Youzign 2.0 Review

Youzign 2.0 is a web based platform to easily create all kind of graphics. It’s 31 pre-made formats with the proper settings for Social Media Covers, Video Graphics, Promotional Material (as Business cards, Flyers and Loyalty cards) and Kindle Covers. But it is also possible to create any other graphic you want with custom sizes. Just consider buttons, call-to-actions, post cards, guarantee boxes, headers, banners, infographics, memes, sales pages and much more. With Youzign the sky is really the limit.

Youzign 2.0 Overview

  • Product: Youzign 2.0
  • Type: Web-based Software
  • Price: $9.99 p/m (with $1.00 trial)
  • Vendors: Bertranddo & Martin Crumlish
  • Sales Pages: Click Here

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About the Authors – Martin Crumlish

Martin Crumlish is an expert in marketing online, and a software founders with many successful product launched such as InstaBuilder, FB Social Deal, Offline Tablet Pro, FB Viral Video, FB Social Coupons, etc.. They all are highly recommended by many advanced markerts.

He’s spent over 24 months on working with in-depth research and passion for design and art. And the result is Youzign 2.0 with many features you can’t find in other applications.

What’s Youzign 2.0 ?

Youzign is a web based platform to easily create all kind of graphics. It’s 31 pre-made formats with the proper settings/sizes for:

  • Social Media Covers: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube Channel, and Pinterest.
  • Video Graphics such as lower-thirds that could be used for Google Hangouts or some other camera-facing videos.
  • Promotional Material as Business/Loyalty Cards, Post Greeting and Business Cards, Coupons, Gift Certificates & Flyers.
  • Sales Page Graphics Memes & Infographics.
  • TeeSpring T-Shirt Designer.
  • Headers and Advertising Banners.
  • eBook and Amazon Kindle Covers.

But it’s also possible to create any other graphic you want with custom sizes. Just consider buttons, call-to-actions, guarantee boxes, banners, memes, infographics, sales pages & much more. With Youzign the sky is really the limit.

How Does It Work?

Step-1: Select one of 10 popular format you use. Then create your design by the revolutionary Youzign interface.
Step-2: Preview your design to see how they looks like when publishing.
Step-3: Instantly publish on social media without performing any post editing.

Main features of Youzign

1. Easy to use dashboard with slick and quick interface. Access & share all of your designs online from any device.

2. WYSIWYG and advanced editing:

3. Simply click, drag, drop, edit & see your changes in real time.

  • Keyboard shortcuts, move to front, move to back, centre, flip & lock layers, duplicate & opacity control and much more.
    Auto-save feature.
  • Unlimited undo history.
    Use your personal (desktop/system) fonts or Youzign’s preloaded huge supply of open source fonts.
  • You can save your images with transparent backgrounds.

4. Image options:

  • Pixabay (400,000+), Stock Unlimited Vector Images (300,000+) & IconFinder (500,000+) integrated free pictures right at your fingertips.
    Upload your own images.
  • Instant Image Cropping with spinning or various shapes.
  • Customize graphics instantly. Easily edit the colors of some of the built-in images.
  • Instant Background Removal & built-in background layouts.
    Filter effects like black & white, vignette, polaroid sepia and much more.
  • One-click preview. Preview your designs as they would look on Facebook,Kindle, Twitter, etc.. You can even create realistic 3D preview of your flyers & business cards.

5. Chrome Plugin for easy access to Youzign on the go from the Chrome browser.

6. Complete WP Integration. With this free plugin you can select & insert your images straight to your blog posts/pages.

7. Mobile Version. Access, preview & download your designs (read-only) from any mobile devices with an on-line connection.

8. Free hosting on Amazon S3. All your projects and images will automatically saved & hosted for free on S3.

What’s New In Youzign?

Forget the copycats. Youzign introduces a host of new features such as:

– Desktop version (mac, windows, linux)
– Android and JOS programs, and online
– Totally open API and powerful integrations (wordPress. funnel. . smartmember)
– Over 1,000 templates and more added daily (this is an update in the funnel)
– Dashboard folders: organize all of your designs from the dashboard
– 304 software updates: we push a new update pretty much daily to Youzign
– Insane support: Have a look at our helpdesk & community forum on
– New formats: loyalty cards, rack cards, product screenshots, Tee spring templates, etc
– New one click previews: Macbook screenshots, tee spring, gift certificates, etc
– Team and era, features: handle staff and collaborate on designs (upgrade in the funnel)
– Kickstart: new layout service bundle (this is an update in the funnel)
– Weekly training webinars: free live webinar training for all youzign clients

Who Should Use It?

Youzign is quite easy to use. You don’t need ant tech or unique skills to work with this. Thus, you can try it if you’re a newbie or an advanced marketer. Especially, it’s perfect for you if you’re running social marketing.

Personal Experience

I had a great experience with the Youzign graphic developer website. This website specializes in making stunning graphics and it compatible with all kinds of platforms. It possess graphics for ads, videos, kindle covers, blogs and business cards as well. The main features which I have experienced in detail are the web based features and it also consists of a huge library of images. Another feature which makes it different from the other graphic platforms is that it provides 3D eBook covers with instant preview.

It also provides layout guidelines which enables the new users to learn and make use of these tools effectively. The website is highly integrated with marketing apps. The amazing features which has impressed me a lot is the marketing integrations plus it also provides free training on weekly basis. The trainings offer additional webinars and videos in order to get master in using this software.

There no such kind of design skill is required and with the feature of drag and drop, one can easily be able to implement the explanations he/she have absorbed. So another great feature is the removal of background in seconds. Next is the implementation of 60 different formats of images which be easily implemented in fingertips. According to my usage, this great website also features its online store which enables the user to form unlimited designs. The designs can be stored at one place in the cloud storage feature and in this the designs can be extracted from any computer or handheld devices. Lastly I would say that one must try this graphic developing website and I hope that this will give enhanced results.

“YouZign is Awesome!”

What do you like best?

The benefit of all the templates that I’ve at my fingertips helps with quick content creation. I really like the ease of the background removal tool of this software. I also like the ability to categorize and also share images with my team easily and quickly. Review collected by and also hosted on

What do you dislike?

It’s not the best for graphics that need to be printed. You need to really pay attention to resolution or your images may not be as crisp as you want them to be.

Advantages & Disadvantages


• Work in desktop, mac, android, & iOS.
• Fully opened API & powerful integrations.
• 1,000+ templates & more added daily
• Organize all your designs from the dashboard
• 304 software updates
• Insane support
• Loyalty cards, product screenshots, rack cards, Tee spring templates, etc
• One-click previews: Macbook screenshots, tee spring, gift certificates, etc
• Manage staff & collaborate on designs
• New design service package
• Weekly training webinars.


• Good internet connection
• Work best for social media marketing


“It’s A Great Deal. Should I Invest Today?”

Not only are you getting access to Youzign 2.0 for the best price ever offered, but also You’re investing entirely without risk. Youzign 2.0 include a 30-day Money Back Guarantee Policy. When you choose Youzign 2.0, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you are not completely satisfied with it for any reason within the first 30 days, you’re entitled to a full refund – no question asked. You’ve got nothing to lose! What Are You Waiting for ? Try It today and get The Following Bonus Now !

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