eventually becoming independent. In his post updated on January 01, 2018, you’ll be able to read about his first $200 and $250 months and also $2000 done.

Additionally, you can read his story to the time he starts realizing a great income flow and how he did it.

Catch up here

VitaliyG – Can an individual make a full-time income promoting WA?

In this post updated on July 01, 2016, VitaliyG is very short and precise. The post is particularly directed to that newbie who’s wondering whether it’s possible to make a full-time income promoting WA.

In this post, he likes to share the amount WA has made him in 2015 so that whenever anyone has doubt about the same, at least, one will have a proof.

See a screenshot of his income of about $50k here as well some tangible advice

2018 Vegas post!

VitaliyG continues with yet another post on February 18, 2018, about the amazing affiliate conference that happened a few days ago from the time he was writing this post. Here, he shares everything that went down in the conference, plus very handy information for everybody at WA.

Also, catch up on this here

Leoemery – $35,000+ So Far In 2018 in a Tough Niche

Last but not the last, Leoemery is here in his post wrote on April 12, 2018, to share something with the great community of WA as far as content is concerned.

Leoemery has made a wonderful success using the content. He shares how he started with ZERO know-how of this niche and climbed up the ladder to where he is today.

In his post, you’ll see all that he did and more importantly how he did it. Read more about it here

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