Who’s Wilco de Kreij

Who’s Wilco de Kreij

Wilco de Kreij was born in the Netherlands and is known all over the world especially among online marketers.

He began his career in 2002 (at the age of 16) when he commenced selling sunglasses online.  The movie, The Matrix, was trending at that time and, if you remember, all the major actors were wearing a pair of cool, dark, sunglasses. He wanted a pair for himself and also had the idea to start selling them to others in The Netherlands. However, those glasses were not available locally and would need to ordered from the US. From that desire arose business ideas and moves that led to him receiving and placing an order for 17,000 Euros worth of sunglasses at 6 Euros each.  This experience launched Wilco into online marketing as he later ventured into selling other ecommerce products through Google AdSense and Google AdWords.

“Experience”, it is said, “is the best teacher.” And that is what you get with Wilco.  For more than two years he travelled around the world, experiencing and learning about the digital world. His challenges with online marketing, how to gain traffic from customers, whom to sell your products to, led him into investigating successful businesses at that time such as Airbnb, Dropbox, and Uber. Wilco was especially fascinated with the concept of referral that Dropbox had adopted to build its customers base.  Existing customers were being offered a certain amount of free storage space for every friend they referred to and that signed up for Dropbox.

Wilco, deciding to exploit this exploit this principle of human nature, added his own his touch, and applied it to a number of clients.  The results were astounding! Within 30 days, they have received over 17,000 converting leads on a brand-new website. The same concept and principle were applied again and again with different niches and audiences yielding similar impressive results.

From that humble beginning, Wilco has risen and started a variety of businesses. Such businesses include focusing on SaaS ventures, re-launching SEO Rank Monitor, and creating ZoSocial and VideoSkin among others. Ask Wilco now who he is, and he tell you he is a marketing addict, a business creator, and an entrepreneur.  Wilco de Kreij has, over the years, developed series of WordPress Plugins and online marketing applications.  However, in more than a decade, he has focused more especially on Facebook Ads marketing.

Today, Wilco runs a viable business organization with an impressive, diversified team of online marketing professionals, designers, programmers, and developers under the umbrella name on Connectio based in Utrect, The Netherlands.  Their corporate mission is to “help business owners, entrepreneurs and marketers around the globe be more effective with Facebook™ Ads.”  The company boasts of a number of successful WordPress plugins and online marking applications such as ConnectLeads, ConnectExplore, ConnectReTarget, UpViral, and ConnectAudience.

ConnectAudience enables you to synchronize your autoresponder into Facebook custom audiences. With ConnectExplore, you can take the guesswork out of targeting potential leads depending on their interests.  UpViral helps you in creating successful referral or viral marketing. ConnectLeads link your Facebook Lead Ads to your Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Autoresponder. And ConnectReTarget carries out retargeted campaigns on your website visitors depending on their behavior while on your site.

Thanks to Wilco de Kreij and his able team. These are trendy products that has resulted into great success stories for a lot of online marketers and will continue to do so for some time to come.

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